A Change of Course

A Change of Course
There are those who will try to make us believe that the United States is in a serious state of decline and that the only way to stop it is to turn everything over to the government. Healthcare? We are one step away from single payer. If you want to know how well that works, take a look at England’s Public Health. Infrastructure? That was part of the billion dollar stimulus Obama just had to have. I haven’t seen any benefit from that in my area, have you? Solar Energy? A full posting could not list all the money thrown away on that albatross.

And how proud can we be when we go from superpower to “leading from behind?” Does anyone even know what that means? I was never taught that particular strategy in the military and I would bet none of my fellows in the armed forces was offered that trainingeither. Maybe that is why Obama dumped the nation’s competent generals and replaced them with those groomed to be Obama yes men and traitors to the United States; all to gain that extra star on the uniforms they were completely unfit to wear.

But then, that is the supreme arrogance of Barack Obama. His is an administration which is condescending to all before them; all but the Saudi king, that is. The allies of generations were ridiculed and pushed aside so that Obama could mingle with those of his Muslim roots. England dismissed, Israel cast aside, and Canada! CANADA? Let’s spend six years and then veto the Keystone pipeline because this administration said it wasn’t investigated enough. It was investigated longer than the time it took to fight WWII. And so now if that oil which would benefit both Canada and the US should go to China, will the greenies and Obama apologize?

Who and what is Barack Obama? Is he actually trying to destroy the country, or is he just a coward? He forcefully declared a redline in Syria, then blamed the world for it. Russia marches into Crimea, and Obama runs. They then invade Ukraine and shoot down an airliner filled with innocents and what has Obama done? It was only last week that this administration sent the barest of necessities to the Ukraine to fight the Russians. We left Iraq and it was in my opinion cut and run. The people there didn’t want us to leave, yet we sent Joe Biden to negotiate. Gropin’ Joe had no idea what to do other than follow Obamas instructions to get out. Instructions, that is, which the Obama media could somehow weave into a tale of presidential courage and brilliance.

We left and look at the area now. Will Obama blame that on Bush too?Is there any placein the world where the bad guys are not stronger than they were when Obama took office? The middle East, East Africa, North Africa, Russia in Europe and Asia, China in Asia, Cuba, Argentina, Venuzuela, Central and South America. Even Mexico is telling this administration how to handle Mexican illegals. Cards are printed by the thousands in Mexico and sent to the Mexican Embassy in the US to be handed out like candy. These are now proper identification for drivers and of course votersin this country. It’s all very different from the way illegals are treated in Mexico.

Barack Obama, our narcissist-in-chief, decided that the policies of Frank Marshall Davis, his mentor, and Jerimiah Wright, his religious mentor provided all of the information necessary to run the nation. He wants this country to emulate the failed policies responsible for the social and economic decimation of the European state. Clearly, Obama took his ideas of “hope and change” from the Islamists now destroying the Middle East. Neither has any use for Christians and both want to force the lunacy of Sharia Law on the American people. It seems Barack has discovered the smooth road of tyranny that leads to hell. Clever boy, isn’t he!
Our Founding Fathers were not given to the factionalism, to the constant give and take of partisan politics in which the taking is somehow never equaled by the giving. They did the best they could to rise above the vulgar disdain either side would have for its opponents. Most importantly, they not only wrote the Constitution, they believed in the values upon which the text was based. Theirs was an abiding love of liberty as an inalienable right guaranteed not by men, but by the Creator. There was no need to demonize an opponent and temperance was the only way to moderate dangerously differing opinions and reach agreement.
Obama is not of this mindset. He doesn’t have the integrity to follow or even understandthe precepts our Founders used to build the foundation of this country. He is a classless individual feigning a background of nobility.Like all Marxist thugs he is unable to trust the usefulness of ideas over which he has no control.And as with all “progressives,” useful is defined according to an ability to personally enrich or politically advance.
The left recognize no worth in organized religion, but it does worship at the altars of Marx, Alinsky, and Environmentalism. The value of each has been thoroughly debunked in the real world, but in academia, they are the pillars of truth.
Liberals willfully widen the partisan divide, building resentment between factions in order to further the “necessity” of running every aspect of our lives.They create crises which only they are qualified to mend and as problems grow, government must grow with them.
This administration has manufactured crisis after crisis, outrage on top of outrage. It produces divisiveness and class warfare as it displays a total lack of leadership either at home or abroad. Yet the administration admits to no fault, blames others, demonizes those who disagree with stated policy and focuses on the things which tear apart rather than bring together.
The challenges this country faces are enormous because to a large extent, the interests of our country have fractured. That is, the United States has lost the indispensable advantage of shared experience. A country is a country and a society a society only because of shared borders, language and culture. As the United States no longer has defined borders, it is no longer a defined nation, not a nation at all. There is no longer an official language, one which defines an American and a citizen as people with shared vision and beliefs.
And culture? Homosexuals are normal, heterosexuals perverse. Christianity is ridiculed and portrayed as cruel and corrupt while a religion of sub-human killers has been officially declared above criticism, its murdering worshippers, beyond reproach.
Too many citizens who expect the government and their fellow man to fill their every need play the part of innocent victims.But they are neither innocent nor victims. They have chosen the path of least responsibility, followed by those eager to trade liberty for free money and a place to live. They are the cowardly and the slothful, deliberately manufactured by the left for precisely the role they play—and that is to eat, sleep, reproduce as rapidly as possible and vote Democrat. They refuse to take advantage of the ideals of individual liberty and responsibility upon which the nation was founded. The left depend upon these people to make the United States more like Europe, ruled by despots and believing that only government can solve the problems and inequities caused by government.
The morality of this country has been compromised and progressives are working every day to discredit it further. But this wilderness of the left will not last. American patriots will not let it stand. There will be an “After Obama” opportunity to take our country back and face it once again in the right direction. Between then and now. Mr. President, if you are looking for a fight with the American people, I just pray you don’t get more than you bargained for. Because we are better than you bargained for. And you might just learn it the hard way.
The progressives will spend the better time of this convention touting the extent of his accomplishments and blaming the media for the depressed mood of the American public. After all, there is nothing in the nation that Obama hasn’t fixed. The recession is over, the economy is moving forward at a robust 2.4% and jobs are coming back. These are the high points of Obama’s legacy; they mark the successes he wants documented in America’s history books.
But what are the true highlights of the Obama Regime?
Factory orders have reached their lowest level since 2011. In 16 months of year by year comparisons, we have not seen a greater drop except during a recession.
Corporate earnings are down and economists are estimating an additional 8.5% drop this year when compared with 2015. Such numbers have not been seen since the Great Recession of 2008. Debt Defaults by corporations are at their highest levels since 2009 with S&P 500 earnings down 18.5%. Business sales have fallen 5% and Better Business Bureau ratings have been driven down to an average of “BB;” lower even than in 2008.
Major firms announced an increase in job cuts of some 32% in the U.S. just during the first quarter of 2016. (2) Consumers have accumulated more credit card debt in the 4th quarter of 2015 than were accumulated in 2009, 2010 and 2011 combined.
Home sales were down 7.1%, auto loan defaults have hit the highest level since 2008 and major retailers are closing hundreds of stores throughout the country, putting people out of jobs and making the conditions in many cities even worse.
The current total of 102 million unemployed Americans represents the highest number anytime since the last months of the Great Depression. Not even counted are the underemployed or those with part time jobs looking for full time work.
Exports have been declining, something that has never happened except during a recession. Government debt increased more during the first three years of Obama than during the entire 8 years of the Bush Administration,(7) leaving our children and grandchildren swimming in debt they will never be able to repay. Much of this money has gone for benefits for those coming across the border and the Middle East to make sure that they have all they need when the get here. Social Security and Medicare will be destroyed by those demanding benefits without working for them or contributing to the programs. It comes down to government theft, or almost $100 million dollars from our future generations every hour of every day for those undeserving of what they are being given.
We are now in the midst of a crisis in this country. Financially, culturally, and politically we are losing our country to those whose hands are out and who will always want more. It is time to steer the ship of state back to an approach that will strengthen our country and our people. This may be our last chance.
The progressives will spend the better time of this convention touting the extent of his accomplishments and blaming the media for the depressed mood of the American public.

We now have a ruling class of political and societal elites, corporations, lobbyists, and consultants. They are convinced that they know more, know better than the average man in the street. They look to force a oneness of belief on all people, a blanding of the everyday man into a drone of government; a governing authoritywhich they believe capable of righting all wrongs and properly running our lives from birth to death. They demand we trade freedom for government imposed “security.” Individual concepts of thought, of right and wrong will no longer be permitted. There will be no voluntary association with any group or idea not approved by the government.

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