Democrat lies.

Hey! Forcing responsible political writers to answer all, daily, democrat, bullshit lies  is like asking “Jack” to fight The Beanstalk but not the Giant.

It seems all democrats can do is wave sex or sin at you—Attempting to distract and control you.

I have Watched them for 70 years and it’s all they can think of: lie, cheat, steal, distract, and Control their audience. Why? Because it’s who they are. They are socialists, communists, and American-haters.

They are One-Worlders, and elitist bastards who want to rule Earth, and You—their way. The way they alone may see fit. Any way they can. Without interruption, without challege, and without a single dissenting view point.

It’s an evil distraction from Truth, Justice, and the American Standard—a circus from hell made popular to confuse and co-opt you into its drugged nightmare.



The interested political analyst should not make the mistake of thinking democrats would not kill or imprison every single “conservative” or true American, if they could.

Democrat elitists—the “leadership,” and others—would prefer to rule unhindered and would destroy, obliterate, silence—and plan or try to kill—anyone in their way—but….

…oh, wait….

They’re already doing that, aren’t they: as in Google, Twitter, Facebook, Scalise, Trump, the Trump Family, and many other persons and venues?

Hello? The Age of Polite Chit-Chat is over. Hubert Humphrey and responsible politics are dead—if they ever even existed.

The democrats have been—and are—unloading all their psychoses into the body of America The Beautiful, and their aim is to destroy it and replace it with Them Selves.

Like some socialistic Borg space alien, the democrats are driven, remorseless , unrelenting, and unsympathetic. They are out there forever. They will not rest—they will not quit or go away—they will not give up their Vision of a, “fundamentally changed America,” until they feel they have Won their war against Americans and the Constitution.

Their goal is to eradicate both—to obliterate all of it. America. And replace this Earth with their own demented version. A version without constraints, without morals, without any direction except to obey the Will of Them Selves.



So…if you’re a writer, blogger, or just trying to convince friends or family…do NOT focus on this evil, lying, side-show circus the democrats are putting on at every point of this neverending plot.

The time for polite chit-chat is dead. Stand up; speak out; be plain: do not allow this Earth to be taken over by socialist, all-controlling entities like the god-lost democrats.

I bring you a warning: Tell everybody what’s happening. Tell everyone not to focus on the sex, sin, and distracting left hand of the democrats—watch the other hand.

Watch what the right hand is doing while the left hand beckons, while pretty-faced people vault and tap-dance—distraction and Control.

And you don’t have to be polite anymore.

Or even fake it.




Jeffrey A. Friedberg was a South Philly, Licensed Private Eye for 35 years in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Friedberg was an Internet SEO guru in the 1990’s. He was an AOL Internet Representative. He has been a Thrillers Author, blogger, and columnist, from 2001 to the present. He writes at American Thinker, Watcher Of Weasels, and Elsewhere. His Website Is HERE.


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