The Banana Republic of Kalifornia

How many people in the country of voting age can remember when Donald Trump won the presidency. Progressive socialists like Nancy Pelosi and RINOS like John McCain, mocked our President because he said he may have won the popular vote because of illegals voting.

                Is there voter fraud in our country? Absolutely.  Our voter laws have been torn apart by the progressive socialists in state governments. Motor Voter laws have no verification of the applicant is a citizen. On the DMV form, if you renew your license or get a new license, you are automatically registered to vote.  It was the state legislature that sent mail-in absentee ballots to voters who did not request them and they also passed legislation that ANYONE could turn in absentee ballots. How can they explain how this makes our votes in the state more secure? I know this is true in California because I live in the state. They say it to make it easier for a “citizen” to vote. I have always felt if you can make an effort to register to vote then you should not vote. There are many reasons to not vote. The most important one is being a low information citizen with no intention to vote.  The questions abound about what should be considered a sacred honor paid for by patriotic citizens in the past that have fought and died for our ability to vote. Of course, civics, citizenship and American patriotism are no longer taught in our schools, so why we should we expect the students to feel patriotism for our country if the leftist teachers don’t?

There are questions that need to be asked about the voting irregularities outside of the criminal activities of Broward County. Why are there progressive socialist states that are allowed to automatically register instead of leaving it up to the voter to register themselves? Is it reasonable to ask a low information voter to put the crack pipe down and register before election day? Why are mail-in ballots being sent to those not requesting them? If a ballot is sent, is it on a list so that the same person cannot show up on election day and vote?

In California, the process now being investigated is “ballot harvesting”. The progressive socialists passed laws that allowed them to harvest thousands if not millions of votes, legal and illegal. In 2016, Governor Brown signed a bill for a small revision to the mail-in ballot process. It was used to make ballot harvesting legal although in contravenes Federal laws. There is no ballot protection law now in California. There are no check and balances allowing the coercive tactics being used to collect ballots for the progressive socialists. Once again, the leftists control 60 of 80 State Assembly seats and 29 Senate seats, controlling a supermajority with no possible Republican input. The “Jungle system” of voting in the primaries all but assure socialist doctrine for the state into the distant future. They had been found going on skid row in Los Angeles gathering signatures on ballots for the progressive socialist candidate for a cigarette or a dollar. Of course, the only ballots that were harvested were for the progressive socialists. Out of the 1.1 million ballots cast in Orange County, 62% voted by mail ballots that were unverified. If an investigation was done, I am sure the same operations would be found taking place through operatives of the progressive socialists and union members working on company time as they always have in the past. Starting with the 2016 June 7th primary, Republican voters showing up to the polls to find party affiliation had been changed, or they had been dropped from the voting rolls without any explanation. These changes can only be done from the states electronic database in charge of the voting system. To this day no valid explanation has been given. In the midterms, eleven California have more votes than eligible voters and, according to the Election Integrity Project Loa Angeles Country had 144% registered voters of the eligible voters in the county. And yet, nothing has been done on a state level. It will take a concerted effort on the part of the citizens of California to bring in federal agencies with subpoena power to clear this trash out of our system and return our state to the normalcy we expect in voting.

It starts with those in charge in that state. Judicial Watch, along with the aforementioned Election Integrity Project sent a Section 8 notice of voter violations to California Secretary of State Alex Padilla that was ignored. Through either total ignorance or a willful blindness to valid laws and regulations, there is not one country or state election official willing to discuss the evidence with either Judicial Watch or the EIP to attempt to bring the violations into focus.

The process of voting has been bastardized to the point that it can longer be seen as ethical or reliable. The progressive socialists had riddled the national voter law with so many amendments to state laws, and loopholes that swing the outcome in one direction. In California, we even have pre-registration of 16 and 17-year-olds taking place in schools after an indoctrination of the students to vote for the socialist leftists the teacher tells them to. It is now legal for convicted felons to vote and convicted inmates are also getting the right to vote in contravention to the Federal laws. According to the Department of Registrars, over 40% of votes were tabulated AFTER election night.  And of that 40% late counted, they want the people of the state to believe 80% wend progressive socialist even in Orange County where Republicans were declared the winners by wide margins.  Of course, there will not be a state investigation as it was they who set this all up and voted for it. This is the same group that would not allow the Federal government to check and clean the voter rolls citing an invasion of privacy.

In Texas, “ballot harvesting” was passed as a way to help the elderly vote or to get disabled voters votes to the polls.  These wonderful citizens are the same as those in California, the only votes that made it to the polls were for the leftists. This fraud has been pervasive even before this midterm election, and voters who have no clue are having the votes that they want to be stolen by forged signatures, over voting and altering ballots.

There are changes that need to be made nationwide. Voting must once again come under federal control. The standardization of voting procedures will simplify how voting must be done. Perhaps two days of voting would help for those who claim they cannot make it to the site where they are to vote. Mail-in ballots for elderly and disables only, and mandatory voter ID. All states must have a bipartisan panel to clean up the voter rolls, so we o not wind up with situations like Ohio where we have a multitude of voters over 117 years old, and even a couple over 120.

Voting is an individual responsibility the goes directly to the core of our nation. If we are to allow these violations and corruption to continue not only in California but throughout the country we surely will become the third world banana republic that the progressive socialists have been working so hard for.

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11 comments to The Banana Republic of Kalifornia

  • Richard Daugherty

    I call Calif little CHINA!!

  • Kulak

    Third World banana republic dung heap is a feature and not a bug to the Bolsheviks.



  • We’ve notified every politician about all of this here but they are almost all Democrats and love the voter fraud, the corruption in the bureaucracy like the DMV example, the ballot harvesting where Soros-funded radical leftists troll, etc…

  • Sheila Plourde

    Here in CA in this years midterms. Voter fraud ran a muck. Yet, nothing has been done about it. Unbelievable. John Cox got a lot of votes. I watched them being counted on some news network. What a joke. Illegals, prisoners got to vote. Oh, the dead too.

  • CentralVaFarmer

    The author needs to have spell-check on and carefully proofread his work. While the arguments are critical and his points valid the content is muddied by the frequency of grammatical, logic and spelling errors. An example in the second paragraph: “I have always felt if you can make an effort to register to vote then you should not vote.”

  • D3F1ANT

    The Left is absolutely LOUSY with corrupt operators. In fact, it actually seems as though the Democrat party tacitly APPROVES of corruption–as long as it’s to THEIR benefit.

    The question is no longer whether or not we can uncover, or PROVE Democrat corruption. The question today is “WHY ISN’T ANYTHING AT ALL EVER DONE TO RECTIFY THE SITUATION!?”

    At one time in history, catching these thieves, fixers, bribers, and grifters was the catalyst for ENDING their duplicity. STOPPING their scams. Punishing them.

    Today, they flatly deny their culpability–IN THE FACE OF INCONTROVERTIBLE EVIDENCE–and then they’re free to continue to use their offices and positions to further fleeces the public and cheat the system.

  • MikeyParks

    Does California actually have a banana crop, or is the state more accurately described as an “Avocado republic?”

  • Russell Johnson

    Let’s face it CA socialists have sanctioned election fraud. Creating loopholes to count unverified vote is criminal.
    Ways demolibs cheat:
    1. Provisional ballots cast by roving teams at all polling sites–vote a lot!
    2. Mailed ballots in CA do not require a VERIFIED signature–mail ’em in.
    3. Print new ballots days after election–fill ’em in, find ’em and count ’em!
    4. Use prisoners as need! Harvest ’em!
    5. Count votes cast by illegals-they register via motor voter–no questions asked.
    6. 40% registered don’t vote, know who they are–vote for ’em.
    7. ALWAYS interpret over and under votes for your candidate.
    8. Disqualify votes for your opponent by any means necessary.

    Fraud like this was used especially often in the corrupt state of CA!!I vote in a state that requires a photo ID–something all states should insist be implemented. If you don’t have one the state will provide it. I agree if you are not registered to vote you can’t vote simple as that!

  • PCJ

    Let me posit a 21st century position.
    Nearly everyone has a personal cellphone number, registered to the account holder. Vote by phone to your state’s secure site, which would instantly verify your vote was recieved. Instant counting, no paper, and double verified on both ends .
    We bank this way. Just block Scroogle and Faceplant and voila!

  • KBB

    What gets me is that, in the face of concrete evidence of voter fraud, the Democrat “winner” is still allowed to take office and set up their admins.!! Why isn’t office-taking delayed until the voting process is examined to see if there’s been voter fraud?? And if found, don’t allow the Dem “winner” to take office. Have the next closest Repub winner take office. If that happened consistently, the Dems would learn that there’s no advantage to committing voter fraud and would cease. For certain, Pres. Trump MUST set up a consistent state-wide voter ID and reformed voter system BEFORE the 2020, or else he risks losing re-election to “ballot harvesting” and other voter fraud schemes. In addition to required voter ID that includes proof of residency, the reformed voter system should include outlaw of ballot harvesting, no early voting, no absentee ballots except for oversees military and those with a doctor’s confirmation of inability to get to the polls, outlaw Motor Voter schemes including automatic voter registration, no “pre-registrations” of 16-yr-olds, replace caucusing with voting at polls, ballots cease to be counted after one hour of booth closures, no provisional ballots allowed – if not registered, you don’t vote AND everyone gets an indelibly inked finger after voting instead of a stupid “I voted” sticker.

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