I Clear Up Judge’s Ruling That Requires Return To USA of “All Deported Asylum Seekers.”

Date: December 20, 2018 

Here’s Where I Clear Up Loon Judge’s Ruling:


There has been a lot written about this current, insane-seeming ruling regarding the return of, and hearings for, so-called, “deported Mexican and South American, alien seekers of amnesty.”

Let me see if I can illumine this piece of bull-babbage for you. I’m going to try dissecting and rendering the fat and scrapings, so they are clarified.

The Big Question Here Seems To Be:

When can an invading alien claim asylum?

Art Arthur, a resident fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) and former immigration judge, told Breitbart News it is “unclear” if a federal court ruling on Tuesday requires the U.S. government to return all previously deported aliens whose asylum requests were rejected.

Arthur offered his analysis in an interview Wednesday on Breitbart News Tonight with SiriusXM host Rebecca Mansour….

…In order to be granted asylum, you don’t get asylum because you’re poor,” stated Arthur. “You don’t get asylum simply because someone threatened you or harmed you. You can only be granted asylum if you have a well-founded fear of persecution or past persecution on account of your race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion. Four of those standards are very straight-forward: race, religion, nationality, and political opinion. The fourth one, though, is the wild card; membership in a particular social group.

Arthur went on, “Then-Judge Alito — when he was on the Third Circuit — said in a case that any group of two or more people could potentially be a particular social group. So, consequently as the law has developed, we’ve actually developed some standards to identify those groups. One of the things that we did in the Real ID Act of 2005 — and I was the primary drafter of this provision — was to say that one of those five factors: race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion; had to be at least one central reason for the harm that you feared.”

Arthur continued, “So if I got mugged, I would have to prove that I got mugged on account of one of those five factors, not because the mugger wanted my money….

“…The judge [Emmett Sullivan] who happens to sit in the District of Columbia found that those very specific circumstances applied, even though, respectfully, I don’t believe that they do,” said Arthur….

…Arthur remarked, “The D.C. District Court doesn’t have jurisdiction over any immigration cases, because there are no immigration courts in the District of Columbia. So you’re talking about an area of the law in which this judge had no expertise whatsoever, because they just don’t hear these cases.”

Arthur said he does not know if Sullivan’s order in Grace v. Whitaker’s mandates the return of the case’s 12 plaintiffs or of the thousands of aliens removed following denials of credible fear claims under similar circumstances.

“I’m having a bit of difficulty determining whether it is only the named plaintiffs or whether it’s the entire class of plaintiffs that this applies to,” said Arthur. “It’s unclear whether it just applies to those 12 adults and children or whether it’s going to apply to every alien who has had their claim denied under Matter of A-B-.”

First, what we have here is a definition of the law by one of it’s actual writers who states that an alien can’t just waltz into America and receive “amnesty.” They have to fill certain requirements, as outlined above.

Further, that this Judge, Emmett Sullivan—of DC, no less—is hardly qualified to rule in such matters because, “in the District of Columbia…they just don’t hear these cases…”

Last, even Mr. Arthur, who helped write the original law, can’t determine “whether it is only the [12] named plaintiffs or whether it’s the entire class of plaintiffs that this applies to…whether it’s going to apply to every alien who has ever had their claim denied….”


This matter is just as absurd as it appears on the surface. It ridicules and diminishes the title of “US Judge,” and also any hypothetical “rule of law.” It makes America look stupid, degraded, and farcical. It undermines hundreds of years of law and tradition.

These “aliens,” and their wiley enablers—the Democrat leadership, Including spokesmouths in politics and media—must surely think we are a bunch of stupid, silent lambs waiting to be slaughtered and eaten by their superior selves.

Usually, we Conservatives, as a class—we don’t protest or march. We don’t burn down neighborhoods. We don’t beat people up, yell at them in restaurants, or kill them. And, we don’t wear pink hats with pussy ears.

But, you Democrats do. And if you get serious, push us too hard, and sow your demented ideas deep around us—and, if you truly back us to the wall and hurt us enough—you might reap things you never thought of.

So, back off. Stop ruling in favor of illegals over Americans. Stop giving “migrants” financial benefits that eclipse our own Social Security or disability supplements. Stop registering them at every turn to vote for you. Stop shielding aliens and attacking American natives who want to enforce immigration law. Stop maligning those of us who aspire to live in an actual free Country with borders, alongside an assimilated, similar populace.

Democrats: stop voting against America. You do it to spite President Trump, but you’re hurting everybody.

You want—what—to bring the entire world inside and give them free benefits?

Enough is enough. Just stop it.


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