2012 The Year of Enlightenment

Republicans still have the majority of the country under their control.

2012 may go down in history as a great year of Enlightenment. The American people saw a new beginning. It was the first time that a president was re-elected and no one really liked the president or his policies. No one liked his economy and his recession that still won’t go away.


The American people saw a new kind of media. An American Ambassador was brutally murdered and nothing was said about it. Matter of fact it was blamed on a film clip when the President knew it was a terrorist attack and there was enough warning that the Ambassador should have been removed from the area, or he should have had security that would have protected him from the terrorists. In the end we will not blame our liberal president, it would not be fair. He was out campaigning and distributing free contraceptives. He didn’t have time to protect the ambassador but he did have time to spin a tale about how it was the other guy’s fault. Could you imagine if President Bush was caught in this Libyan tale? There would have been talk of impeachment and treason.  But not for Obama.


It was a year for an election that gives no one a mandate. Obama and the liberals will claim one, but less people came out to vote and the Republicans maintained a majority in the House. A vast House majority Obama had in 2008 and lost in 2010. If he was such a great president, why didn’t he win back the majority in 2012. Because he couldn’t.


The liberal media and their pundits seem to forget that of the 400 plus elections that occurred to fill the House seats in Washington, the majority were won by the Republicans. May I say it another way, the Democrats lost the majority of the House seats in the 2012 election. So maybe the Republicans won the mandate. Maybe someone should let Boehner know!


And then the majority of state representatives in state houses are Republican by a wide margin.  And there are 29 Republican governors out of 50 states. Even the liberal state of NJ has a Republican governor.    Obama promised Christie a whole lot of money. Obama promised these states a free ride of $60 billion dollars. That is why Christie was so elated. But will NJ see their fair share of that money or will it go to the Democrat Mayor of NY.  And folks most of this money is not ear marked for the people. It goes to the state. Most of this money will go to infrastructures that should have been in place before the hurricane hit. So instead of the state paying for it, they want the Feds to pay for it. So tell me again why someone in California should be paying for the infrastructure in NJ.  Obama still hasn’t done anything for NJ and since election day has passed, what is the hurry. Tell that to the folks on Staten Island! Aloha!


So the point is that the enlightening part is that Republicans still have the majority of the country under their control. Since most people are not paying attention, then maybe it is time to get a Republican message out there in such a fashion that it gets the people to pay attention.


Enlightenment is quite simple. We have seen unarmed citizens gunned down in many parts of the country. Mayors like Bloomberg the soda pop king wants to take the guns away. Does he know in NYC which probably has the toughest gun control laws in  the land:  You still see illegal guns in NYC. We are enlightened to see a mayor who wants more gun control when he can’t enforce the laws he has on the books now. The more laws that Bloomberg can get the feds to pass, the more expensive it will become to own a gun. Isn’t that against the second amendment, or is it just a Roberts like tax?


After Columbine, wasn’t the schools required to protect the innocent children. After 911 President Bush protected the passengers. Why didn’t Obama protect the schools and their precious cargo. Did the teachers and the school boards fail in their duty. Why spend money on teachers and the facility and free lunch programs when they fail to protect your children! But let’s blame the gun owners, rather then the politicians in charge. Isn’t Connecticut a Democrat State. Connecticut has the highest gas tax in the union. They surely can afford a few security cameras, monitors and an armed security person. Don’t we owe it to 600 students? But Obama was too busy campaigning.


It has been enlightening to see that energy in spite of the attempts made by the EPA and Obama has been able to provide a huge amount of evil natural gas. The other fossil fuel. But give the liberals enough time and they will figure out how to destroy fossil fuels like they destroyed nuclear energy. The cleanest and safest energy there is in this country.


So overall, one way to look at the economy is that we haven’t improved and we haven’t fallen back too far so that we can’t get up. But the problem is Obama. He has stood in the way of progress for a long time and we need to speak up to get him out of the way of economic progress.


We need to encourage factory building in this country and not in every other country on the planet.


Under Obama we have lost allies and we have emboldened our enemies. We can only hope that in the next four years that the economy in other countries will be so poor that they will not be able to build up their arsenals to destroy our country and our  allies.


If Obama can’t protect our children, then how will he be able to protect our country without the proper defenses and prepared allies.


When you think about it, Obama is like the Ostrich with his head in the sand. He is quick to talk and make all sorts of promises. But in the end Obama has failed to protect our nation.


So for the next year, let’s keep a close eye on Obama. If he can’t protect our ambassadors, and our soldiers and our precious children, let’s undermine all the Democrats that support Obama’s useless policies.  We can only hope for a year of enlightenment. The kind that sheds  light on the truth and not the fairy tales of Obama!


Let’s hope for a Happy, Healthy and an Enlightened New Year.

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