When All Goes Swimmingly

As Michael Phelps attempts to become the most decorated athlete in Olympic history at the London games, across the pond at a municipal swimming pool in Boston, a man nearing forty will get in his dozen or so laps four days a week. This man is modest in… […]

Faculty Tenure: Crucial or a Vestige?

Why would a university agree to make an appointment that so severely restricts its ability to terminate an underperforming, even incompetent employee? The granting of tenure to professorial faculty at the nation’s universities is a long and venerable… […]

“You Didn’t Do That on Your Own”: A Line as Old as the Dark Angel

The President’s infamous Roanoke speech was in fact standard socialist rhetoric devoid of spontaneity and soaked in a diseased collectivist vision. […]

Duly Noted – Russia, Once More

Can Moscow scale down inherited Soviet ambitions? Great powers are a special breed. Until the First World War, the “Great Powers” were European entities. Membership in that club enabled its participants to extend their control beyond the Continent. T… […]

The Eurozone Economic Cliff

Europe’s continual bailouts are a sign of continual problems that the bailouts will not solve During the last several weeks there has been an intrusion into the daily news about an American “fiscal cliff” brought about by the federal government approa… […]

From Aurora to Chicago

The Aurora theater shooting incident has once again sparked calls for the one thing that never works to prevent gun violence. In the wake of the horrific movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado last Friday which resulted in the deaths of twelve p… […]

Liberals Would Criminalize The American Ideal

Regardless of all of the liberal sanctimony, the real war is not being waged on behalf of the weak. It is being waged against any who have overcome weakness, and any who would seek to elevate themselves beyond a state of dependency […]

Our Culture of Death and the Batman Shooting

In our perverse society, a woman exercising her “right to choose” death for her innocent child represents “courage,” while the Batman shooter’s “choice” to kill innocent moviegoers represents cowardice. And it is. They are both acts of cowardice. The onl… […]

TARP Banks Caught Falsifying Interest Rates in LIBOR Rate-Setting Scandal

One of the few issues which both the political left and the right agree upon is rooting out financial corruption by the banking industry. The latest banking scandal involves big banks submitting falsified data in order to keep their borrowing rates lo… […]

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