Education And The Texas Vote

If this population was to be educated and the literacy rate was expanded, most would be able to make up their own minds on Election Day…and there would be little need for a party activist to mark their ballots. […]

Obama Still Decimating the Military

Massive numbers of military veterans are being dumped out on the streets after 10, 20, even 30 years of honorable service. Obama is cutting experienced veterans who have deployed numerous times in order to screw these soldiers out of the retirement bene… […]

The Man From Wapakoneta

For numerous reasons, Neil Armstrong was uniquely qualified to be America’s standard—bearer on the epic mission of Apollo Eleven. Though officially listed as NASA’s first civilian astronaut, that description was almost a total mischaracterization of his… […]

Carrying Obama’s Bags

Bill Clinton isn’t the only one who has had to carry Obama’s bags over the past 3½ years. […]

Fair-Weather Fenway

They should play “The Thrill is Gone” instead of “Sweet Caroline” at Fenway Park. Prior to the 2012 MLB season, I predicted the Boston Red Sox would finish in last place in the AL East: But the biggest story in the 2012 season will come out of Bost… […]

The American Dream: Bedtime Story or Climb Up Cold Mountain?

As long as Republican mouthpieces keep insisting that the American Dream is a “rags to riches” narrative, their Democrat rivals will find plenty of ears to listen to the “spread the wealth” story. I avoided watching the Republican convention rathe… […]

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