Was Election a Tipping-Point?

The unraveling of the American social fabric has now reached critical mass. Barack Obama has succeeded in radically transforming America, and the slide is now gaining speed. For the first time in United States history, constitutionally minded conservat… […]

The Way the World (Really) Works: The Wild Deuce Trumps

Liberty, prosperity, justice come from the hand of a wild deuce man or woman. The House of Representatives is the big deck in which lurk many wild cards awaiting the right moment to be dealt. […]

Liberal Onslaught Empowered By Republican Timidity

Ever eager to find “common ground” with a regime that has criminally exceeded its constitutional charter, increasing numbers of Senate Republicans, led by John McCain (R.-AZ) and Lindsay Graham (R.-SC) are breaking the “no tax” pledge and making plans t… […]

9/11 Suspects May be Tried in Civilian Courts not Military Tribunals

Now with his winning a second-term, Obama and Holder no longer have to worry about criticism from conservatives and moderates and they can closedown Gitmo with the blessings of the far-left. […]

In Defense of Old White Men

Earlier this year, Senator Harry Reid — one well acquainted through experience with old-white-male machinations — complained of “angry old white men” who bankroll conservative causes. […]

Scalia Repudiates Judicial Activism

If you’ve ever wondered how judges are able to manipulate the law in order to come to a predetermined decision, this is the book to read. […]

Bill Kristol’s Bad Argument

His argument in favor of tax increases on millionaires is political, not economic. Five days after President Obama was re-elected, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol dropped this bombshell concerning tax increases on millionaires during an appearanc… […]

Politics as Warfare; A Look at the 2012 Campaign

The post election Post Mortem continues, with a few items not generally discussed in the media or on talk radio. […]

What Went Wrong with the 2012 Election! Part 1

The biggest mistake I witnessed was the right brain and left brain problem. Simply the liberals are more right brain and they don’t need facts to vote on. When you look back, Obama will be the worse president we ever had. After the election results… […]

Executive Order-Crazy Obama So Far Silent on Egypt’s Executive Orders

Obama is issuing orders to protect himself from oversight – sounds like what Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi is doing. These last several days – while we here were giving Thanks: (Muslim Brotherhood) Egypt President (Mohamed) Morsi Grants Hims… […]

The Democratic Party Left Kennedy

Portraying Kennedy as a supply-sider is just conservative mythology, right? They can claim that if they want, but they can’t argue with the plain words and arguments made by Kennedy. […]

Obamacare And The New Corporate Welfare

How do companies make millions of dollars with a really bad idea? They advise state governments on how to comply with federal Obamacare mandates, and then help the states build new websites. […]

Our Constitutional Right To Bear Arms

Our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Arrogant One” wants the whole Country to abide by his rules and The United Nations version of the “Right To Bear Arms”, which is to eliminate all personal gun ownership in America and the World. […]

Holy Land Conflict: No Peace Among Wolves

Like wild dogs, the Arab nations remain willing to eat their own young if it serves their evil ends. […]

Minorities Disproportionately Worse Off Under Obama

Why did minority voters support Obama in even larger numbers in 2012, considering they have suffered economically more than whites under his first term? It is puzzling that so many minorities voted for Barack Obama over Mitt Romney considering how d… […]

Explaining the Romney Debacle

Exploring the reasons offered for Romney’s defeat — while citing relevant words from two recent books by Gelernter and Crowley that essentially predicted it Conservatives are stunned by the outcome of the just concluded presidential election. They had… […]

Duly Noted – About the New Immigration

Contemporary migration and its challenges. In moments of levity, this writer presents himself as a “professional immigrant”. Indeed, by choice or driven by vainly resisted forces, his life had to be repeatedly relocated. The experience of star… […]

Maine’s Mysterious Black Voters

In some parts of rural Maine, there were dozens, dozens of black people who came in and voted on Election Day. Everybody has a right to vote, but nobody in (these) towns knows anyone who’s black. How did that happen? […]

Invasion of the Liberal Body Snatchers

I shake my head when hearing talk of how conservatives can possibly “win over” women or Hispanics or blacks or whatever the latest pander-worthy group may be, of how they need to “reach out” or “reframe their message,” as if everyone is a logic-worshipp… […]

What do We Have to be Thankful for?

When someone else close to me once complained about Christianity and said “they beat you down” (with clerics’ talk of our sinfulness), she missed the point. It is a beat-down that builds up. Among the beautiful messages in the 1937 film Captains Cour… […]


Today, many folks I know are Catholics in name only: those who treat their faith as some sort of inherited, ethnic embarrassment. They readily abstain from meat on Fridays during Lent and indeed, resolve to ‘give up’ something during it. They are thrill… […]

Thanksgiving 2012: A National Day of Shame

With our culture in full collapse and our constitutional freedoms in tattered ruins, Republican luminaries tell us to be good sports and let the butchers of our values enjoy their prize. We are in no position to thank God for our country at this time i… […]

Petraeus Denies Leaking Secrets to his Paramour

Former CIA director David Petraeus confessed to making some “big mistakes” by having an extramarital affair with his biographer Paula Broadwell, but said he never allowed her access to classified documents or information, according to Fox News Channel’s… […]

Benjamin Netanyahu: Leader of the Free World

Whether due to naiveté, foolishness or pure dishonesty, President Obama’s bungling of the Middle East crisis – let alone his unprecedented attacks on our constitutional freedoms stateside – has disqualified him to lead the free world. And so, Israeli Pr… […]

Useful Liberal Idiots and Vote Fraud

The problem with you progressives is that you never progressed beyond childhood; you think only of what you want in the moment and are oblivious to long-term implications. Among the responses to my recent article on Democrat vote fraud were those of… […]

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