Leftists to Americans: ‘Embrace the Government Suck’

dmcrts5Uber-Leftist House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi recently chided her caucus to vote for a Paul Ryan-Patty Murray budget agreement – which they didn’t particularly like – by telling them to “Embrace the suck.” Stay classy, Congresswoman.

This is […]

Act of Real Heroism Call to Rafael and Ted Cruz

rftdcrzJunior Texas Senator Ted Cruz has captured the imagination of many American conservatives hungry for a “real deal” statesman willing to stand up for American principles and values. His fiery pro-American tone is undoubtedly inherited from his very fiery […]

When Britain Savages Itself

htspchEngland’s prestigious Oxford Union recently invited famed raconteur and talk-radio host Michael Savage to a debate on whether or not NSA leaker Edward Snowden is a hero. And that is certainly a matter for debate. Whatever Snowden is, though, he is definitely one thing: more noble than […]

Applied Hypocrisy?

Duly Noted Why liberals support the “other side”. […]

To Hell With Paul Krugman

plkrgmn2Public intellectual Paul Krugman recently consigned to Hell, in a New York Times op-ed column entitled A Permanent Slump, the world economy.

He wrote:

[W]hat if the world we’ve been living in for the past five years is the […]

Millennials Finally Turn Against Obama, Want Recall

yngpplobmA majority of 18-to-24-year-olds now say they would recall Obama as president if they could. It is finally happening; young people who overwhelmingly supported Obama are now turning away from him in droves. The hope and change he promised never materialized, instead replaced with deteriorating conditions.

A […]

Angst over Ryan-Murray Agreement is Symptomatic of a Deeper Divide

paulryanThe Ryan-Murray budget agreement has certainly provoked some sharp disagreement on the right flank of the conservative blogosphere. Actually, the agreement represents a true compromise in that each side achieved part of some of its aims, and both sides abandoned (if only temporarily) many of their desired […]

JFK and Conspiracies

Officer J.D. Tippit

Officer J.D. Tippit

This is part II of my thoughts on JFK and his assassination, with the 50th anniversary of the president’s death only recently passed. Certainly, and regrettably, the conspiracy folks had their day in the sun…again.

I have indicated […]

Gutfeld: Is it About Hate or Is it about Joy

The_Joy_of_HateGreg Gutfeld of wrote an interesting book entitled The Joy of Hate. Gutfeld can be seen on Fox News on several venues including host of Red Eye. One thing that is great about a book like this is that […]

Get over it: Jesus and Santa are White

sntsclsjsSome people want to give Fox News’s Megyn Kelly a lump of coal for Christmas after she remarked on Wednesday that Jesus and Santa Claus were white and that those who had a problem with it should just get over it. Well, I’m making a list and […]

Book Review: Murder From Within

Murder from within Fred Newcomb and Perry Adams make a case blaming Vice President Johnson for he assassination of President Kennedy.





High School Sex Ed Indoctrination Reaching Dangerous Levels

sxedI was astonished recently when one of my stepdaughters arrived home from public high school in Washington state with a red ribbon painted on her cheek. Sex education in the schools – which conservatives have tried to limit to abstinence-only – has now gone well beyond simple […]

Fixing Fannie And Freddie: Will Another Government Agency Help?

Will replacing one government entity with another actually improve the mortgage markets? If politicians retain control over our wealth, they will most always find a way to use it for their own selfish purposes.

Congressional Democrats are reeling from Obamacare, Republicans are caving-in to President Obama’s budgetary demands, and the First Lady is emotionally […]

DUI Checkpoints: Yay or Nay?

duiMotorists engage in secondary behavior during approximately half of their time on the road. Hands-free mobile phone conversations are legal all around the country, but slow reaction times by a significant 26.5 percent, according to astudy from the UK. […]


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