Unsportsmanlike Conduct

rchrdshrmThe news from Sunday’s NFC title game between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francesco 49ers was not so much about the action on the field, but what transpired in a post-game interview between Fox Sports’ Erin Andrews and […]

Civilian Warriors: The Inside Story of Blackwater and the Unsung Heroes of the War on Terror

civilian_warriorsDepending on whom you talk to, the first contractors in history to armies were either mercenaries or prostitutes. In our more refined age we can still find ladies of the evening providing their support but mercenaries have been replaced […]

Is Killing Jesus the Messiah or is it the Obama?

killing_jesusBarbara Wa-Wa thought Obama was the Messiah! God help us. It was funny when Obama was on The View. I thought all the women wanted to sit on Obama’s lap. What do you want for Christmas.

Bill O’Reilly […]

Federal Agencies Target “Right” Groups Again

dnshdszFrom freedom to fascism well describes the events of the last five years under the most anti-American regime to ever hold political power in the United States. One need not look too far to find evidence that the land […]

Reagan Predicted Obama 50 Years Ago

rnldrgnBack in 1936, Mr. Democrat himself, Al Smith [who ran against FDR in 1932], the great American, came before the American people and charged that the leadership of his party was taking the part of Jefferson, Jackson, and Cleveland […]

Duly Noted – ’68 And All That

Some dissonance to embellish an otherwise undisturbed self-anointment.Duly Noted


Inexorably, the intensively self-admired ‘68ers are ageing. The passing of time does not keep the eternally youthful from continuing in their bad old childish habits. Therefore, the gorilla-style breast beating continues. It is followed by preaching […]

Duck Dynasty and the Secular Theocracy, Part II

Phil Robertson himself is certainly no lightweight. The Los Angeles Times has called him “a man of legendary individuality, who once passed up an opportunity to sign with the NFL because it might interfere with his hunting.” One of seven children raised in a log cabin in northern Louisiana with no electricity, bathtub, or toilet, […]

Duck Dynasty and the Secular Theocracy, Part I



When the PC outrage industry went into high gear with an angry Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) demanding Robertson’s head regarding his comments on homosexuality in an article by Drew Magery in the January […]

EXCLUSIVE! Online interview with The Gunny on his new book, obesity, PETA and political correctness

Jan 2014 GunnyOur January issue of Western Shooting Journal features an interview with R. Lee Ermey, aka The Gunny, about his new book, the Second Amendment, the military, and acting. We also interviewed him about politics, and that bonus interview is featured here. You can pick up […]

Why We Blog

Citizens all over the world are rightfully skeptical of the media. Poll after poll reveals that people feel the once honorable fourth estate is incapable of reporting the news “fully, accurately, and fairly.” A clear majority, 55% of Americans, still distrust the media after hitting a record high of 60% in 2012.

Big media cites […]

Pursuing Economic “Fairness” Without Understanding Economics

mnmwg“I just want what is fair for everybody…”

If I’ve heard that line once, I’ve heard it hundreds of times on those occasions when I end up discussing business, economic, and public policy issues with members of […]

Tōˌtaliˈte(ə)rēəns Among Us?

tltrnPossibly the most powerful, and dangerous, euphemism in politics today is “progressive.”

This writer has many cherished progressive friends. He considers them beautiful… but, often, misguided. Yet perhaps they are more “guided” than he has supposed.

Perhaps progressives, many […]

Taking Down the Lion: The Triumphant Rise and Tragic Fall of Tyco’s Dennis Kozlowski

The_Man_Who_Would_Be_KingThe man who would be king

Back in 1941 science fiction writer Robert Heinlein wrote in Logic of Empire, “You have attributed conditions to villainy that simply result from stupidity”. As defenses of behavior go it is not […]

SHOT Show: The Last Bastion of Growing Conservatism

Ted Nugent-Rach

With Ted Nugent at SHOT Show

Conservatives have been losing ground in virtually every area in politics except the Second Amendment. Increasing violence and an expanding, more intrusive government have made […]

The Senate and Federalism – A Failure of Checks and Balances

When the Constitution was amended in 1913 to allow election of U.S. Senators by public vote it was a major change in the way in which the federal government operated. It also radically changed the power structure within the legislature, to the effect that one of the major checks on federal power was removed, paving […]

Government Gridlock, Saving America From Even Worse Laws

Many hands are being wrung among the elite governing class about Congressional gridlock. The Democrats have invoked the “nuclear option” — allowing the Senate majority in effect to prevail by simple, rather than 60%, majority. (This will come back to haunt them if majority control turns Republican in next year’s election.)

Fortunately for us mere […]

Cheney: You have to have Heart

heartCheney and his Cardiologist wrote an interesting book: Heart the American Odyssey. First off as I have written before, I think VP Cheney is one of the best. And if there is any president out there who is not […]

In Defense of “Fundamentalism”

crsIn the world of cultural semantics, there is probably not a phrase that rings with more pejorative innuendo than the term “fundamentalism.” It should be noted that the term comes with a lot of improper implications, misunderstand and underserved […]

Science, Reason & Faith

glxsScience is the process of determining the behavior of matter (the universe) using observation, testing (controlled observation), and reason; with reason defined as the ability to observe, comprehend and accept self-evident truth.

[Reason is] “the discovery of the certainty or probability of such propositions or truths, […]

Reforming Tax and Farm Law: Think Locally, Act Globally to Reduce Trade Barriers

“We’re #1” is not something you chant when you have the world’s highest corporate tax rate. Unless you are doing so sarcastically — or you want to punish businesses for … well, being in business.

Yet that is where the United States currently stands. We impose the highest corporate tax rate on the planet […]

Twisted Understanding Of The Constitution Leads To Things Like This

stnstThis is what happens when you start acting like all religions have equal merit. We were, and considered ourselves, a Christian nation for close to two hundred years, and now we have rejected that label. This is the result. […]

Understanding The Benghazi/Chappaquiddick Connection

On July 18, 1969, while most Americans were feverishly devouring the unfolding events of America’s first manned moon landing, the late Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy was doing what cretins typically do. He was tooling around in the backwaters of coastal Massachusetts with Mary Jo Kopechne, a young political aid, who was not his wife. This […]

Cops Blast Obama Tapping Cop Killer’s Lawyer for DOJ Civil Rights Chief

dbagblAmerica’s largest police organization, the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), sent a letter to President Barack Obama for nominating an attorney with a questionable background to become the head of an important Justice Department post, an “Inside the Beltway” […]


obmcr3This being the time of year for looking back and looking ahead, many have made their predictions for the coming year; most dealing with the premise that Obamacare will be the straw that finally breaks the liberals backs, revealing […]

Obama: A Promoter at Heart but Not Good for the Country!

obm-cmmnst2Promoter is an old fashioned term. Used by the real older generation. I guess we can call them snake salesmen etc. But a promoter was just that… A promoter. Someone who can promote something and get people behind the […]

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