Wash. Dem. Legislative Candidate Larry Seaquist Caught With Two Positions on Open Public Records


Earlier this month, I wrote about one of the closest, most-watched legislative races in the country, between conservative incumbent Republican Rep. Jesse Young, and union-owned, perennial candidate Larry Seaquist. While the district is located in the Puget Sound […]

Sleazy ‘Scam PACs’ Hurt GOP Candidates Again This Cycle With Fake Fundraising

scmpcA crop of conservatively named super PACs has arisen in recent years, which serve to do little but pad their own coffers during election season. The moneymakers behind the scam organizations appeal to the conservative base with long-shot candidates […]

How to Spot Hillary’s Fake, Paid Twitter Trolls

hlrlytrlsEarlier this month, I wrote about an army of paid online trolls which the SuperPAC associated with Hillary Clinton’s campaign is using to attack anyone who criticizes her. Correct the Record’s anonymous social media accounts are easy to spot, […]

The Left is Running Fake ‘Alt-Right’ Accounts in Order to Make Trump Look Bad

alt-right-fake-accountsHillary Clinton has almost as many racist supporters as Donald Trump, so why is there an inordinate focus on the multiple, strangely anonymous ‘Alt-Right’ accounts?

Both liberals and conservatives have been worrying that Donald Trump has a significant […]

It is Not Your Father’s Democrat Party… Socialism Anyone?

It is Not Your Father’s Democrat Party… Socialism Anyone?

By Dr. Phil Taverna Hillary is running like Obama is a great president. Hillary could not run as a moderate, but had to run as a liberal in order to get Obamas’ support. And there are very few people that support Obama’s policies. Especially […]

Billionaire Soros: Hillary’s Puppet Master

Billionaire globalist Soros pulls Hillary's strings

Billionaire globalist Soros pulls Hillary’s strings

“I need, Don Corleone, all of those politicians that you carry around in your pocket, like so many nickels and dimes.” – Al Lettieri as Virgil […]

Voter Fraud is Real and Extensive

Obama has spoken, and therefore, there is no voter fraud. Spending his time golfing or ridiculing Donald Trump instead of doing his job is to use a golfing term, par for the course. The straw man in this attack is Obamas assertion that the Governors in many of these states most people are concerned about […]

Puppet Hillary’s Blame Game

Puppet Hillary demonizes Trump with her own corruption

Puppet Hillary demonizes Trump with her own corruption

During the 3rd presidential debate Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton laughably claimed that self-made billionaire, Donald Trump—a political outsider—was a puppet rather […]

Pro-Trump, Anti-Trump and the Meta-Narrative

“As in Jephthah’s day, at stake in the upcoming presidential election is the life or death of a nation. Is Trump America’s Jephthah? Only if, by the providence of Almighty God, He moves the hearts and minds of the American people to reject America’s political elite who would choose global hegemony to an independent American […]

The Soros Media Machine

After composing a column last week about the media bias that is so prevalent in this election last week, (http://intellectualconservative.com/death-of-the-honest-media/),I decided to look a little closer on how this is being accomplished. While it is a foregone conclusion that the mainstream media in this country has colluded with Hillary and her campaign, there are other […]

Hillary’s Three Monkeys Defense

Liar Hillary believes only her own conspiracy theories

Liar Hillary believes only her own conspiracy theories

“I know nothing about this. I can’t deal with every one of his [Trump’s] conspiracy theories.” – Hillary Clinton, following the 3rd […]

The Myth of Donald Trump as an ‘Anti-Intellectual’

dnldtrmp7One of the criticisms frequently hurled at Donald Trump is that he’s an “anti-intellectual.” Liberals count on incautious readers to conflate the term “intellectual” (which refers to a range of professions, which leftists mostly dominate, and not because they […]

Republicans Need To Think Strategically On Supreme Court Nominee Battle


John McCain, in a radio interview in Philadelphia doubled down on the losing Republican strategy of blocking liberal Supreme Court nominees. He said “I promise you that we will be united against any Supreme Court nominee that Hillary Clinton, if she were president, would put up, […]


dylan-and-obamaDid you take note that Bob “Rolling Stone” Dylan has just won the Nobel Prize for Literature? Even the Nobel Prize people want to get on board with pop culture, although by selecting Bob Dylan they are still about 50 years behind schedule. You see, the Nobel […]

Celebrating 25 Years of Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court: His Close Friend Spills the Beans

clarence-thomasOctober 23 marks Clarence Thomas’s 25th anniversary as a Supreme Court Justice. I spoke with his longtime friend Mark Paoletta about his legacy. Paoletta got to know Thomas while serving as Assistant White House Counsel to President George H. […]

Marco Rubio: WikiLeaks Pipsqueak

Mini-Me "Little Marco": Democrats' Dupe

Mini-Me “Little Marco”: Democrats’ Dupe

“These leaks are an effort by a foreign government to interfere with our electoral process, and I will not indulge it. Further, I want […]

Wikileaks Latest Podesta Email Dumps: 13 More Instances of Sleaze


Every few days, Wikileaks releases another few thousand hacked emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta. The last dump brings the total to 18,953 out of a total 50,000 expected. Both Clinton and Podesta have done little […]

President Bush: Who Do We Blame if Trump Loses?

President Bush: Who Do We Blame if Trump Loses?

By Dr. Phil Taverna


The problem with a lot of the Republican leaders is that they are spineless. And granted when the lewd video surfaced, most sane people kept their mouths shut, but the spineless spoke up. Especially since Mr. Trump apologized, it […]

Helping the Common Enemy

George Handlery

Duly Noted

The pressure of uncontrolled migration is more than a source of concern for the select that govern us. Since the previously docile masses are directly impaired, public attention is focused on the phenomenon and its consequences. Except for the world wars, no other issue has stirred up as much interest as […]

Pro-Lifers Flooded Social Media Sending a Message for Life to Planned Parenthood on its 100th Anniversary


The Stream is winding down its coverage of Planned Parenthood’s 100th anniversary with a roundup of the best social media posts about the anniversary and The Stream‘s own #100forLife campaign against it.

Planned Parenthood and […]

Forgetting Clintons’ Scandals with Trump’s Words

Ignoring Hillary’s mountainous evidence of corruption via WiliLeaks for Trump’s locker room chat

“And all the kids [Democrats; biased MSM] cheered! But I didn’t cheer. I stood right up and started shouting. This isn’t what happened last week! […]

Rod Dreher Has Officially Jumped the Shark

The American Conservative blogger Rod Dreher has never been entirely my cup of tea. His posts are frequently too overwrought, and they come off as, for lack of a better word, prissy. (I tried hard to come up with another word to describe them that wasn’t so loaded, but I couldn’t think of one that […]

Death of the Honest Media

I don’t normally read the mainstream newspapers anymore. Moving further and further into the liberal/progressive movement has made them virtually unreadable. Part of the global cabal, they attempt to steer the people to the way they want them to think. It is no different in this election. The media bias against Trump is real and […]

Conservative Washington State Representative Making Inroads Within Democratic State Legislature

jesse-youngMost people now think of Washington state as a bastion for Democrats, especially the Puget Sound area around Seattle. But there are a few bright conservatives who have figured out how to make some ground. Rep. Jesse Young represents […]

No matter what the numbers say, 3rd parties will win on November 8

piechartelection2016In a vacuum of serious policy decisions and debates, minor parties can be effective catalysts for issues that are eventually absorbed by the major parties. In his book The Other Candidates: Third Parties in General Elections, author Frank Smallwood […]

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