Play the Trump Card

Duly NotedDuly Noted

America’s new President needs to make crucial decisions regarding the nexus to China, Russia, and Europe. This writing focuses on the US-Europe-NATO link which needs to be reconsidered, better yet, should be re-positioned.

The Alliance has drifted off its intended course and became spastic. […]

Dear Democrat Electors:

It is time for you to rise up and stand with your country and your President. Change your vote and vote for Donald Trump. He won anyway, so why not go with the winner? Show what a great and just nation this is and how even though you were previously committed to a completely corrupt, […]

Muslims CAN Stop Islamic Terror

I have a little scenario for you to consider: Let’s say that tomorrow the United Methodists decided that through a reading of some lost John Wesley texts, they were to kill all non-believers in the name of Christ. Let’s say these UMC terrorists want to usher in the 1000 year reign of Christ and what […]

The Enemies Among Us Part 1

Having written about the group Jamaat al-Fuqra, now known as Muslims of America, once before ( and considering the election of Donald Trump as President, there is more to investigated by our administration and made available to the generalpublic. Different sources, including many within the Muslims of America organization have made clear that they expect […]

Hollywood’s Anti-Trump Minstrel Show

Anti-Trump limousine liberals know better than the American electorate

Anti-Trump limousine liberals know better than the American electorate

“There are 538 members of the Electoral College. You, and just 36 other conscientious Republican electors could make a difference […]

Bill Clinton’s Alleged Son Can Use Already Published DNA to Establish Paternity: American Thinker

Danney Williams, a man claiming to be the son of Bill Clinton, has said he would file a lawsuit requesting Bill Clinton’s DNA sample. However, seven genetic factors of Bill Clinton’s were already published in 1999 in the Starr Report, including his D1S80 marker, and these can be used to find out if Bill has […]

All Accusations Are True, Aren’t They?

Regarding the Russian election hacking. I’ve heard that CNN works for the Russian Government and is actually in on the hacking. Since they were connected by debate questions to the Clinton campaign, and are probably connected to the Clinton Foundation, I think the CNN / Kremlin connection has to be investigated. We should probably get […]

Electoral Map Can Be Saved. Remember the Maine.

Electoral Map Can Be Saved. Remember the Maine.

By Dr. Phil Taverna


The uninformed liberals are up in arms about the electoral college being unfair. They always seem to have a hard time accepting the election of a Republican. But they don’t seem to know that most elections for presidents have been […]

Elite Anti-Trump Hysteria is an Act

Recently, my news feed and social media feed have been inundated with story after story about Russia “hacking” the election, the Electoral College going rogue and blocking Trump reaching the requisite 270, “briefing” the Electoral College on the Russian “hack,” holding a new election, etc. If the roles were reversed, the Russian allegation would be […]

The Establishment’s Fake News Russian Conspiracy


I would say that the establishment is having a full-blown panic attack concerning Donald Trump’s impending presidency, but that would be insulting the rationality of those who suffer panic attacks.

The MSM, the Dems and the establishment Republicans […]

Spinning Trump Conspiracy Theories

Via the biased MSM, Democrats spin anti-Trump rhetoric

Via the biased MSM, Democrats spin anti-Trump rhetoric

“Let me be very clear: We do not have evidence of fraud. We do not have smoking guns.” – Green Party rainmaker […]

Morality of Abortion


Is aborting the life of an unborn child in the fetus a violation of rights, and more importantly can we view that action as moral? There are many different ways to view and discuss the topic of abortion but for the purpose of this paper, I will be examining it as a right, that […]

Watch Out, Everything is Racist Now

rcst Although racism has been gradually decreasing in the U.S., the left is attempting to portray it as rapidly expanding in order to keep minorities voting for Democrats. It’s Barack Obama’s legacy. But it’s looking sillier and sillier, and […]

Russian Hacking is “Fake News”

Once again, the media and the Democrats are trying to intimidate the American people into allowing the disqualification of Trump for President. They are insisting that Russia swayed our election, working for the Trump presidency. To fulfill the progressives agenda of delegitimizing the Trump presidency, all of the mainstream media and most of the progressives […]

Clarence Thomas: Ignored Conservative Icon

New African American Smithsonian Museum Snubs Black Supreme Court Justice

New African American Smithsonian Museum Snubs Black Supreme Court Justice

“The persistent efforts to undermine Justice Thomas and his compelling body of jurisprudence, and to ignore the spectacular […]

The Trump Social Security Reform Plan, and What We Should Do About Saving It

Among the many things Trump promised was to save Social Security from approaching doom. Personally, I have long hoped it would die from natural causes. But, conservatives (and near facsimiles) keep bowing to leftists to save this darned albatross, thereby preventing it from happening. Saving it from bankruptcy is something conservatives have been advocating, now, […]

The Crack Down on ‘Fake News’ is really the Mainstream Media’s Response to Their Loosening Grip on Voters


Democrats suffered a tough election loss after the mainstream media (MSM) told voters that Hillary Clinton’s campaign had the 2016 election in the bag. Eager to strike back, the liberal media, old and new, are now off to lead a crusade against “fake news”, indicating […]

Sessions’ first move at DOJ should be to clear Rep. Rick Renzi

ssnstrmpOnce Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions is confirmed as attorney general, he must work with Congress to clean up the corruption within the Department of Justice. One of the first cases he should review is the prosecution of former Arizona […]

How to Deport Millions of Illegal Aliens, Without Employing a Single Stormtrooper.

Every time the issue of illegal aliens or deportation comes up, the Left, argues against something they know isn’t going to happen. But the reason the Left always brings the conversation to the line, “how are you going to round up and deport 15 million undocumented immigrants?” is not to get an answer, It is […]

Snowflakes and Soros Part 2

The purple revolution that is the goal of the globalists led by George Soros is coming to fruition. The “snowflakes” that pass for young adults these days have been indoctrinated to see the United States as the problem with everything in the world. They are taught that rights do not come from God, but from […]

Crumbling Glass Ceiling Coming Down Around Hillary.

Crumbling Glass Ceiling Coming Down Around Hillary.

By Dr. Phil Taverna


It is funny when a woman loses an election. There are tears and a bunch of f-bombs. But did Hillary really think she was going to win?


You hear all the pundits coming up with all sorts of excuses […]

How We Self Destruct

Duly Noted

According to a fable, states defeat their adversary because of their superior means. Thus, large countries cream small ones and advanced systems overcome the badly armed and backward. Indeed, superior means help to contemplate a victory parade in the outclassed victim’s capital. The calculation is […]

Latest Felons to be Released by Obama Probably Not Just Peaceful Drug Dealers

vlntcrmPresident Obama’s press releases describing the inmates he is freeing fail to include the rest of their criminal histories.

Obama has commuted the prison sentences of 79 more felons, bringing the total number he’s commuted to 1,023 federal […]

Snowflakes and Soros Part 1

The election of Trump has led to a cacophony of whiners, criers and safe spacers to meltdown. These snowflakes had to cancel classes and even exams because they were so upset. Disappointment was not enough, the “popular kids of the snowflake brigade have run their mouths to inflict their incite protests and riots throughout the […]

Weekend voting? proposes that elections be moved to a weekend instead of a Tuesday to make it more convenient for Americans to vote. Earlier this year, President Obama endorsed similar action. There’s even a Ted talk on it! However, most of the arguments […]

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