Legacy of the Great Obama. Part One.

Legacy of the Great Obama. Part One.

By Dr. Phil Taverna


I am positively certain that if we could look in the minds of Obama, Michelle and Jarrett we would all have to admit, that Obama was the greatest president ever. It is great to use the right side of the […]

Let Us Bend the Record Straight!

Duly Noted Duly Noted

It is a triumph of propaganda that a tepid tale scores in developed countries. It is that their achievements come from the exploitation of backward societies. Due to lacking knowledge, the idea of culpability is frequently swallowed. As so often, bad history […]

The Non-Scandals of the Obama Adminstration

Our soon to be past President has stated that he intends on giving a farewell speech on the 10th of January at McCormack place in Chicago, marking the beginning of the end of his administration. It will be informative to see how Obama talks about his administration during this speech. He says that this speech […]

Nightclubs: Soft Targets for Terrorists



In an attack reminiscent of the Orlando terror event last year, a popular nightclub became a slaughterhouse on New Year’s Eve when a gunman caused 39 deaths and about 70 injured. ISIS […]

What is Freedom? Defining an Idea to Obvious to Debate

“They believed every man must find his own place in a world in which a place has been made for him”.

Ralph Husted, an Indiana businessman and classic-liberal, wrote those words in reference to the Founders in an essay entitled ‘The Moral Foundation of Freedom’. The subject of his essay was the underpinnings of our […]

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