Heritage Foundation: Federalism Can Solve Gender Identity Policies in Schools

The Trump administration agrees with a new report out by The Heritage Foundation that discourages federal mandates regarding transgenders in K-12.

When […]

VIDEO: IC Editor Rachel Alexander’s weekly fake news update

Harvard Releases Impressive, Final, Authoritative Guide to Spotting Fake News

Just like there are authoritative, final news sources when it comes to the news, like The New York Times, CNN and the AP Stylebook — […]

VIDEO: IC Editor Rachel Alexander calls out 7 types of fake news during Gorsuch confirmation hearings

Gorsuch Performed so Well During the First Two Days That Democrats Deserted the Hearings Early

Confirmation hearings for President Trump’s SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch began this week with a strong showing by the 10th Circuit Court […]

Brazen Proposals

Duly Noted

The pressure of “illegals” that claim “persecution” as they break into the developed world grows. Societies which disperse opulent welfare, if as so often PC-determined, cannot respond to remedy the problem. […]

The Progressively Frightening Totalitarian and Judgmental Left

The left has done a 180 since its free speech heyday of the 1960s. What used to be anything goes, and protecting the First Amendment […]

Cheeky Observations


Cheeky Observations by George Handlery.

Balanced budget. Officially ignoring unbalanced government accounts that bathe in red ink are the fundament of the moment’s “stability”. Except for the day dreamers, we know that the crashing end at the wall of reality nears. The European Central Bank used to purchase monthly € 80 billion worth of […]