Non Voters are the Most Important Constituency

Dr. Billy Graham has observed that, “bad politicians are elected by good people who don’t vote.”

In Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District special election last week, 57 percent of registered voters stayed home. The race repeatedly made national news because it was possible that a Democrat could be elected to that seat for the first time […]

College Sued for Banning Student’s Preaching as ‘Disorderly Conduct’

Sure, you can preach here, Georgia Gwinnett College told an evangelical student, right over there — on two spots making up just 0.0015 percent of the campus. Oh, also, the “public forum areas” […]

Christians are the Least Judgmental People

The left has gotten away for too long with the false assertion that Christians are judgmental. It is at a frightening level that is progressing toward totalitarianism. But they know if you call a […]

VIDEO: IC Editor Rachel Alexander on fake news, including some delicious irony


At this time it is too early to tell who will prevail in the struggle to regenerate America, and what direction the evolution of the European Union will take. Regardless of the Atlantic, both cases are in interrelated.

Just consider the similarity of the forces that […]

VIDEO: IC Editor Rachel Alexander’s weekly update on fake news

What Gorsuch Means for Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia v. Comer

The outcome of pending cases is harder to predict now that Neil Gorsuch has been confirmed to the Supreme Court. With a seat vacant over the past year, the court had only three conservative justices and so […]

The Legacy of George Soros Part 11

In the past I have written extensively of the machinations of George Soros and his intentions of forming a New World Order along with the other corporatists and globalists. I have shown the megalomania that infects this man, stating that he feels he is a God who should rule. From Nazi collaborator to Black Lives […]

The Trump-Russian Collusion Lie

It has been an interesting couple of weeks to say the least. The collusion being endlessly touted by the progressive/socialists and the media between the Trump administration and the Russians has been blown out of the water. CNN, NBC, ABC, and the New York Times are all showing righteous indignation about the collusion that never […]


Arizona senator John McCain has worked tirelessly to thwart President Trump and the rule of law in our country. In these past two months McCain has denigrated Trump overseas in a fashion that even surpasses the Democrats innuendo and lies about our President. Claiming that even Congress is not to be trusted in investigating the […]

VIDEO: IC Editor Rachel Alexander on fake news, Gorsuch and Rice

Guns and Liberty

To about ten pages amounts the list in the “idea basket” of “Duly Noted”. As a sign of the times, they remain dormant because unanticipated items demand posting.

That queue jumping has several reasons. The advanced world is, because the political class’ ideology restrains it, unable […]

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