101 Things All Young Adults Should Know

John Hawkins, the owner of Right Wing News and other sites, and a contributor to Townhall, has written an important book for young people, “101 Things All Young Adults Should Know.” It’s packed full of useful […]

Body-Slamming “Trump Derangement Syndrome”

Gianforte beats up pesky reporter, wins anyway

In the special election for Montana’s at-large Congressional seat (vacated by Ryan Zinke, who became President Trump’s Secretary of the Interior), the voters have spoken: Republican Greg Gianforte won […]

We Do Need To Make America Great Again

America, this country of many different parts, and different blended cultures is in trouble. A good part of our citizens have no thoughts of exceptionalism, or consider our country unique in history.

Having an older, more mature outlook on my country, I have seen changes in our culture, our education, even in areas considered in […]

That Russian Matter

Trump’s presidency moves an old subject to the top of our time’s priorities: Call it “the Russian Thing”. The topic has a history that, for America, goes back to 1917, when Russia’s experiment with democracy failed. That foretold a similar process in Germany where a “stable” […]

To Carry A Gun.

One of the great freedoms I can now exercise since leaving California is the right to own and carry firearms (keep and bear arms), which the Constitution guarantees the government will not even touch (infringe). Of course they do, especially in California and other liberal states. But in Florida, you can apply for a concealed […]

The Left Likely Coordinating Attacks on Those Investigating the Seth Rich Murder

After conservative talk show host Sean Hannity began covering new developments in the Seth Rich murder case last week, the left ramped up its attacks on those looking into it.

Led by Media […]

How the “Left” Thinks!

The problem with all Leftist arguments and debates on any position is that they completely blur any distinction between lawful and lawless, in an effort to confuse, distort, and force their position that since everyone is lawless in some way, no one is, and individualism still means everyone is the responsibility of everyone else, […]

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) -The Genetic Wonder That Invalidates Evolutionary Thought




The DNA Molecule & the Genetic Code

In 1953 James Watson (1928 – ), an American geneticist and Francis Crick […]

Evidence Piling up That Seth Rich Leaked DNC Emails to Wikileaks

The evidence is growing that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich leaked over 44,000 emails to Wikileaks. Democrats assert that the Russians hacked into the DNC’s emails. However, Julian Assange of Wikileaks maintains that the […]

Exorcising Democrats’ Confederate History

In 2017, Democrats attack their Civil War counterparts

Why are progressives clamoring to remove many of America’s mementos dedicated to the Old South? Generations later, can remnants of Civil War Democrats […]

Anti-Trump Leaks are Against the Law. So Where’s the Investigation?

A lot of people even in the White House are leaking stories to hurt Donald Trump. Are they committing felonies? If the information they give to the media affects national security, then yes.

Disclosing […]

Don’t Believe David Brocks and Media Matters Lies

The past couple of weeks have made it possible to see things more clearly .The MSM has claimed that Trump attempted to usurp the First Amendment Rights of journalists by calling them fake news. The MSM turned his words of the media being the enemy of the people to calling all of the media an […]

VIDEO: IC Editor Rachel Alexander on the latest in the Seth Rich murder investigation

Arizona Welfare Agency Bans Political and Religious Speech

Shortly after its Roman Catholic director was fired by the governor, the Arizona Department of Economic Security implemented a policy incredibly — and unconstitutionally — imposing a sweeping ban on religious and political […]

Mouthy Maxine Part 2

Ever since Donald Trump was nominated as the candidate from the Republican party, there has been an avalanche of lies and deceit. When Donald Trump became our country’s 45th President, the lies and “fake news” have been an almost daily occurrence. The main objective being pursued by the progressive/socialists , the media, and the globalists […]

Mouthy Maxine Part 1

Does anyone that is not a full blown progressive/socialist believe that their Democratic Party does not have a deep and visceral hatred of anyone who disagrees with them? Can they be so self delusional to think that the American people want the President and indeed our government to be run by such people who can […]

“Winning” In D.C.’s Swamp?

Elitist egos and mindless waste define Washington politics

“[T]his was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when […]

Why They Kill

Arguably, the extended 20th century which began with WW1 in 1914, has produced more change than the rest of history. Much of that involves our technology. Even the writer recalls reliable horses pulling fickle automobiles, and that when his father called from about 70 miles away, […]

Report: Murdered DNC Staffer Leaked 44,053 Emails to Wikileaks

Almost a year after DNC staffer Seth Rich was mysteriously murdered, evidence is emerging that he may have been talking to Wikileaks. An independent private investigator told Fox News that Rich sent […]

Government Punishes Disfigured Combat Vet Thousands of Dollars – for Working

Ellis “Jerry” Majetich served our country in both the Army and the Marine Corps. He was Security Team Leader, Captain’s Orderly and Squad Leader with Weapons Company 1/7 during Desert Shield/Storm and a Tactical Team […]

Crying Over “Shattered” Hillary

Reflections on “Shattered” Hillary’s failed presidential campaign

“You know as well as I do, that plenty of people playing this game, they don’t think that way. They’re willing to sell their souls, crawl […]

Twitter Responds to Comey Firing

The Twitter hashtag #FireComey on Twitter is on fire. The vast majority of the tweets criticize President Trump’s firing FBI Director James Comey, plenty defend it. Trump, a prolific tweeter, joined the fray.

Trump […]

VIDEO: IC Editor Rachel Alexander discusses some hilarious aspects of fake news

Clickbait sites are stealing legitimate journalists’ articles, translating them into another language, tweaking a few words, then translating them back – with hilarious results. One journalist discovered an article she had written about Milo Yiannoupoulos hosting […]

It’s Time for a Rant about this Trump/Russia Foolishness!

Every now and then a situation calls for a good rant. This Russia/Trump nonsense is one of them, so here goes.

Here is what really bugs the heck out of me about the Russia/Trump narrative being pushed by the liberal “mainstream” media and the legion of hysterical anti-Trumpers, both liberal and “conservative” Never Trumpers, on […]

Pundits Speculate About Why Trump Fired FBI Director James Comey

President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday. Comey, he said, is “not able effectively to lead the Bureau.”

In Trump’s letter to Comey informing him of the firing, he wrote, “I greatly […]

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