Yates, Clapper Refuse to Reveal Details on Trump Surveillance

Former NSA Director James Clapper and former acting Attorney General Sally Yates testified before a Senate Judiciary subcommittee this week about the unmasking of surveillance on Trump and his associates. It was part of […]

A Constitutional Budget.

During this entire budgeting and continuing resolution process, there are two words that will never be put together. They are “constitutional,” and “budget.” Why? Because no one in Washington wants to be restrained by the Constitution when it comes to getting money, spending money, and especially spending money they don’t have. Which is why we […]

Texas Governor Signs Bill Into Law Banning Sanctuary Cities

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott made a surprise appearance on Facebook Live Sunday night to sign a bill banning so-called sanctuary cities. Senate Bill 4 prohibits local law enforcement agencies from telling officers not to […]


David Cole, National Legal Director of the wonderfully conservative and patriotic American Civil Liberties Union, is taking aim at President Donald Trump’s immigration policy. For Cole, the travel ban in effect against six predominately Muslim states is a surreptitious […]


Inauguration Day 2017 placed the U.S. on a new political/economic trajectory. President Donald Trump won the votes of the so-called Rust Belt […]

Poisoned Darts

“Duly Noted”

(Irreverently observed.)

1. Wiping out our civilization and its order is the priority of several elites. The noise they make urges us to formulate a general rule. “If someone claims that his priority is to destroy you, then you better believe it”. If “believing” that is not followed by “doing” something about it, […]

VIDEO: IC Editor Rachel Alexander on the ways prayer is under attack

Public Prayer in America Facing Serious Threats

“Maybe,” says Liberty Council’s Jeremy Dys, “we will get through this year without receiving reports of city leaders going to their national day of prayer celebrations in their towns and being threatened with lawsuits […]

Hey President DJ: Do we really want socialized medicine? We never would have voted for you if we knew that was what you wanted!

Hey President DJ: Do we really want socialized medicine? We never would have voted for you if we knew that was what you wanted!

By Dr. Phil Taverna


For 220 years we have not had socialized medicine. We do not want it, and you were not elected to create another albatross […]

Fact Check: Trump’s 100-Day Low Approval Ratings

While President Trump has had a strong first 100 days in office, critics point to his low approval ratings. An AOL headline blares, “Trump has lowest approval rating in history after 100 days in […]

Salon’s Fake News: Trump Supposedly Said the Constitution is ‘Really a Bad Thing for the Country’

The left-wing media site Salon posted an article with the headline blaring: “Donald Trump doesn’t like the ‘archaic’ Constitution: ‘It’s really a bad thing for the country.’” Other liberal sites said the same thing. It was the classic […]

A Magic Cure


(To rectify your inability to appreciate applied socialism.)

At first, the larger purpose of the opening recollection might be unclear. However, by the end of this composition, the anecdote will have a logical place in the tale about to be constructed.

While growing up in the Stalin-era – which continues to remain […]

A Violent Era in America’s Future


Once again, the left has attempted to show outrage over the rights of the American people being used to have credible debate. Our political class, along with the violent protest groups that they support have attempted to serve notice that those of us who believe in the American way must be silenced, and must […]

Lawsuit Filed Against Plano for Hiding Criminalization of LGBT Ordinance

A city in Texas secretly criminalized certain views of sexuality and then quickly passed it in a public meeting before citizens had a chance to respond. Two residents are suing the city for doing […]

VIDEO: IC Editor Rachel Alexander discusses fake news and fake approval polls

Yes, Trump Has Accomplished a Lot in His First 100 Days

President Donald Trump finishes his 100th day in office. Everyone’s eagerly picking apart his record. How did he do?

During his presidential campaign, he issued a first 100-day action plan called the “Contract With […]

VIDEO: IC Editor Rachel Alexander dishes on fake news, including Trump’s tweets

Poll of Professors: Charles Murray’s Protested Speech at Middlebury was Middle of the Road

So what was so offensive about Charles Murray’s speech? Last month, the conservative scholar tried to give a talk at Middlebury College in Vermont. Over 400 students and faculty members shouted him down. They […]

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