VIDEO: IC Editor Rachel Alexander discusses the CNN meltdown on fake news, more

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Stream Senior Editor talks fake news – Trump's own fake news, CNN's meltdown of fake news, and angry left-wing journalists respond to being called fake news.

Posted by The Stream on Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Mueller Show Trial

There are still a great many important questions about the Mueller appointment made by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Questions have arisen about what are the relationship between Mueller and Comey. Another question that must be asked is what is the relationship between Rosenstein and Comey. We know that Rosenstein was also a staffer for […]

Why Democrats Love Illegals

Democrats’ self-serving reasons to support illegals

Twice failed candidate Hillary Clinton received more votes than any unsuccessful presidential candidate in U.S. history. In the 2016 election, she garnered 2.9 million more votes than […]

Profiling Project Issues Bombshell Report on Seth Rich Murder Investigation

The Profiling Project, an independent, nonpartisan group, has released a lengthy report of its probe into the murder of former DNC staffer Seth Rich. The team, made up of forensic experts and George Washington […]

The Unhinged Left

The American left is currently undergoing a phase of greatly exaggerating its responses to the right. Everything is treated as if it’s at a crisis level, frequently “necessitating” the use of violence in response. […]


Duly Noted

This batch of “oddities”, inspired by society’s disoriented, was gathered in the hope that recalling them will not rouse non-violent protesters to beat the writer to pulp.

1.Let this begin with good news that, unless emphasized, might be sunk by the deluge created […]

Sessions’ Testimony: Zero Evidence of Trump Campaign Colluding With Russians

As part of their effort to prove the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to influence the presidential election, Democrats in Congress are calling officials and former officials to testify before the Senate Intelligence […]

VIDEO: IC Editor Rachel Alexander discusses fake news services targeting specific journalists

Selleck says Reverse mortgage is ok. A gift from Reagan. Suckers beware!

Selleck says Reverse mortgage is ok. A gift from Reagan. Suckers beware!

By Dr. Phil Taverna


I like Tom Selleck. He can probably sell anyone anything. But lets think about this reverse mortgage. There must be a lot of money in it. All the money they spend on advertising. And paying for […]

GOP Blood Flows On Patriotic Day

Why June 14th is a date that defines America’s political landscape

A historically pro-American day—June 14th—has been marred by the leftist violence of a lone gunman with the blood of innocents spilled. Before […]

Is Today the Start?

The shootings in Alexandria Virginia today have caused a great concern on both sides of the aisle. The media, Hollywood, and the anarchists of the Soros and Obamas movements have caused this. The political left has caused rhetoric and actions to explode because of the intense hatred the progressive/socialists have for the Trump administration. Is […]

SERVERGATE: Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal Getting Worse

Last week, former FBI director James Comey brought the Hillary Clinton email scandal back to the front burner when he testified that then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch forced him to downplay the FBI’s criminal investigation […]

Yes, Christian Women Can Overcome Hurdles to Become Leaders

Canadian attorney Georgialee Lang has edited a book containing the stories of eight of Canada’s most prominent Christian women leaders. In “Faith, Life & Leadership,” these Christian women tell how they overcame resistance and […]

June 12: A Love-Hate Date

Rediscover harmony now, or nation perishes

Almost perfectly bisecting the most popular month for marriages (named after the domestic goddess Juno) is June 12th. That date—defined by two notable circumstances (and geography)—now has […]

The Anti-Americans

I’m trying to figure out why Leftist Democrats are so desperate to return to the days of no economic growth, police being assassinated in their patrol cars by Black Lives Matter, and a President who bows to foreign leaders and abandons our embassies to terrorist attacks? Why they want to again demand banks loan mortgages […]

The GOPe is Ruining America

The Republicans continue to block the Trump agenda. So called Republicans such as McCain, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and o0thers have views that are not much different than the obstructionist progressive/socialist that are the majority force of the Democrats today. The GOPe is nothing more than an arm of the Soros globalist minions.

In the […]

Yes, Christian Women Can Overcome Hurdles to Become Leaders in Canada

Canadian attorney Georgialee Lang has edited a book containing the stories of eight of Canada’s most prominent Christian women leaders. In “Faith, Life & Leadership,” these Christian women tell how they overcame resistance and stumbling blocks in […]

VIDEO: IC Editor Rachel Alexander provides the skinny on the Comey testimony

What is Really Going On with the Comey Show Trial?

Recently fired FBI Director James Comey failed to land the knockout blow in his live testimony today before the Senate Intelligence Committee that liberals and anti-Trump “conservatives” were hoping for, but his testimony and the nonstop coverage of it illustrate what is really going on here.

Since the day Trump was elected, the Deep State […]

America and Her Friends

Mr. Trump has visited Europe. There he made an impression. The reactions provide an opportunity to use items from the “hard-to-believe” file.

POTUS has found it easy to shock “Europe” by clearly stating some truths. Straying into the world of facts means exiting the favored paradise […]

The Comey Debacle

Former FBI Director James Comey is scheduled to testify in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee this Thursday. The progressive/socialist Democrats will use it as a cudgel against our President no matter what Comey says.

These self same Trump-Russia colluded sycophants are silent on the many incompetencies being shown by the FBI under James Comey. […]

IC Editor Rachel Alexander calls CNN out for staging fake news with “peaceful Muslims”

The Climate Change Scam is Collapsing

The US Government has spent $131 billion on climate change between 2001 and 2014 to combat “human caused” climate change and $176 billion in tax breaks for initiatives that have basically failed. In Europe the EU expects to lower carbon dioxide emissions to below the levels of 1990 by 2020. It is expected to cost […]

Obama Administration Illegally Spied on Americans for Years

Even after Edward Snowden revealed improper surveillance by the NSA, the practice continued and even increased.

Once top-secret documents reveal that the Obama administratipn routinely violated Americans’ privacy while conducting “overseas” surveillance over the […]

Brainless Griffin’s “Headless Trump”

Kathy Griffin’s political stunt goes too far

Is the abhorrent image of a “blood-soaked decapitated head” resembling President Donald Trump “art”? This visual horror is suspended in the air invoking the classic image […]

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