Church to Purge George Washington

George Washington’s church to remove his, and Robert E. Lee’s, memorial plaques

Why has the Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia embraced political correctness rather than Christian forgiveness and acceptance? Historically, haven’t churches traditionally […]

Mueller Indicts Manafort and Partner on Dubious Charges, Unrelated to Russian Collusion With Trump Campaign

On Friday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller obtained an indictment of two people connected to President Trump. A grand jury indicted former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and his business partner Rick Gates. The main charges […]

It Wasn’t Racism, but the Economy, Stupid

“The Economy, Stupid” was the phrase made popular by James Carville, political strategist for the 1992 Clinton campaign. The now famous slogan was developed by Carville and posted in the campaign offices prior to the 1992 presidential election […]

Kaepernick’s Culture Warrior “Curse”

49ers Losing in Wake of Kaepernick Controversy

A week shy of the midway point of the football season, the two winless NFL teams are no surprise. They are the Cleveland Browns and Colin […]

Israel Must Recognize An Independent State of Kurdistan

It’s very ironic that all the noise about the Kurdish independence referendum; the battles between Kurdish and Iraqi forces; Turkish, Syrian, and Iranian opposition to Kurdish independence; discussion in Israel whether the State of Israel should recognize Kurdish independence; is taking place within a few weeks […]

The Lies of McCain Are Nothing New

It was a little while ago that Sen. John McCain was awarded the Liberty Medal from the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. The Liberty Medal is given to those who have “secured the blessings of personal liberty to people the world over.” In the speech McCain spoke brashly about of the current President. It is […]

Alexander-Murray Bill Dooms GOP

GOP establishment eager to act on Democrats’ agenda

Besides the certainty of death and taxes, it seems, Democratic-passed entitlements never really end. For context, the President has rightfully proclaimed Obamacare “a disgrace to […]

East & West Palestine, or Hamastan vs. Fatahland

The Hamas – Fatah Reconciliation Agreement, recently cooked up in Cairo, which would see the Palestinian Authority resume control of Gaza by December 1st; has barely cooled, and already there are problems in paradise, in spite of the early celebrations of Gaza residents waving Egyptian, Palestinian Authority, […]


I was very pleased when President Trump signed his first executive order to dismantle ObamaCare in the face of the Republican Congress having broken its repeatedly made promise and pretense to do the same. However, I was utterly repulsed by an aspect of what happened at that event. Therefore, I am taking time from completing […]

Unmasking Observations

An anniversary approaches. We remember the Bolshevik’s totalitarian coup against the Provisional Government that had replaced Czarist autocracy in 1917. Therefore, a few associated items follow about radical collectivism.

Nothing will create more poverty than a movement that demands unlimited power to make all men equally […]

“Maverick” John McCain

I have written of John McCain before ( and continue to marvel at how this Senator from Arizona can be considered anything but a globalist hack who will do whatever it takes to attack Trump and the American people. Once again, McCain finds himself the darling of the progressive/socialists in both the political forum and […]

Obamacare’s Embezzlement Scheme

The ultra-constitutional thievery at the heart of Obamacare

Shockingly, at the rotting core of Barack Obama’s signature heath-care law is a crime. When his administration initiated Cost-Sharing Reduction (CSR) subsidies to health insurance […]

Netanyahu, Tell the World the Truth!

This past Shabbat, all across the Jewish world, the yearly Sabbath Torah reading was begun anew with Bereshit, the beginning of Genesis. With the recent reconciliation agreement signed between Hamas and Fatah looming in the background, Trump’s push to renew “peace” negotiations between Israel and the […]

Gun Smuggling: Too Many Agencies, Not Enough Data

Despite the ongoing epidemic of violent crime in Mexico, it remains much easier for an illegal immigrant to buy a weapon in the US than for a Mexican citizen to buy one in Mexico.

A recent report by the Government Accountability Office has found that 70% of the firearms seized in Mexico last year originated […]

VIDEO: IC Editor Rachel Alexander on fake news – CBS retracts and an explosion of fake science news

Wrongly Fired Government Reformer Considering Running Against Arizona Governor

Tim Jeffries was a popular director of the Arizona Department of Economic Security, the state welfare agency, from 2015 to 2016. He became a colorful icon in Arizona government, with his smiley faces and practice […]

DACA and the Dream Act Part 4

The progressive/socialists, the media and even some RINOs are marching in lockstep, and using illegal sob stories in an attempt to force the citizens of this country to accept the untold illegal aliens in our country at present. The approximate 800,000 DACA immigrants are called “Dreamers” in an attempt to revive the “DREAM ACT” that […]

The Insanity of Gun Control.

Gun Control is an insane and irrational concept that in reality, doesn’t exist. It is all about the seizure of rights from honest people because of the actions of criminals. That, is irrational.

Crime, has no relationship to the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment covers the right to own and carry any firearm without the […]

Trump: Our Generation’s Reagan?

Trump and Reagan: two patriots championing America’s greatness

Roughly ten months in, how is it not presumptuous for anyone—especially a conservative—to proclaim in print that Donald Trump is “no Reagan”? […]

Landmark Decisions Expected This Coming SCOTUS Term

The U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to decide several major controversial cases this term. Oral arguments began on Monday. The court faces more landmark cases than usual because the justices postponed contentious cases after Justice […]

Questions about Las Vegas

The investigation of the shooting in Las Vegas continues. A crime scene so massive and with so many different crime scenes will be completely covered and no question will go unanswered. Sheriff Joseph Lombardo is doing a masterful job and both he and other investigators both local and federal have worked countless hours attempting to […]

Twisting D’Souza’s “Big Lie”

Defending the Truth of D’Souza’s “Big Lie”

From his book review of Dinesh D’Souza’s latest, Washington Times columnist Michael Taube gets it wrong. Mr. Taube’s article title incorrectly proclaims, “Fascists to the right, […]

Proud to be an Extremist

In the progressive mind, it is the right-wing, notably the Tea Party, that is “extremist.”

Conservatives are labeled as fascist homophobes, and deranged Christians carrying out a “war on women,” and, according to Debbie Wasserman Shultz, they want to kick all women out of the country.

How can anyone with a rational mind seriously believe […]

Anarchists and Democrats

Once again at Berkeley, it was shown to the American people who the real Nazis are. In a fit of childish outrage, a group of about 150 people with the faces covered created chaos on the campus. Starting fires, beating Trump supporters, destroying ATM’s, and even pepper spraying one lady who they felt might be […]

Reporter Trying to Get Tucson Police Officer in Trouble for Viral Video on NFL Kneeling

Tucson Police Officer Brandon Tatum has a First Amendment right to free speech. But you wouldn’t know that from the way a reporter has targeted him. On September 24, Tatum made a video monologue expressing […]

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