All I Want for Christmas

If I could have anything I want for Christmas, this is what would be on my list for Santa Claus. First of all, I don’t ever want to hear the left and complicit left-leaning media […]

This Week in Sexual Harassment News

More sexual harassment and sexual assault scandals continue to emerge, as the epidemic shows no signs of letting up. The Associated Press ranked the scandals as the top story of 2017 in their […]

Let Mueller Continue His Witchhunt

Democrat flack Adam Schiff, the leaker to CNN from the house committee meetings continues to wave the flag of Russia-Trump collusion knowing full well there is nothing there. Even after most of the Deep State players have moved on from collusion to obstruction innuendo against Trump, weasel Schiff continues to battle on, fighting windmills.

The […]

VIDEO: IC Editor Rachel Alexander on fake news – “Fake news” is 2017’s most annoying phrase, more

Clinton and Aide Struck Deal to Keep ‘Muslim Engagement Documents,’ Other Files Hidden From Public

Records created while in government are subject to Freedom Of Information Act requests unless there is a valid exemption. Or, apparently, your name is Hillary Clinton. Recently released documents reveal that the former Secretary of […]

Efforts to Get Illegal Immigrant Smugglers – Not Illegals – Go Too Far

A young handyman in southern Arizona has been charged with allegedly smuggling illegal immigrants. There’s just one problem. The evidence overwhelmingly shows he was actually trying to transport them to the border patrol. Under the […]

IC Editor Rachel Alexander moves up to 27 in RWN’s 40 Best Conservative Columnists

40) Susan Stamper Brown 39) Larry Elder 38) Andrew Malcolm 37) Mollie Hemingway 36) John Ziegler 35) Karol Markowicz 34) Michael Brendan Dougherty 33) Erick Erickson 32) Mike Adams 31) David Harsanyi 30) Dan Gainor 29) Quinn Hillyer […]

Treating Peace Process Delusional Disorder in Israel and Worldwide

Peace Process Delusional Disorder (PPDD), the obsessive and delusional drive to create an dangerous Arab/Islamic state in the Land of Israel, has plagued many leaders and activists throughout the world, and in Israel, and might soon be listed in the DSM-6. After having smoked the peace […]

Facebook, Twitter and Google/YouTube Censoring Christians

“Chillingly, a growing censorship of Christian and politically conservative viewpoints on the internet is happening in America and across the globe.” That’s from the National Religious Broadcasters’ new site, Internet Freedom Watch.

The site documents […]

VIDEO: IC Editor Rachel Alexander on fake news – CNN caught again, it’s not people with conservative belief systems who are gullible and more

Internal Corruption Driving the DOJ and FBI Investigations of Trump

It seems that by the day a new report comes out exposing ethical conflicts, wrongdoing and corruption within the FBI and DOJ’s probe of the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russia. Robert Mueller’s effort is […]

Surprisingly, Republicans and Conservatives Shouldn’t Fear a National Popular Vote

Republicans are hesitant to switch from our winner-take-all state laws allocating electors to the electoral college to using the National Popular Vote. The National Popular Vote Plan would award all of a state’s electors to […]

Megyn Kellys Revenge

This week has been an orgy of sexual harassment charges against various celebrities, politicians and even chefs. Men have been made to be villains as a group, and women are flocking to the #MeToo hashtag to tell all sorts of sordid stories of the inhumanity of men. One of those, Al Franken, a senator from […]

How to Rebuild a First World Economy

How to Really “Make America Great Again”

“We’ve indulged in this fiction that we can build a vibrant economy by deregulating the financial sector, and cutting taxes, and putting off investments in things […]

Palestinians, Beware Jewish Days of Rage, Hanukkah is Coming to Israel!

How dare they, the so-called “Palestinians” carry out “Days of Rage,” after Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The descendants of 7th century Arab imperialists and 20th century Arab squatters; people who have conquered and occupied the Jewish People’s patrimony. What the Torah calls “a […]

VIDEO: IC Editor Rachel Alexander’s weekly roundup of fake news discusses two liberal trolls, a billboard calling the Bible fake news and more

The Man Behind the Commercials

The citizens of this country have been inundated by commercials speaking of reasons for the impeachment of President Trump. It appears that the Progressive/socialists will stop at nothing to throw the duly elected President to the side in order to further the socialist agenda that they have put on hold for now. The corruption and […]

Reform or Schism

Europe’s economically developed, politically democratic, and ideologically left-liberal led societies suffer from a shared ailment. It is an internal security problem tied to a bankrupt foreign policy. The terminology profiles Western Europe –to separate it from the European Union’s Central European zone.

Liberalism’s mutant on western […]

Porn in America: Let the Good Times Roll

Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist David Horsey, a political commentator for the Los Angeles Times maintains, “Thanks to the Internet, Americans have been pushed, unwittingly, into a vast social experiment testing whether unfettered access to the most […]

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