Why Would White Men Want to Be Democrats?

The left despises white men so much today they’re going to start driving them to the Republican Party. The radical base of the Democratic Party blatantly declares that women and underrepresented minorities must be promoted […]

A Bouquet of Oddities

As a reader of this you know that our affairs are often run by the inept. Due to that, bizarre news are created that might be good for a laugh; however, they also reveal the extent of the trouble we are in.

1. A survey has […]

VIDEO: IC Editor Rachel Alexander on fake news – Google wrongly fact-checks a conservative news site, more

A Lefty, Out-of-State Professor Explains Arizona’s Senate Race — And Gets It Wrong

Political scientist John A. Tures claims popular sheriff Joe Arpaio can’t win the election for Arizona’s open seat in the U.S. Senate. He thinks the Democrats will probably take it no matter who the Republicans […]

Where We’re at With DACA

Though he ran for president saying he would end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, President Donald Trump has taken a middle approach to the program. Started by Obama through an executive order, it lets […]

Let’s Stop Calling it a Government Shutdown

The more government “shutdowns” take place in recent years, the more people realize they’re not really shutdowns. They’re merely called that to make the other political party look bad. Urgent services aren’t curtailed, and even […]

The DOJ-FBI Swamp

The FBI at this point is damaged goods. Probing for collusion since the 2016 Presidential election has produced nothing, and the Mueller investigation has gone far afield from the original purpose. The results, contrary to Adam Schiff and other bleating sheep on the mainstream media has been disappointing. What they have come up with so […]

The Shutdown Clown Show

The progressive socialist Democrats are an interesting lot aren’t they? Attempting to force the GOP to cave on the DACA deportations is a lesson in ignorance of what it is the American people want. They want to force the GOP leadership to negotiate with Chuckie Shumer and little Dickie Durbin not only for the DACA […]

When What Cannot Be Still Is

Those that can set public life’s contours astonish us with their innovative fantasy to launch idiocies they market as genial. This confirms the insolent impression that we are badly governed. If that fits, then it is because we elect the wrong people to control our destiny, […]

VIDEO: IC Editor Rachel Alexander on Trump’s 2017 Fake News Awards

2018 Will be a Big Year for Religious Liberty and Right-to-Life Issues

The next year may finally resolve four contentious religious freedom and right to life issues. Most of these have been at the forefront of debate in previous years. Resolving them could mean big victories for […]

DiCaprio: Will he put his Money where his mouth is. Global Bet anyone?

DiCaprio: Will he put his Money where his mouth is. Global Bet anyone?


It is funny, But President Trump cured Global warming in a year. He just stopped wasting taxpayer dollars on such nonsense. But Leo made a silly documentary called Before the Flood. And in 2016, I wrote about it:


“Leo brings […]

The DACA Debacle Continues

The DACA debacle continues. Although President Trup did mark a date in March for DACA to be fixed, the progressive socialist Democrats want the problem “fixed” now.

It goes without saying that the progressive socialist Democrats do not care for the American people. From the military to National Parks and all other government functions are […]

Confirmed: Twitter Shadowbans Conservatives

Twitter has been “shadowbanning” conservative accounts, as some have recently charged. Project Veritas secretly videotaped several Twitter employees admitting to hiding conservative tweets from other users.

Run by conservative videographer James O’Keefe, Project Veritas filmed […]

Replacing the Mainstream Media

We complain about how biased the so-called mainstream media is but what do we do about it? CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC and CBS dominate TV news. The New York Times and The Washington Post dominate […]

Violent Victim States and the World Order

Oddly, a major peril faced by the USA specifically, and Western Civilization generally, is not singularly external, but chiefly internal. Americans might disregard foreign affairs, however, in her case too, internal and external affairs converge so that both realms create interlocking challenges.

Regardless of liberal fantasies, […]

The DACA Debacle

Once again, the DACA debacle continues to play out. The progressive socialist Democrat Party and corporate sycophants continue to talk of the DACA kids are all high valued in the culture of this country. After a look at this comments by the Center of Immigration Studies prove that much of these comments are false.

CIS […]

VIDEO: IC Editor Rachel Alexander on fake news – what left-wing academia thinks about fake news, more

A Familiar Pattern at the IRS

One of the hallmarks of the American identity is the belief that the American people can trust our government to be fair and honest. To undermine this legitimacy would be the death knell of this republic. The weaponization of any portion of our government for an ideology and the use of taxpayer money of meet […]

Inauguration Protesters Claim That Vandalism is Free Speech

In what has become known as the #J20 trials, six defendants are standing trial for their actions on President Donald Trump’s inauguration day – January 20. Six defendants ― Jennifer Armento, Alexei Wood, Oliver Harris, Michelle Macchio, Brittne Lawson and Christina Simmons ― were among the 234-people arrested en masse during protests, and the first […]

VIDEO: IC Editor Rachel Alexander on fake news – new feature on rude comments!

The United States of What?

An argument is being pandered to the credulous in the debate that determines Europe’s and the Atlantic Alliance’s future. Only superficially is this a European matter: the United States is invoked, and the outcome affects the transatlantic alliance, whereby American security is involved.

The dispute is […]

Time to Start Imagineering a Post-Ayatollah Iran

A concerted effort on the part of Iranian citizens rioting, backed by cyber warfare, American air-power, and Israeli counterintelligence operations, would succeed in taking down the brutal Iranian regime. The hour of truth is now. It’s time to start imagineering a post-ayatollah Iran.

Over the […]

Trump’s Sneakily Successful First Year

While the left complained nonstop about Trump’s tweeting and boisterous language, Trump buckled down and accomplished an incredible amount during his first year as president. The Washington Examiner counted an impressive 81 major […]

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