Many Schools Already Arm Teachers and Staff, Use Metal Detectors

President Trump wants to arm some school teachers. Democrats object, claiming it won’t prevent school shootings and teachers don’t want it. But it’s already being done all over the country. According to the […]

An Open Letter to David Hogg

I joined the military at 18, and having served 20 years I have seen a great part of the world we live in. Some of it was good, some of it not so much. I have fond memories of my time in the service. I was fortunate enough to give to my country. One of […]

Some Rumors and Facts about Congressman Adam Schiff

Part One: Rumors

December, 2017.

Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), age 57, the Ranking Member of the U.S. House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, is currently the Democrats’ Crusader-in-Chief of the “Russia collusion” campaign […]

Our Alabama Lessons

On Tuesday, December 12, 2017, the state of Alabama held a special election for the U.S. Senate seat left vacant by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Democrat Doug Jones defeated Republican Roy Moore by […]

Last Time Iraq, This Time Iran, Time For Purim

There they go again, threatening to wipe out Israel, “…We will level Tel Aviv to the ground and will not give any opportunity to Netanyahu to flee,” Mohsen Rezaie, Iran’s expediency council secretary said recently. As did, al-Quds Force commander General Qassem Soleimani, speaking at a […]

Why Americans Elected a Conservative Populist President

Pensacola, Florida, December 8, 2017. President Donald Trump held a rally and delivered an electrifying speech, surrounded by “Merry Christmas!” placards, in a city where he made two campaign appearances […]

The Law Protects the American Flag and National Anthem


1. Disrespect for the national values

Since September 2017, President Trump has been addressing in several tweets the issue of the American flag and national anthem being disrespected on the sports […]

Stricter Gun Laws Would Not Have Stopped the Florida School Shooting

The audience at last night’s CNN “Stand Up” Town Hall had nothing but boos and jeers for anyone suggesting solutions other than new gun laws could stop the next school shooting.


It’s Time to Retire the Term ‘Alt-Right’

There are some words whose meaning becomes so tainted over time that they become harmful to a political cause. The left has figured this out and ditched words over the years like environmentalism, […]

Dreamers: More Radical Legislation Than DACA

The Democrats and the major media are blurring two issues in a way that advances liberal policies. They’re calling every immigrant illegally brought into this country a “Dreamer.” Who wants to drive away a Dreamer? Only the heartless […]

Israel at the 70th Anniversary: An American Perspective

In 2018, Israel celebrates 70 years since its declaration of independence. On May 14, 1948, David Ben-Gurion, the head of the Jewish Agency, declared the establishment of a Jewish state in the […]

Is Gun Control A Realistic Answer Part3

After the shooting in Parkland the question that is being asked is, where do we go from here? There are many responses that will help, but more regulation is not one of them. If as we all know, criminals do not follow the law, how will more laws help? The “we must do something” conversation […]

A Globalized Local Problem

Even if they wind up holding the bag, Americans evince limited interest in “foreign affairs”. That expresses an illusion that the world is remote and that punches will land far away. Although the last century proved the contrary, the delusion has the staying power of a […]

Is Gun Control A Realistic Answer part 2

With the despicable actions of one person at a Florida High School on Valentines day the immediate action demanded by those on the left are predictable. In the first part of this posting (

I discussed some of the complex areas that are, or should be, an integral part of any discussions about how to […]

Survey Mimicking Facebook’s Sorting of News Sources is Itself Biased

Does Facebook’s new attempt to distinguish good news sites from bad ones work? Is it fair to all sides? If a new study by two Yale professors has it right, then the answers […]

On Shame- and the recent Florida mass shooting

On the 30 year decline in morality and behavior in the US. Americans have had guns in their homes for over 200 years. This mass shootings have only been a problem for 30 years. Why?

When […]

Mass Exodus From Blue States to Red States

Democrats claim their policies are superior to Republicans, but they keep leaving their blue states and moving into red states. Democrats are known for taking over large urban areas and turning […]

Is Gun Control a Realistic Answer? Pt.1

Once again, we are faced with confronting another mass school shooting. The reactions from both sides is predictable. There needs to be serious discussions on both sides of the aisle, and an answer found to how to minimize that horrible atrocities that take the lives of our children.

As a gun owner, I know that […]

Liberals Blaming President for the Bull Market Should Point the Finger at Themselves

When the stock market plunged earlier this month, the liberal media wasted no time in foisting the blame on President Trump. Second rate news outlets like Politico ran stories about the Commander-in-Chief “learning a basic and painful lesson of Wall Street: Stocks also go down.” As if the business titan of New York doesn’t know […]

The Rule of Law Has Been Broken

In the past few weeks the story of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign has taken a turn that the progressive socialist wing of the Democrat party did not expect. While proving in its length and far reaching investigation, the Special Council has all but proven that the collusion charges started by Hillary Clinton and […]

Words Made Meaningless Carry Consequences

Massacres are to history what thorns are to roses. Man’s record is besmirched by reoccurring mass killings. Some of these, such as the Nanking Massacre or St. Bartholomew’s Night, are remembered. Others are forgotten due to the lack of information, such as when they happen in […]

The Downfall of General Flynn

Training of FBI agents consist of many areas of expertise, the rule of law is not one of them. One of the disconcerting areas of training is that fact that agents are being taught that the FBI has the ability to bend or suspend law as it pertains to others.

In the case of General […]

Fact Check: Did Trump Reduce Black Unemployment?

President Trump touted black unemployment reaching the lowest rate ever recorded in December. But when he pointed out the low numbers during his State of the Union address, black Democratic members of Congress […]


This is from my website.

It started as a dream, but is now a reality. The Action Radio Citizen Legislature is now in operation, and going national. Told you I would. The best […]

Martha McSally is Worse Than Jeff Flake

Arizona’s Republican U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake has announced he’s not running for reelection, so several candidates have jumped into the open race to replace him. There are currently three frontrunners. GOP Rep. Martha McSally, a […]

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