Imprisoned for a Crime He Didn’t Commit

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) has made sexual assault, particularly within the military, the focus of her political career. It has resulted in a significant crackdown on those types of offenses. But […]

Who Trump May Pick to Replace Retiring SCOTUS Justice Kennedy

It’s the most exciting replacement fight in years. Centrist swing vote Justice Anthony Kennedy is retiring and conservatives expect the president to replace him with a true conservative. Liberals are scared to death […]

More Immigration Lies

It is clear through the actions and words of the progressive socialists in our government and low IQ celebrities that they are doing the best they can to destroy the culture of our country completely, and to impose further what they feel is a globalist agenda on the citizens of this country. The illegal immigrants […]

Yes Gary, Cultural Marxism is a Real Thing

As a long time veteran of political internet wars, both between right and left and intra-right, I have observed that at times some really silly arguments get repeated over and over despite their flimsiness to casual inspection. People presumably see these arguments made by others, judge them to be effective and then mindlessly repeat them […]

Super-Elites and Space Force: A Vision for the 21st-Century America

1. The Super-Elites

I don’t know how Trump supporters and the U.S. defense system will be known after 2020, but the president’s speech in West Columbia, South Carolina, of Monday, June 25, 2018, gave […]

The Lies of Immigration Part 2

Immigration is once again a hot-button issue for the Progressive socialist left. Once again the corporate fat cats and leftists have gotten into an uproar over the same policies that their Muslim in Chief Obama made a part of the politics of bringing down America. In the fall of 2013, unaccompanied illegal minors inundated our […]

When Cultures Meet and Clash

A question that dominates most minds is that of illegal and uncontrolled migration. The problem is said to be “insolvable” by those domiciled in a gated community. These folks advocate solutions that are unacceptable to the majority. To the regret of those that mismanage the problem, this silent majority is becoming vocal. It does so […]

The Lies of Immigration

Over the past few weeks, Trump Derangement Syndrome has attained new levels. The Progressive socialists, commonly called Democrats have gotten their panties in a wad, the hand-wringing is likely to cause blisters, and the chorus of calling President Trump inhumane and a Nazi have reached a 24/7 level of caterwauling unknown before today.

What is […]

Charles Krauthammer: The Passing of an Intellectual Conservative

The conservative political world has lost one of its giants.

Author and pundit Charles Krauthammer has passed away. The news came this afternoon, marking the end of Krathammer’s a year-long battle with cancer. […]

The History of Separating Illegal Immigrant Children From Their Parents After They Cross the Border

Democrats call the Trump administration cruel for separating children from parents caught crossing the border illegally. Authorities separate the families so the parents can be jailed and prosecuted. The children are […]

The Boy Crisis, The Dad Solution

For Father’s Day, I interviewed Dr. Warren Farrell, co-author (with John Gray of Mars/Venus fame) of the just-published “The Boy Crisis.” While Dr. Farrell identifies ten causes of the boy crisis, he found […]

When is the #MeToo Movement Going to Pay Attention to Bill Clinton?

As prominent men everywhere are being prosecuted, forced to resign from their positions or disgraced in other ways for their inappropriate sexual behavior, why is nothing happening to former president Bill Clinton? Why […]

More Powerful Corporations Crowding Out Firearms: Google to Ban Ads for Gun Accessories

Google is revising its ads policy to prohibit the sale of gun accessories. The company already bans the sale of guns. The new policy goes into effect later this month. It bans “ads […]

No Evidence of Russia Collusion Against Low-level Trump Campaign Volunteer George Papadopoulos

George Papadopoulos was a somewhat low-level, unpaid volunteer in the Trump campaign. Yet Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s legal team started looking into whether he helped the Russians influence the election.

The team has […]

Tyranny, Utopia and the Challenge of Our Time.

Life is made interesting because it is shaped by interlocking bits of change. Notable is that, while we can surmise where the process begins, we cannot be certain about its path or where the journey terminates.

A further problem with the change that alters our existence is that it is difficult to guess which […]

The Republicans Cave to Donor Immigration Wishes

The tax cuts and wage hikes have come to the American people as a godsend. More money in a working man’s pocket is always a positive event. But there is a movement afoot being pushed by the GOP establishment and the corporate donors that support them to align with the progressive socialists on a push […]

Immigration Reform at the Polling Booth

In 2006, liberal columnist Paul Krugman wrote that, “Immigration reduces the wages of domestic workers who compete with immigrants” and that “the fiscal burden of low-wage immigrants is also pretty clear.” His conclusion: “We’ll need to reduce the inflow of […]

Secret Air Force Program Wrongly Destroys Career of Cadet Who Exposed Sexual Assaults

Eric Thomas, now 28, was a cadet at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. While there, he was recruited by the Office of Special Investigations, a law enforcement branch of the Air […]

The Night of the Comet: A Non-Fictional Scenario about November 8, 2016 Revisited (A Preface for the Midterm Elections of November 6, 2018)


The Mainstream Media has been trying to induce the idea that the 2018 midterm elections would bring the Democrats the most-awaited shift in power and their majority in Congress, based on […]

The Deep State Swamp Will Be Held Accountable.

It is now a foregone conclusion that the liberals of the late 50’s have turned their back on America and have become progressive socialists. They have every intention of pushing the fascist tendencies that they have turned to in order to turn our country into a police state that is the culmination of the agenda […]

The Rise of Rudeness

It’s not considered politically correct to wish for a return to the 1950s, because you’ll be accused of wanting to return to the era of Jim Crow laws. But there were […]

The Case to Charge Andrew McCabe

Federal investigators are considering whether to recommend charges against former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe for lying to federal agents about a media leak. Justice Department Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz […]

Hypocritical Hollywood Finally to Treat Guns Differently in ‘Last Man Standing’

On the one hand, Hollywood stars preach gun control and want to ban guns. On the other, they love to make movies glorifying gun violence. Can you say “hypocrisy”?

Actor Ethan Hawke admitted […]

Yes, the Trump Administration Does Care About Migrant Children and Child Sex Trafficking

Democrats have added one new subject for their attacks on Donald Trump. They claim he doesn’t care about the abuse and sex trafficking of the children of illegal immigrants. They say his administration […]

Yes, Trump Is Legally Allowed to Block People on Twitter

A federal district court judge ruled last week that President Trump cannot block people on Twitter, citing the First Amendment. This decision will be reversed because Twitter is a private company (merely publicly […]

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