The Color Of Media

There is an old media idiom which states ‘if it bleeds it leads.’ However, red is so yesterday as white, black, and brown currently comprise the news industries’ favorite shade — besides almighty green.

But much green is made, naturally, from the explosive headlines featuring those three basic hues of identity politics.

Tune in to […]

In Defense of the Good Guys

For many on the Far Left, a new skirmish in the overall culture war is simply an opportunity to renew old, favored battles. In writing for Vox (“Why We Should Abolish ICE—and DEA too, August 14, 2018), UC Berkeley […]

The Problem of Anti-Semitic Leftist Jewish Power

Daniel Greenfield,, and JAF IMAGES

Daniel Greenfield,, and JAF IMAGES



The Problem of Anti-Semitic Leftist Jewish Power

Article Permission and Written By Daniel Greenfield

Anti-Israel activist Peter Beinart […]

Neil Armstrong with American Flag on the Moon. US GOV.

Neil Armstrong with American Flag on the Moon. US GOV.

A new [liberal lying] movie starring Canadian actor Ryan […]

Overcoming the China Syndrome

China is a geo-political foe not a friend

Clifford D. May’s “The China syndrome” is spot on. Many Americans, and Washington decision-makers, still mistakenly view China as a trading partner rather than a […]

Free Speech Fury

Whatever is sacred in these United States is under daily attack by an ever-devolving Democratic Party.

That stated, bedrock American principles such as liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and free speech hang in a precarious balance. Though, free speech teeters on the faultiest precipice as ideological conflicts rage to either abolish or uphold its […]

Anti-Freedom SPLC, A SOROS-FUNDED Operation, Strikes Again: David Horowitz Freedom Center (Et Al) In Its Cross-Hairs! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki and JAF IMAGES and JAF IMAGES

Posted on August 28, 2018 Article Written by Adina Kutnicki—La Madrina:

FULL DISCLOSURE: Over the years, I, Adina Kutnicki, had the distinct privilege to be part of […]

Trump, Eisenhower, and Illegal Aliens

President Trump has invoked President Dwight Eisenhower when explaining his administration’s programs that take on the crises of illegal immigration: “Dwight Eisenhower, was a great president – people liked him. He moved a 1.5 million […]

Shredded Fictions

What our elites anoint to be the “leading” medias spew fireworks. Contemporaries tend to be credulous “because it is in print” or “it was on TV”. Numbed, they can be overwhelmed by what trumpets that “fascism” is where disagreement with what they endorse is found. The pursuit of the trail gives a glimpse into a […]

The Progressive Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

wolf in sheeps clothing


What’s in a name? Much more than Juliet could imagine. Failing to precisely name and define our terms we flail away, taking wrong turns and making bad choices. Words and our reaction to them have immense power. Alas, among the murkiest terms in […]

Democrat Berserkers



By Jeffrey A Friedberg


Now I know why the Extreme Loon Left is melting down, raving, ravening, chewing its car-keys and exploding all over themselves—and us.

This assessment includes the maxine Waters and Michael Moore Community; the FakeStream Media Community; the […]

Portland Descending Into Leftist Madness

Portland, Oregon has gradually become the laughingstock of the country. The far left began moving there in droves a few years ago, taking over the city and transforming it to their liking. Taxes […]

The End of a Maverick: Sen. John McCain Dies of Brain Cancer

Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) has passed away at age 81 after battling terminal brain cancer. He was one of the most recognized and longest serving members of Congress, known for his maverick style […]

Origins of The Cold War

Graphic of Vladimir Lenin, first leader of the Soviet Union, with the crescent moon of Islam and the communist sickle and hammer.

There are many events that led to the Cold War. Some […]

Media Censorship

Dirty Harry, Warner Brothers

Dirty Harry, Warner Brothers


Media censorship is snowballing way outside the box. The protective box of the First Amendment. Why?

First one should comprehend this kind of word […]

Fake Education

American higher education continues its downward spiral into a system where the managers (administrators and faculty) nurture the pampered, impulsive, and narcissistic behavior of students. Increasingly, they perceive students as customers who demand an environment free of the conflict created by intellectual diversity. Faculties with liberal bias instill the demand in the students under the […]

Why Do So Many Jews Vote Democrat?


Article By Jeffrey A. Friedberg


Why do so many Jews vote democrat?

Because this is a world and existence where we Jews are eternally strangers. So Jews vote democrat. Let […]

The Salacious Social Movement: White Male Privilege and The Growing Attempt to Normalize Pedophilia

All Things Come to Light

Above all, it is not my business what goes on in the privacy of consenting adult’s bedrooms. In fact, the right to privacy is a right that all individuals living in America are […]

Profiles in Treason Bruce and Nellie Ohr

The latest emails and memos uncovered shows clearly that Fusion GPS, hired by Hillary Clinton and the DNC in an attempt to destroy the Trump candidacy was assisted in its agenda by the FBI the DOJ and the intelligence agencies of the Obama administration. The notes, some of which are from Associate Deputy District Attorney […]

The TIPH of the Iceberg: Foreign Occupation of Israel

Foreign occupation in the Land of Israel? It conjures up visions of the Maccabean Revolt against the Syrian Greeks, the Jewish Uprising against the Romans, and the modern Hebrew Rebellion against the British. Historically, Jews don’t take kindly to foreign occupiers in their homeland.

Since […]

The Torah’s National Structure in the Jewish Nation-State of Israel

This week’s Torah reading is Parshat Shoftim, yet just a few weeks ago, the Jewish people observed Tisha B’Av, mourning the destruction of the first and second temples. It seems God gave us some more time to learn all the laws of the Beit HaMikdash. […]

Profiles in Treason James Comey Part 3

The FBI, for most of its service, was always considered a respected institution. Even President Trump considered the FBI the “Crown Jewel” of law enforcement. What the opposition and media are all up in arms about is that the President has the right to fire any executive department official for reason, or for no reason […]

Profiles in Treason James Comey Part 2

The last column discussed the malfeasance and ignorance shown by James Comey and Robert Mueller that allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate our government and culture. From the formation of Jamaat al Fuqra (MOA) to the purging of all references to Islamic terror in FBI training, our country was being systematically destroyed by decisions that […]

The Ailing Alliance

At the close of the world war, following Japan’s defeat with the “miracle-weapon”, the United States emerged as the “Superpower”. Previous history has not known a “superpower” only “great powers”. “Superpower” is a word in the singular and “Great Powers” is a plural. The designation describes equals. It suggests an equality shared on a high […]

Profiles in Treason James Comey Part 1

The Federal Bureau of Investigation under James Comey was weaponized to assist I the destruction of the rule of law. He has placed American lives at risk because of his willingness to overlook the Muslim danger our nation is in. His incompetence has been in full view. The picture that the media presents of an […]

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