21st Century Immigration

Why must we spend so much effort at so much expense to American culture to cater to every immigrant these days? This is a nation of immigrants! My name is Hans Comprix for God’s sake, but you don’t see me walking around in lederhosen; or, playing the accordion (however I enjoy a nice German beer on occasion).

This country wouldn’t be nearly as advanced as it has become without our open door policy to all those who desire to live in the land.

However immigration in this new millennium is a far cry from the immigration of old. Immigrants once came here with respect and love for this country. They learned the English language, they assimilated and embraced American culture and identity. They fought in our wars under our flags, sometimes against their very own countrymen they left behind! My German immigrant father raised me as a patriot and encouraged me to join the Marine Corps and serve the country that brought him opportunities he would not have gotten at home. We celebrated German culture on occasion, but we went to every fireworks display on Independence Day, to the veterans’ cemeteries on Memorial Day, and there was never any doubt that we were first and foremost American.

Now we have immigrants who refuse to learn English, aren’t even required to (and even broaching the subject is deemed intolerant or racist). We have micro cultures on top of micro cultures, many of those who actually loathe this country.

We have schools banning American flag t-shirts so as not to offend our Latin American immigrants. What?! People have the nerve to come to this country and make demands such as banning the Pledge of Allegiance, banning the National Anthem prior to sporting events, and intolerant atheists or non-Christians who cannot seem to discern the difference between facing a harmless tradition or an existential crisis when told “Merry Christmas” by a clerk at a retail store? Christmas trees are “holiday trees” now.

Anytime I’ve been to a foreign land, I’ve always given my best effort to wholeheartedly embrace the culture and respect their traditions. In some countries, respecting their traditions is an absolute necessity, lest you offend people to the point they blow someone up! They’d blow people up anyways, but we certainly didn’t want to cause the needless blowing up of people could it have been prevented by waving to that guy with your right hand rather than your nasty and disrespectful left one!

It’s just the right thing to do when you seek opportunity in a foreign country. It’s common sense. When western females visit the Middle East, they wear the traditional headscarf (either out of respect or for fear of beheading). When I was in Japan, I ate the nastiest food I’ve ever had in my entire life all the way to the last morsel, complete with an “arigato” and a bow, so as to please those who offered it. That’s what respectful people do.

If current day immigrants cannot come here with enough respect to embrace our culture, our language, our traditions, and our flag – just as is expected in 90% of countries around the world, then they need to stay home in the lands of missed opportunity.

This is The United States of America. Not the United States of etc. etc.

This article was originally published at ‘American Thinker’ at the following link

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