2nd GOP Debate Exposed Some Not So Conservative Positions among the Candidates

gpprsdntldbtIn the second major Republican presidential debate Wednesday, this one hosted by CNN at the Reagan Presidential library in California, many thought afterward that Carly Fiorina performed the best, with some comparing her style to Margaret Thatcher. Much of the debate action centered on top tier candidates Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Jeb Bush, but the exception to that pattern was Fiorina, who was still polling in the bottom half of the eleven candidates on stage going into the main debate but managed to grab significantly more speaking time than some of the candidates polling above her.

Trump took the lion’s share of the spotlight, grabbing almost 20 minutes of clock time, but it was moderator Jake Tapper of CNN who seemed to dominate the debate, asking most of the questions and frequently talking over both the candidates and his two fellow moderators. He did at least allow candidates to respond to others when they disagreed. His questions frequently consisted of asking the candidates to comment on something provocative one of the other candidates had said in the past. It was an effective approach for bringing out areas where the candidates weren’t very conservative.

Trump notably disagreed with most of the other candidates in a couple of foreign policy areas. He said he would negotiate with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, and that he was the only candidate who opposed the Iraq War in 2003. Actually, there were two other candidates who opposed the war: Carson admitted he advised President Bush in 2003 not to go to war, and Paul declared, “I made my career opposed to the Iraq War.”

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