4 Things To Know About President-Elect Trump’s Secretary of Department of Transportation Elaine Chao

Today President-Elect Trump made it official that he was nominating Elaine Chao for the new Secretary of the Department of Transportation. Here are 4 things you should know about the new Secretary.

1.) She is an Immigrant

Elaine Chao was born in Taipei, Taiwan. Her parents were originally from Shanghai, China but became refugees when the Chinese Civil War started and the Communist Chinese took over in 1949.

When she was 8 years old she would get on a freight ship to join her father who had already been living in New York for three years on a scholarship.

What this means is she was the first immigrant from Taiwan as well as the first Asian American Woman to ever be appointed on to a presidential cabinet…. twice….

2.) She has had a previous cabinet position.

She may not have every characteristic in the world but what she does have is experience. She served under George W. Bush as the U.S Secretary of Labor.

She was the only one on President Bush’s cabinet to serve his full 8 years with him. During her tenure she pushed for reforms that helped protect the health, safety, wages and retirement securities of US workers. She worked to modernize the regulations and restructure the departments programs.

She faced lots of criticism however for two mining accidents causing the death of 12 miners in which she was blamed as she cut out more than 100 safety inspections.

3.) You know senate majority leader Mitch McConnell? That’s his wife…

The couple married in 1993 after first being introduced by U.S Ambassador Julia Chang Bloch. Elaine describes Ambassador Bloch as being her “mentor”.

During her husbands 2014 Senate Campaign she actively participated in over 150 of his events speaking in 50 of them! Political analysts credit her with being one of the keys to McConnell’s victory.

4.) She is very wealthy

Like many people on President-Elect Trump’s cabinet Elaine Chao is definitely on the more wealthy side of life. She in so far the second richest person on his cabinet behind only Betsy DeVos (who is possibly richer than President-Elect Trump!).

She got her wealth after her father started a shipping company in New York called Foremost group. While the exact net worth of her father is unknown what is know is after Elaine’s mother died the money inherited bumped McConnell’s/Chao’s net worth from 7.8 million to a massive 22.8 million!

So what do you think about Elaine Chao as the Secretary of Department of Transportation? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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