5 Awkward Truths Expose The Myth About Moderate Islam

One of the biggest narratives promoted by the ruling elites and the mainstream media is that most Muslims are islam2moderate. Islam is a religion of peace they assert, and those Muslims who commit acts of terror distort and pervert the faith. They’re radical extremists who are “nothing to do with Islam.”

It’s a comforting narrative the masses who know little if anything about Islam are desperate to believe. However, when one looks a little deeper, the claim of a moderate Muslim simply doesn’t stand up to scrutiny as these five inconvenient truths prove.

1.Islam means “submission” and a Muslim is one who submits to Allah, the God of Islam. Therefore, every Muslim without exception has submitted to the will of Allah. What is the primary will of Allah? That unbelief ceases to exist until the world belongs solely to Allah as commanded in Chapter 8 verse 39 of the Quran. Allah also commands unbelievers to be either killed or subjugated in many other verses of the Quran with the most important verse for unbelievers to be aware of being Chapter 9 verse 29, “the verse of tribute.” I could list many more similar verses but you can see that such violent commands prove Allah is most definitely not a moderate, peaceful God. In fact Allah is a God of War. This begs the question: How can people who worship him be moderate?

2.The Islamic prophet Muhammad is revered by all Muslims as “the ideal man, the perfect example for all time” and God’s last prophet. So what example did he set for Muslims to emulate? Muhammad was a warlord who obeyed the commands of Allah and spread his faith by the sword. He murdered infidels and he ordered his men to rape captured infidel women. Muhammad also tortured camel thieves and then left them to die in the oppressive heat of the desert. The gory details are described here in the most authoritative accounts of Muhammad’s life, the hadith of Sahih Bukhari volume 4, book 52, number 261.

Such brutality is equivalent to atrocities carried out by the Socialist dictators Stalin, Mao and Hitler. Can people who revere Stalin, Mao or Hitler as “perfect examples” ever be described as moderate? And why does no one ask: Why do mujahideen behead their victims? As you’ve seen, it’s commanded by Allah in the Quran. But that isn’t enough. Muhammad also beheaded infidels so the mujahideen of ISIS and Al Qaeda are merely devout Muslims following his perfect example. Just as Allah is not a moderate God, Muhammad was not a moderate prophet.

3.Muslims have been waging jihad against unbelievers from all non-Islamic faiths since Muhammad started it in 622. Jews, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Zoroastrians and even Buddhists have all faced Islamic jihad and still are. If Islam really is a peaceful religion and most Muslims are moderate, how on earth can Islam have such a long, violent history?

The recent history of Islam also casts doubt on the “most Muslims are moderate” narrative. Since the terrible day of 9/11, Muslims have committed more than 27,600 murderous acts of Islamic jihad. No matter what atrocity is committed it will be met with indifference from the Islamic world. There has never been millions of Muslims protesting against any of these atrocities. A few brave Muslims have protested but contrast with the millions who protested – and killed people – over the cartoons mocking Muhammad in 2006 and who supported the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris in 2015.

Moderate Muslims are doing nothing to solve “extremism” but conversely, are all too ready to cry Islamophobia should anyone dare to criticize Islam. They will also accuse people who link these murderous acts of jihad to Islam of Islamophobia and will attempt to portray Muslims as the real victims by warning of a “backlash” which never materializes.

Such a difference is revealing and proves the vast majority of Muslims do not regard violent jihad as extreme. It’s difficult to believe the “majority of Muslims oppose extremists” when so few Muslims protest against it. And when Muslims around the world protest about Palestine or cartoons, they will burn the Union Jack, the Stars and stripes, the flag of Israel, Danish and Swedish flags, and the French tricolor. When have you ever seen thousands of outraged, moderate Muslims burn Hamas, Hezbollah or ISIS flags?

You won’t because millions of Muslims in the Islamic world don’t protest against these Islamic terror groups. Inactions as well as actions speak louder than words.

4.With Islam comes the sharia, the legal system. Under sharia, women have no rights at all. A man can divorce his wife just by saying “I divorce you” three times, called “talaq.” The value of the life of a woman is half that of a man. Raped women are judged to be criminals if they can’t find four male witnesses to their violation. Human rights organisation Sisters In Islam revealed that 75% of female prisoners in Pakistan are rape victims. Then there are strict proximity laws. Women aren’t allowed to be alone with a male who isn’t a relative. To see how hard life is for women under Islamic sharia, click the link below:

The Violent Oppression of Women in Islam

Life is equally hard for children. In Islamic sharia, there is no minimum age for marriage. Many non-Muslims believe the age of consent is nine due to Muhammad consummating his marriage with little Aisha when she was nine but it’s not quite correct as this Saudi marriage official explains.

Under sharia, the punishment for apostasy is death, same applies to homosexuality. Both Muslims and Non-Muslims living under sharia must not criticize Islam, Muhammad or Muslims or face imprisonment, flogging or even death.

Once again, one can quite reasonably ask: How on earth can anyone say the Islamic sharia legal code is moderate? How can Muslims who abide by sharia be moderate? How can the brutal treatment of women under sharia be moderate? Yet the majority of Muslims say they want to live under sharia.

Here’s another question: Can Islamic countries who implement sharia – Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia and so on – be considered moderate?

5.Every Friday, Muslims around the world go to their local mosque to give worship. What is the first prayer said in every mosque around the world? It’s for Muslims to defeat the infidels. Watch this video from 44.00 in to hear secularist Muslim and author Tarek Fatah explain this to Islamo-ignorant Canadian Liberal Senator Grant Mitchell.

Furthermore, Muslims curse Jews and Christians SEVENTEEN times a day in their daily prayers. How many other faiths ask this from believers and can this be considered moderate?

These are just five core aspects of Islam that clash with the narrative that it is a moderate, peaceful religion. I could include many more but I believe the ones I have outlined here clearly prove there is no such thing as moderate Islam. Therefore, it logically follows that there cannot be such a thing as a moderate Muslim and such a Muslim would be regarded as an apostate in Islamic states.

Christopher J. Green is the author of the new book: Death of the Family – True Stories of the Charlatans Who Deceived the World and Broke the Backbone of Our Society. To discover how and why Marxism evolved to attack Christianity and destroy the traditional family unit along with the identities of those responsible, click here now >>

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