5 Reasons I Hope Barack Obama Pardons Hillary

I’m a Trump voter. I didn’t come to Trump late in the primary and I didn’t choose him as the lesser of 2 evils. I’m a pragmatist about his election and I voted for him, like many of you, to do a specific job. Yes, I have emotion invested in this election too. However, emotion is the political domain of the left and I don’t think it serves our country well to get too emotionally invested in politics.

Therefore, consider my proposal here and consider NOT putting up much of a fight when the democrats start demanding Hillary’s pardon. They will always see it as vindication, but the world will view it as something else. Here are my 5 reasons I hope she is pardoned:

1. Like Gerald Ford who pardoned Nixon, Obama will always be seen as a political hack.

I know – we already see him in the light of abject corruption, but such an act will permanently sully his presidential reputation in history.

Lest you think I just want to harm him out of my own desire for revenge, no – let’s just say it has value as a cautionary tale.

2. It seals in everyone’s mind and virtually proves she is a criminal.

Again, a cautionary tale to be sure, but there will at least will be some kind of consequence for her traitorous acts.

3. Prosecuting her will cost Trump political capital that he could better spend elsewhere.

She is politically damaged beyond repair at this point, but the government and media are still filled with Clinton loyalists. It will be a fight for months. Trump has bigger fish to fry.

4. If he is forced to prosecute her, it will make Trump and his administration look like sore winners.

But he MUST do it if she’s not pardoned. Furthermore, if they are NOT able to convict, it could breath new life back into a party which is now dead in the water with no leadership.

5. It will damage the democrat brand for years.

The same way it did to the republicans back in ’74. I know it’s not the same as impeaching a sitting president, but the effect will be felt throughout the current congress as they try to strategize some way of stopping Trump.

I’d like to see her swing, so to speak, as much as the next guy, but there are plenty of pitfalls awaiting if congress prosecutes, and there is no downside AT ALL for Trump and the republican majority if she is pardoned.

By all means, put up a fight – make it clear she is guilty of a crime, demand she be jailed, scream bloody murder, but don’t make it too hard for Obama to pardon THIS turkey.

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