Creativity and Impulse

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There is a saying that you must learn from a teacher to become better at what you are. I did that through a few phases of my […]

No, Maybe America Wasn’t That Great… Thanks to the Left

I’ve only finished about half of Diana West’s American Betrayal. Hardly know what to say, what to write. I can’t claim to have been taken entirely by surprise: I read the suppressed memoir of Herbert Hoover, Freedom Betrayed, […]

Jeff Zucker’s Revenge and the CNN whistleblower

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You want to know why you have REAL alternative media outlets and I am not talking about The Village Voice and for the most part these free rags that “report” news but in reality […]

Founding Fathers Quotes: Our Favorite Quotes from America’s Courageous Revolutionaries

Founding Fathers Quotes

Nothing clarifies a man’s thoughts like staking his life on them.

When what you believe threatens to deliver death and danger to your door, you think again – […]

Kurdish Lives Matter, Shame on Trump, Israel Do It Now!

Initially the world received reports of Turkish air strikes killing eight, and wounding dozens, as the Turkish military offensive against Syrian Kurds began, with thousands fleeing the bombing. Now, we hear of over one hundred killed, and the UN is reporting over 160,000 have become refugees.


How Trump Could Win Nobel Peace Prize for Peace Agreement with Russia and China

The following proposal is a think piece designed to provoke unconventional “out-of-the-box” thinking outside of the present world order paradigm in an attempt to imagine a more peaceful, negotiated new international order. It is a significantly expanded follow-on version of the one previously published at WorldNetDaily entitled “Trump could win Peace Prize with this tri-polar […]

From Obsession to Violence

For some time now, your correspondent has felt that we are devoting too much attention to Greta Thunberg. Those reasons were the conventional ones. However, having seen several times her latest “how dare you” rant, it appears that the displayed condition deserves more attention than what […]

Hillary Clinton’s possible third run should not surprise ANY Conservative

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You heard the news and you heard it from Hillary Clinton’s mouth. She wants to run and she wants to “beat” Donald Trump again. These Democrats use the concept of mob rule to get power, keep power and increase their power and never stop its […]


4DD3240D-195F-4276-8718-CDC687ED4A8CVIC MIGNOGNA – AS Captain James T. Kirk – STAR TREK CONTINUES – THE DOOMSDAY MACHINE (STAR TREK: Season 2, Episode 6, 1967) OPINION: By Jeffrey A. Friedberg


Like one of Captain Kirk’s […]

The ATF’s Definition of an AR-15 was Just Struck Down by a Judge

If you were an ATF agent or prosecutor handling the case of […]

Permanent Record: A Review

Upon knowing who Edward Snowden is, I had no real idea over what he did in the past. But the problem with any whistle blower is that they are considered a dangerous person, but […]

More Corruption With the State Bar of Arizona, This Time Protecting a Sexual Predator

There is an effort underway around the country in many states to dismantle state bars. Over half of them are mandatory, operating as unions with a monopoly over the practice of law. This has led […]

Will Hillary Run? Looks Like It

Will Hillary Clinton enter the presidential race? Rumors are flying. She’s acting like someone who wants to run.

Clinton’s popping up everywhere, increasing her public visibility. She’s currently on a book tour […]

Millennial Worship Leader Running for Congress

Sean Feucht is not your typical worship leader. He’s a worship leader at the megachurch Bethel Church in Redding, California. The church is known for its music and its popular music label, […]

Sukkot: Wave Your Jewish Jedi LightSaber Joyfully

Have you picked up your Jewish Jedi LightSaber this week?

Have you connected to the Force, HaShem, God, the only True Power in the universe, lately?

After 40 days of Teshuva, soul-searching, righting wrongs and cleaning out your shadows, culminating in a 25 Hr. fast […]

“Christians” Against Trump? Squishy Faith vs. Hard Reality

I have become a Ryan Bomberger fan. It appears that his October 7 post on has been lifted without explanation from the archive, so I cannot now adequately reference it; but […]

Back to Russia?

Knowing that the progressive socialists will never give up on attempting to take President Trump out of office, there are further steps and lies that will come along before the end of President Trump’s first term. It is informative that nothing is now being said about the Russian collusion hoax that Hillary and the other […]

Trump Under Fire Over Syria Evacuation: The Complexities of Funding Proxy Fighters Tied to the Terrorist Kurdish Workers Party

On October 9, 2019, Turkey launched a long-planned offensive into northern Syria to combat Kurdish terrorist forces tied to the communist Kurdish Workers Party (PKK). President Trump, aware of fears of a potential genocide given Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s pledge to crush Kurdish separatism inside Anatolia where Turkey’s border lies, vowed to ‘obliterate’ the […]

Kurdish Lives Matter, Shame on Trump, Israel Step-up

Turkish air strikes killed eight, at least five civilians and three SDF fighters recently, and wounded dozens of civilians, according to the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, as the Turkish military offensive against Syrian Kurds began. Thousands of people have fled Ras al Ain in Syria, and […]

California to Place More Restrictions on AR-15s, Semiautomatic Rifles

Not content with micro-stamping, background checks for ammo, and outright bans on handguns that aren’t individually tested to be “safe”, California is back on the gun control warpath. If state Sen. Anthony […]

Vaclav Havel: The Forgotten History of the Political Dissident Who Founded the Czech Republic

Vaclav’s unsung heroes are generally impressive figures. But there are very few one might accurately call “cool.” This is an exception. Václav Havel, the founder of the modern-day Czech Republic (also known […]

Overthrowing Hitler was the Best Way for Germany to Have Won World War Two

This is the last in a series of five articles providing critical analysis as to how Germany Might Have Won World War Two.

In our last installment, we discussed the ways how Germany might have defeated the Soviet Union, which led to Soviet-era state-owned news agency Pravda promptly attacking the author in an article entitled, […]

How Hitler Could Have Forced Churchill to Accept His Peace Offer

In the last article of this series, we examined how Germany might have won the war if Hitler had been patient enough to wait to risk war until the German army was ready to fight. In this article, we will consider some ways the Germans might have goaded the British into accepting a negotiated peace […]

How Germany Could Have Won World War Two without Having to Fight The Western Allies

This is the first in a series of five articles providing critical analysis as to how Germany Might Have Won World War Two.

Last month marked the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War Two, which cost the lives of an estimated fifty to sixty million people and was the most terrible war in […]

An Open Letter to my Twitter Suspension

Dear Twitter,


Let’s state for the record that you have countlessly banned people for the even minor offenses ever created. Somehow, Anti-Fa can threaten to kill Republicans, but you are okay with that. I understand you are a computer, so let’s *beep-boop recharge. What Twitter is now is a disrespectful platform, which is currently […]

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