A Bouquet of Oddities

As a reader of this you know that our affairs are often run by the inept. Due to that, bizarre news are created that might be good for a laugh; however, they also reveal the extent of the trouble we are in.

1. A survey has assessed the will of the citizens of several countries to bear arms in its defense. The results are stunning –but to the writer not surprising. Towering Near eastern and African majorities have affirmed the question. Western Europe’s average is 25% with Germany (18%) and Holland (15%) at the end of the line-up. These figures contrast with the returns from -in the West derided- central Europe.

One might want to speculate about American numbers and then conclude that there is a Grand Canon-sized gap that tells much about the Atlantic Alliance’s substance. A policy of national defense with the motto “where can I surrender?” is a threat to allies committed to defend the submissive.  It also reveals why a migration policy to preserve their identity is practiced by countries such as the “V4”, and why that resolution is condemned by those that wish problems away.

2. An earlier survey and headline comes to mind. It announces that –due to her misbehavior such as voting for the wrong President- America has ceased to be Germany’s most important ally. (Amerika /hat/ als wichtigster Verbündeter ausgedient.) Proud words. Let us see what the promise means once trouble arises.

3. About that border wall. Some wonder whether a defense is warranted against those who claim to have fled violence and ask for protection while they terrorize their hosting community. Those who need “evidence” might consider a quote from a statement made in a court. The source is an “illegal” cop-killer with a limited vocabulary. “Only thing that I f…. regret that I f…. just killed two. I wished I killed more…. . I will break out, and I will kill more…. . There is no need for a f…. trial.” The latter point is convincing. The more so, since the defense will probably assert that, given his mental condition, this is not a criminal case but a psychiatric one.

4. In the face of assertive perpetrators, the majority, conditioned to cope with challenges by raising its hands and to apply for a “dialogue”, is always guilty. From Sweden, we have this bit that responds to spreading violence. The generous country is well supplied with criminals who have fled “violence and persecution” to find that they are “not welcome” in Sweden. The implication is that they instinctively apply the violence learned at home against their lenient and generous host.

Officially, if integration fails, at fault is not the imported value system or illiteracy. No, it is the host. Being what he is culturally, is the problem. A small item from a recent text tells about a woman on welfare. She is unable to find a job because she harbors negative feelings toward the detested unbelievers whom she cannot tolerate. Alas, these pukes populate the country where she chose to settle. One wonders why she did not try an Emirate or the Islamic Republic.

5. A new Swiss case gains general relevancy by the theme. Here a summary of an article about three “unaccompanied minors” that “refuse cooperation”. They affirm that, for now, they wish to benefit from the place and will only learn a profession when about 24. Their behavior forced the sponsoring co-op home to evict them. The in-need-of-protection waifs have proven themselves to be demanding troublemakers with no intention to contribute to their own cause.

The trouble began clothing them. The stuff from the second-hand store was rejected; the fashion conscious kids wanted new brand name items. The monthly pocket money of $160 did not suffice (the daily cost of their maintenance is 250-300) and so the trio began to “deal”. No wonder, as nothing provided by the cooperative –such as simple i-phones- has made the grade and were sold. Equally demanding had been the relationship to their advisor. Her removal was demanded because she could not give enough money and needed a translator. Preferred was a person available 24/7. Ahmed refused to cooperate with the school and the home’s managers while he protested against the small tasks assigned by the self-sustaining community housing him. In time, a reprimand had to be issued. Not to be left behind, another member of the troika made the members of the community feel “threatened”.

A well-meaning car repair shop offered a trainee job. After one day, the kid quit for he disliked cleaning. A special class of integration he missed regularly. Homework was not made and he disturbed the meetings. No surprise that the kids, preferring to sleep during the day, kept the home awake with loud music. The reaction to complaints: laughs. Incidents in which females were accosted rolled in, and other kids were forcibly asked for contributions. Once the cooperative cancelled its contracts with the migration office, the kids were split up and placed separately.

As one could guess, this had not brought relief. Therefore, the closing paragraph of the article (24. 01 .18) deserves to be quoted. “/A/sylum seekers can do whatever they want…. and the social service provider state will support them. Since the Swiss …. do not repatriate (forcibly) anyone …. there is nothing that those that resist integration have to fear. That is something they know very well”.

It might be added that the really “bad” in is not in the depicted story. The “really bad” is the attitude that makes such abuse possible. Add the inability of those that govern to move out of their state of enchantment with PC, and to act in the interest of those they are sworn to protect.

6. It is common knowledge that Germany’s leading parties, but especially the Social Democrats, are losing their voter base. These voters were –as in the case of the US’ Democrats- working class people that wanted advancement by merit, earned opportunities, and secure jobs for good performance. Except for the leaders and the privileged housed on a cloud of PC-vapors, these are not socialist but middle-class values. “The starving toilers” are not planning the Revolution – especially not one led by bored art students- but their vacation on the sea. The migration issue makes the parting of the ways discernible. Instinctively, the common man perceives that his choice is between uncontrolled migration and his society’s security. The voting trend develops accordingly.

Discontented and concerned, the threatened natives are insolent enough to vote “wrong” and disrespect their “vanguard”. The resentment of the invasion might contain its remedy. Let the illegals in, then hand out citizenship to any taker. (Such proposals are spreading.)The migrants will vote socialist and save the system. If the indigenous withdraw their support, then you import the backers you need.

7. It is all a matter of words. Long ago, there used to be legal and illegal migrants. Then these became “undocumented workers”. We also hear that “no person can be illegal”. The logic of this “terminology management” suggests that, not to be insulted, jewelry thieves should be called “unauthorized owners”.

8. You might have missed this one. In Florida, “organizers” have the signatures for an initiative. It proposes to give back to felons their right to vote. The present practice denies twenty percent of black residents –thus to ten percent of the voters- this right. Colorblind justice, anyone?

9. Just in (26. 01) from a headline. “Soros calls Trump administration a ‘danger to the world’”. Several eastern, central, and southern European governments allege that, due to Soros’ interference through his agents, the billionaire threatens their integrity. Hungary’s “Stop Soros” campaign exemplifies the matter.

Meanwhile in Davos’ WEF, Soros: “I consider the Trump administration a danger to the world. I regard it as a purely temporary phenomenon that will disappear in 2020 or even sooner”. As far as the end of the world through Trump’s good offices is concerned, one wonders whether the peril, said to be temporary, is to be taken as seriously as depicted. Anyhow, it is good to know that the dreaded doomsday’s coming is limited by the expiration date of 2020. Therefore, relax: we might make it.


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