A House Divided

Obama was very vocal when it came to George Zimmerman shooting Trayvon Martin, but where was his voice of reason when three black youths unmercifully and brutally beat up a white student, breaking his arm, on a school bus, saying no to drugs? 

The United States of America has been a house divided ever since the Great Dictator; Barrack Hussein Obama took office in 2008. Contrary of being a healer of social/economic/racial wounds bringing together the American citizenry into a kumbaya  moment of life, of love, harmony and togetherness, he may have single-handedly started another civil war? He has a unique talent of being the “Great Divider”. He is the Master of using the strategically maneuver of “divide and conquer.” He would do anything to lift any burden of failure from is own shoulders and place it far away from his own incompetent actions, even if it destroys our beloved Country.


He was very vocal when it came to George Zimmerman shooting Trayvon Martin, but where was his voice of reason when three (3) black youths unmercifully and brutally beat up a white student, breaking his arm, on a school bus, saying no to drugs? Are the blacks in this Country more valued than the whites or is it just political correctness, meaning it’s correct to be battered by blacks and other so-called minorities as long as you are white? Media coverage on this incident was slim to none; in fact the main stream liberal media press makes you want to vomit! If the situation was reversed with three (3) whites students doing the same to a black student “for get about it”; the three white youths would have been immediately condemned and persecuted.


Let’s face some cold hard facts, the fabricated nonsense of  the Liberals, civil rights organizations, the American Civil Liberties, government approved reverse discrimination projects and policies such as quotas, including self serving black activists brain washing of whites labeling it as ” White Guilt” has gone a little too far! Being called a racist is non-meaningful and has no power. This word has been used too frequently as a means of manipulation, and finally the mask has been lifted showing its true face of intimidation.


Most Americans came from immigrant backgrounds from all nations and had nothing to do with any American civil rights violations; in fact they themselves faced discriminations and prejudices, in the past. Read your history! Why aren’t their atrocities been enhanced? Do you see them complaining? No, then why are they also unjustifiably accused of committing human rights violations against the blacks? Why are all Caucasians lumped together and found guilty by a kangaroo phantom judge, jury and executioner, of a crime they didn’t commit? Are they just profitable whipping post victims of circumstances, or is it a way of keeping them in obedience, afraid and subservient?


This must stop or else it will only get worse, which may have reached a point of no return, escalating further violence. The race card is old and has worn out its welcome, “White Guilt” and accepting a step child existence must be eliminated.  Enough is enough! Where was his Highness during this fiasco, on vacation, of course, golfing?


When will the present bury the past? When will this constant division of America stop? The American people have elected Barack Hussein Obama and then without thinking and expressing any form logic elected him again, even though he showed his extreme incompetence during his first term. Did we, as a Nation, make allowance of all his failures, defying the Constitution, increase spending, high unemployment, obamacare, welfare States, socialistic/ freedom robbing programs, Fast and Furious, Benghazi and discriminations of one religion over another because he is half black?


Did we think and assume he would fail anyway, but elected and re-elected him to prove to ourselves and the world we are not a prejudice nation, even at risk of destroying our beloved Country? Did his physical composition of being multi racial tip the scales in his favor?  Did “White Guilt” raise its ugly head once again justifying his re-electing? Polls showed it was the “white women” who put him over the top?  Was it an excellent selling point to this portion of the electorate that his father was black and his mother was white seeing an opportunity to join the races and finally put an end to “White Guilt” and racism?   Or was it just he was a good snake oil salesman?


If electing him was the medicine, then it cured nothing, but made us more vulnerable as a Nation. Remember this no mater how you try to rationalize it, “You cannot end prejudice andracism with reverse discrimination.”


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