A Look at Trump part 2

Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party for president of the United States. That in and of itself is something that must be considered for what it the past can teach us as well as what it portends for the future. As the process has gone on, Trump has moved to more conservative positions including the 2nd Amendment, Israel, and immigration. The established Republicans has been decimated to the point that Marco Rubio, the establishment choice is now a voice in the wilderness. More time has been spent on following Trump and his loud brash conversation with the American people and insulting all those who disagree with him than time spent on any other candidate. Coverage by the liberal side of the media has been extensive leading to the crossover vote going to Trump.
This same media will turn on Trump as soon as he gets the nomination and discontinue coverage of any statements that Trump may make about Hillary. FOX Network, no longer trusted by the Trump minions will cover it, but the audience will have been greatly diminished. Trump and his followers have demonized FOX as much as the Democrats in the past, so after the nomination, if he gets it, his world will find much less coverage than at this point. Trump has made many good points based more on personality than policies.
In the times I have caught Trump on the media I have not yet once ever heard him claim that he will follow the Constitution, or allow the return to three branches of government. In fact, he wants to expand libel laws against the media so that he can sue them if they write something he doesn’t like, a brazen violation of the 1st Amendment and something to the Congress would never pass. The most concerning aspect of the Trump candidacy is that there is only superficial policy. Trump has no understanding of the deeper aspects of foreign policy, immigration, race relations and many other areas.
This is not the only red flag of the Trump positions as a supposed conservative. Trump originally quit the Republican Party in 1999 for the Reform Party., and then joined the Democrat party. In 2009, once again he joined the Republican Party and then quit in 2011 to become an independent, and registered as a Republican in 2012. What is to keep Trump from changing again once elected? And how much of the conservative platform does Trump really endorse. The most interesting question is that no one in the media have questioned him on this. It is important that Trump put his viewpoint of conservative principles as they pertain to the Constitution in the forefront for the American people to see.
Trumps unfavorability ratings are dismal; there is a majority of citizens out there that do not like Trump. He is not conservative in any sense of the word, and has insulted those who are conservative to the point that they will not vote for him. If they decide to stay home there will not be enough crossover votes to allow Trump to beat Hillary. Both Cruz and Rubio have problems in the latest polls could beat Hillary. Rubio won’t get the nomination because of immigration. Cruz is working hard to move forward, a strict constitutionalist and the one who the establishment most fears.
Katrina Pierson, Trumps spokeswoman has stated such things like “ America is too reluctant to use nuclear weapons”. Being in a position of responsibility that may work to her benefit should Trump win the nomination is a concern for someone who would make such a statement. She has called the GOP racist and has denigrated Christians and Catholics. It appears Ms. Pierson is as thin skinned and vengeful as Trump. Neither find anything wrong with insulting those that disagree with them in the most vile manner. This is not a personality that bodes well for negotiating with world leaders, either those that are our allies, or those that are not.
As late as 2013, Trump supported amnesty, and during the time that the gang of eight bill was being discussed, Trump was publicly calling for amnesty. Even during the process of his campaign he has supported “touchback” amnesty, there is no policy for what these illegal’s would need to do to be able to come back. Would they be laced ahead of those who are coming here the right way by following the law, or will there be shortcuts for those in the “Touchback” status. Once again, Trump has some good ideas, but this isn’t one of them if there is no specific plan to look at. The process is important, and it must be negotiated with congress to implement.
Another challenge to Trumps veracity is the Mar-a-Lago private club in Palm Beach, FL. Of the 300 American citizens who applied or were referred to positions for Trumps club only 17 were hired. All the other positions were filled with hundreds of foreign workers. It was said by Trumps staff that there weren’t Americans that would do the job, and that they didn’t want four month jobs. Perhaps the fact that these guest workers could be paid less may have had something to do with it. That would leave Trump more money to give to the Clinton Foundation.
There are now concerns about what Trump may have said about immigration to the New York Times. It will remain in the background of the media until Trump gets the nomination, and them sent far and wide so that the MSM can claim that Trump is lying about his immigration policies. And Trump could put an end to all the questions if he would just allow the NY Times to put out the information. The questions then becomes, why hasn’t he? Could it be that he has been lying about his policies towards immigration? All he will say is that “everything is negotiable”. This brings to mind two thoughts. One is that if Trump is lying about this, what else may be “negotiable”, and the second, what is the MSM sitting on until Trump gets the nomination?
Also noteworthy is that this is the same man who was called “malleable” and willing to work with the Democrats by none other than Jimmy Carter. The same man who has worked his followers into such hate for establishment Republicans because the “compromised” and “worked to cut deals with the other side” has now brought forward the concept of doing that same compromise himself.
And finally, Trump University. The operation of Trump University was highly disreputable and made money by lying and cheating those that wanted to move forward, those that could least afford it. It was a massive scam that was fundamentally dishonest to the tune of three class action lawsuits in California and New York. Trump University was started in 2005 and warned at that time by the State Education Department that it was a violation of state law because it did not have a state license. Since that time the individual victims that enrolled because of the Trump name have lost as much as $60,000 each. In the starting three day motivation seminar, prospective enrollees were told that they would have access to private or hard money lenders and financing and a yearlong apprenticeship program. These were misrepresentations to those who enrolled at a cost of $1495. for the three day seminar. Trump staffers at the Trump University were told not to talk to the media and if the District Attorney showed up, to notify the media spokesperson immediately.
The republicans are at a crossroads. Trump is a narcissistic publicity stunt by Trump and for Trump. It turns out that the anger that Trump followers are feeling are the very things that they detest. They hate the wheeling and dealing, but follow a man who wrote a book about compromising. They are angry about rich people making the rules, but blindly follow someone rich enough to self finance.
If you are running for the highest position if our country should not be someone who says those in Congress, and in particular Paul Ryan will have a price to pay if he doesn’t agree with Trump. Is this the nation of laws we are, or a narcissistic proposed leader who still claims he can unify our party and our country?

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