A Review of Trump’s Contract with the American Voter.

Since no media outlet in the country to my knowledge has or will sit down with Donald Trump before the election, and in a logical way go over and review his Contract with the American Voter, I shall do my own review. Considering what is at stake in this election, wouldn’t it be nice to have an explanation from Trump, and a critique, so the voters can make an informed decision? I think Trump is doing a tremendous disservice to himself, all his supporters which includes me, and especially the independent voters, by not going over this Contract a whole lot more. Independents have no chance of getting to know Trump fully unless someone introduces this material to them. Don’t y’all read a contract before signing? It’s the same with voting. So, let me go over this with you and perhaps you can share this analysis and talk about the governing agenda Trump is running on. Because no one, not even Trump, is making this the priority it should be.

Here are two links to the Contract which spell it all out. I’m not going to copy the descriptions, just give you enough so you know which point I’m talking about.


Measures to clean up Washington:

* Propose a Constitutional Amendment for Term Limits. This has been done before, and it was in Gingrich’s Contract with America. I’m not sure the fascination with term limits because Representatives are already limited to two years, and Senators to six. The problem is the fact that we have spending without disclosure, intense corruption with both parties, and I think replacing morons, with different morons, may not accomplish much. What we need are better representatives, not more frequent ones.

* A Hiring Freeze on All Federal Employees to Reduce the Workforce. Sounds good, but it’s a cop out. No thought, no strategy, just the cleaver. Worse, the most experienced and knowledgeable workers will be gone, and the least experienced remain. If you want to reduce the workforce, which has to be done, do it by department. Start with Education, and then fully cut all the other departments that should go back to state control. Cutting workers equally from both good and useless departments accomplishes little.

* For Every Regulation Passed, Two Regulations are Eliminated. Which two? How do you decide? Are they from the same department? Again, this is feel good without a strategy. There are thousands of regulations that should be eliminated Day One. Two for one will take hundreds of years to be effective. And you actually have to wait for regulations to be passed to cut other regulations. Nonsense.

* 5 year Ban on Lobbying after Government Service. How about a lifetime ban? You either work in government, or as a lobbyist, but not both.

* Lifetime Ban on White House Officials Working for Foreign Governments. I’d make a lifetime ban for anyone in a government management position and above from working for a foreign government.

* Ban on Foreign Lobbyists Raising Money for American Elections. Good idea.


Actions to Protect American Workers:

* Renegotiate NAFTA or Withdraw. All I would like here are some simple details. What does Trump want to renegotiate, why, and what would cause Trump to withdraw?

* Announce our Withdrawal from the Trans Pacific Partnership. No need to discuss it if we are out.

* China Labeled as a Currency Manipulator. I think most people have no idea what this means. Explain how manipulating the value of money affects trade, particularly imports into China, how being a currency manipulator affects the voters, and what actions we will take to correct this problem.

* Ending Foreign Trading Abuses. Too nebulous. No one will carry a sign at a Trump rally saying, “End Foreign Trade Abuse!!!” Explain this to people and you’ll get even more support.

* Lifting Restrictions on $50 Trillion Worth of Energy Reserves. Yes!!! Now talk about it every rally. People understand gas prices are dependent on supply. No one likes OPEC, especially since they donate to Hillary. And this is the perfect time to explain how Obama has blocked our energy supply so he could advance his crony energy friends like Solyndra, and we know how that ended. Trump could also deal with pipelines on Native American land. That story isn’t in the mainstream news, but its all over social media. A visit to the protest site would be incredible.

* Lift Obama-Clinton Roadblocks to Energy and Infrastructure Projects like Keystone. Same point as above.

* Cancel Billions in Payments to the UN Climate Change Program and Put the Money into Our Infrastructure. Perfect. No sense in funding a worldwide hoax, especially when you declare it as such. What we really need is to STOP FUNDING THE U.N.. We can work on that.


Security and Constitutional Law:

* Cancel Every Unconstitutional Executive Action, Memorandum, and Order of Obama. What one President does, the next can undo. This is a major reason we are electing Trump. This stuff is really for us insiders who know the Constitution and why Obama should have long ago been impeached, convicted and imprisoned. But I’ll settle for simply erasing the Obama Administration. The reason for doing everything the proper way through legislation, is so that the next president can’t do this. But when you rule by decree, this is what happens. Good.

* Select a Replacement for Scalia Who Will Uphold the Constitution. This is one of the biggest issues of the campaign and ties into everything Hillary would destroy. Link that together in the voter’s minds that all their rights could be taken by Hillary’s Court, and it’s a winning issue. State clearly that Hillary’s goal is to overturn the Constitution, right by right, piece by piece, with handpicked judges who hold no value in the Constitution, but instead are ruled by their socialist, un-American, Leftist, ideology.

* Cancel Funding to “Sanctuary Cities.” Explain clearly to the voters that in these cities, the Democrat rulers have made it illegal, to turn illegal aliens, over to federal law enforcement. Instead they are simply let go to prey on everyone else in those cities. Every official who created and maintains a sanctuary city is in fact a federal criminal, and should also be arrested. But cutting funding is a start.

* Removing Criminal Illegal Aliens From the Country, and Cancel Visas to Countries Who Won’t Take them Back. I never like making a distinction between illegal aliens who have committed further violent crimes, from illegal aliens who haven’t committed extra crimes, because somehow that creates a sense of “instant amnesty” for non-violent illegal aliens. Being here illegally is a crime. I also see the visa issue as a separate one. Better to deal with visas and cut them drastically, deport those who overstay, and stop issuing work visas unless unemployment is zero. We are a strong country. Make other countries take back their citizens by military force if necessary. Voters would love that.

* Suspend Immigration From Terror Prone Regions. Now this is where Trump should say that this is “comprehensive immigration reform.” Except that unlike the Hillary plan, Trump’s plan is in the interest of America, and Hillary’s plan is in the interest of the immigrants from terror-prone regions.


Legislative Agenda to Congress in the First 100 Days:

(Each of these comes with a description which you should refer to a website to read. I’ll just be stating the title.) Also note that this is where the GOP Congress really failed Trump. All the committee chairs in contested elections who would get these bills when Trump wins should have been using that in their elections, and showing up at Trump rallies to declare support for those bills when Trump is in their state or district. It would have shown cooperation with Congress, a smoothly running government, reduction of gridlock except for the obstructionist Democrats, and the progress that people really want and need.

* Middle Class Tax Relief and Simplification Act. Trump has never countered the argument of the Left that tax cuts cost money and raise deficits. People think tax cuts hurt, even though they want and need them. Without all the technical details, Trump needs to explain that tax cuts never have to be paid for, only tax increases do. Deficits are a result of tax money in, spending out, and whether the economy grows or not. No one factor initially determines deficits. Lowering tax rates puts more money in private hands, which expands income and investment, which makes the economy grow, and creates more revenue for the government. Deficits are controlled from there by spending, and only spending. So it is spending reduction where deficit reduction really takes place. And Hillary, who believes all money belongs to the government, all decisions belong to the government, and all spending belongs to the government, will kill the economy, her increased tax rates will lower the money actually coming in, and with her forecast spending, will probably double the National Debt again. This is what the voters need to know.

* End the Offshoring Act. This is great. Just explain it simply. Companies will pay more for firing American workers to set up factories in other countries, because the goods they make in those countries will have a tariff or penalty attached when those goods come back to the U.S. to be sold. With this act, there is no financial benefit for moving manufacturing from America, and the jobs will stay here. I wish Trump could just say it that simply for all his bills.

* American Energy and Infrastructure Act. I don’t even understand this one. Help me out Donald. When I think of public-private partnerships I think again of Solyndra. Here is a reference story on that.

*** School Choice and Education Opportunity Act. There is no greater way to show concern and connect with black and hispanic parents in sub-standard, Democrat plantation public school districts, than with vouchers for choice, and all the other options in this bill. This is so important he should be leading his rallies with this law. We all know about the emails now. Cite again how Obama cancelled the voucher program in D.C., how thousands of parents were heartbroken, and thousands of kids were put back in the Democrat school warehouses. This is where those parents and kids from D.C. should be on stage with Trump. This is an incredible opportunity to connect with all voters and it’s being wasted. Ugh.

* Repeal and Replace Obamacare. We know. We are just waiting for details on the replacement. In the meantime talk about all the stuff you are not talking about.

* Affordable Childcare and Eldercare Act. Sounds good. Waiting for the details. Tax deductions for lower income folks are no where near as good as tax credits. Just a thought.

* End Illegal Immigration Act. This is, “the wall.” What he hasn’t talked about much are the prison sentences for repeat illegal entries, and visa reforms. Nice to know, but not as critical as other issues. We all know about the wall.

* Restoring Community Safety Act. I have a problem as more and more crimes get federalized, police get more militarized, and federal government agencies get more heavily armed. This would be a great time to distinguish Trump’s plans from Obama’s Domestic Security Force as these are two very different visions. What kind of security force will Hillary institute? Law enforcement is a state and local function. The more the feds get involved, the greater the chance of another Waco. Hillary should be asked what her role was during the siege. Anyway, this act sounds good, but better to give block grants and equipment to states and local folks and let them work their plans. Local law enforcement always works best because they know their jurisdictions the best. This video is on the Domestic Security Force.

* Restoring National Security Act. Definitely the veterans need help. But explain that the help comes from this bill. That goes for all the other bills as well. This and other bills have immigration components. They will get confused. Better that one immigration bill covers all immigration issues so we can keep it all straight. What Trump has not talked about, and should, is what the role of the military is in the Trump Administration? People should know this. We all know he wants to rebuild the military. We are also electing a Commander in Chief, and once the shooting starts the people have little say. What is the policy so a Benghazi never happens again? Trump should demand Clinton outline where she sees the military, as a social experimentation encounter group, or as defending the nation? Is Benghazi the model of her policy, that being leave everyone behind? Trump should use that. If the military can’t or won’t be used to protect Americans and America, what is it for? I found a great article on this for you.

* Clean Up Corruption in Washington Act. This is the real “drain the swamp” law. Be nice to have a few points on what ethics reforms he means, but I can wait on that.

I think the voters would feel so much better if they knew Trump has a real, legislative agenda, and he plans to work with Congress. So many people believe the Leftist propaganda that he will rule as a dictator. We all know that’s Hillary’s plan. But Trump has to state his legislative agenda, and that it is a “legislative” and not an “executive” agenda.

I hope this summary and commentary has helped you. Now if anyone reading this is in the Trump campaign, please get this to him immediately. The election is so close, and he has such great opportunities in this Contract to really inspire people. Most important, it switches the emphasis from voting “against” Clinton, to voting “for” Trump. And at this time, that is absolutely critical.

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