A Revolution Has Started

So once again, the “peaceful Democracy” progressives, disguised as Democrats take to the streets to cause chaos, to pull Trump supporters out of cars and beat them and to destroy property to show that they are peaceful and disagree with the majority of Americans about the direction of this country. The display or rioting and violence, mostly in the urban areas of BLUE states shows the pathetic desert that has become the progressive agenda. There are many in the media and the Democrat party ( but I repeat myself) that had their panties in a wad because Donald Trump did not declare that he would accept the results of this election. Since then, Trump has been pummeled by the progressives as being a homophobes, racists, misogynists, and the left wing media has instigated much of what is now occurring. They loudly proclaim that Trump will ‘destroy our country and democracy”. This is interesting since Hillary along with colleagues like George Soros have done the best they could through this administration and policies they held to destroy our government for the vision of the New World Order.
Immediately upon winning the nomination, the Left was attempting to invalidate the election. Although the votes were in and Trump won, the Left continues to undermine the results because it did not turn out the way they wished.
In the media, VAN JONES, a socialist Muslim, declared that this was a “ whitelash”, a pushback by whites on a black President. Jones didn’t explain that Obama was elected twice with white votes, or that more Blacks and Hispanics voted for Trump than any other Republican in history. Jones even came out the next day and claimed Trump wanted to put Muslims and Hispanics into internment camps. Does anyone. Other than low information Clinton supporters really believe this”. Of course, CNN, where Jones works happily trotted this garbage out to further divide the electorate. Is it any wonder that 85% of this country no longer trust the media?
Another fallacy being pushed hard by the media is that Hillary won the popular vote. She only received 47.7% of the vote, while her opponents garnered 52.3%. For those in the past who were educated in math other than social justice understand that is NOT a majority. Juan Williams seems to think that battering the public with the idea that she won the popular vote will change it. It won’t. Of course this is the same Juan Williams who is so upset with things that Trump has said in the past, but declares that Bill Clinton’s philandering and the corruption of Hillary is not important. I suppose to Juan Williams it is also not important than a majority of Americans rejected the Hillary ideology as being detrimental to the citizens of this country.
Once again, the Dems have failed to convince the American people that the concepts that have will work for America. So they now have decided that taking to the streets like some third world country will changes the results more to their liking. Insults, riots and violence will not change the outcome. The vast majority of the American people will not allow it. Those of the globalists Soros machine, and our poorly educated young adults have been taught that riots and violence should be a first resort. Calling for the assassination of Trump, or even more perverse, the rape of the First Lady-elect is not going to accomplish anything but causing more anger and the dissolution of the Democratic Party as a whole. The Soros paid protesters are never sure why they are rioting, but this elite army will protest for an agenda that is not even in their interest. Insulting all those who disagree with them and causing the silence of the majority of Americans is the attempted end result. It is up to the American people to make them understand that the end is upon them. Along with the corrupt media, the American people will no longer be held captive to “political correctness”. We will no longer be silent in the face of the temper tantrums that these parent coddling youth have had will not change the opinion of anyone, and the cry-ins that they feel are helping are showing that our youth are weak, and nowhere near the rugged individualism that shaped this country into what it is today.
We hear of children crying and having traumatic episodes because Trump was elected President. They didn’t get traumatized by the words of Trump but by the words of the parents who expect the government to live their lives for them.
There are those who plan to fully implement the main goal to make a statement of political instability to make it impossible to govern. They scream all about the mean words of Trump, but nothing has been said about the destruction of what these liberal socialists have said or done. They claim there are many instances of Trump supporters who have attacked progressives. I want to see one that hasn’t been proven a hoax. CNN is the leader on making this hoax go nationwide, and yet no stories on the Trump supporters whi have been pulled out of their cars and beaten, or a high school girl who was attacked because she was a Trump supporter. Or a school in California, where a teacher was attacked by members of another school who wanted to bring the protest to her school Where are the stories, mainstream media?
The leftists that have been spurring on these riots are the same ones who drone on about “peace” and “Love Trumps Hate”. They are now using the “Love Trumps Hate” signs to pummel Trump supporters. We even have CEO’s of major companies telling their employees to leave if they support Trump.
Absurdly, the West Coast is planning to secede from the Union. Like a little child, they didn’t win, so it’s time to take the ball and go home and cry to one another. Sorry, most Californians think is it a stupid idea, and will fight it. If you do secede, do I get to play helpless victim and take you to court to help me resettle in another country, like the United States?
Until groups like ANSWER>com, MOVEON.org, and other Soros groups are shut down for insurrection, and the media and Hollywood celebrities are made to understand that if the socialist New World Order that they want so much takes over, they would be the first to go, the only answer is for the American people to push back.
The American people will push back, as much and as hard as it takes. Count on it.

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