A Revolution No Matter Who Wins

It has come to the point where this election may not matter. The systemic violence that is becoming a major obstacle to effective communication continues to grow. Much of its growth is caused by this administration. Our President has done his best to place citizens of the country into little groups to more effectively keep the people divided. The elites of this government have done serious damage to the American people and the constitutional protections that we have.
If Hillary Clinton should be elected President, the Soros backed policies will continue to move forward, and with the backing of the Soros Open Society Foundation of Black Lives Matter, there will be more riots over perceived “social injustice” than ever before, with the approval of the Clinton administration.
If Trump is elected, these same groups will be financed by the same Soros Open Society Foundation to collapse what is left of the moral culture of the country. At least they will attempt so.
Our Federal Government is the largest threat to the life and liberty of the citizens. This government has seen itself as being of superior intellect, and to know better than the citizens what is best. Under both Republican and Democrat administrations, it is a given fact that those in charge have forgotten that they work for the people, and continue to work for the benefit of themselves. The citizens of this country are no longer considered to have any input on the reforms that this country so urgently needs. The government calls themselves “public servants” but ignore the wishes of the people. Being more criminal than the criminal class, and with the continued violations of the rights of the people, it is not too far to say that the Constitution has been violated. Professors and politicians have proclaimed the Constitution as outdated or a “living” document needing constant reinterpretation.
Look at some of the moves made by this unconstitutional government. Our Second Amendment rights are being discarded while terrorists are bought by the bus loads to our communities. Islamic terrorism already has established camps here in this country with the protection of both state and federal governments. We are told we are Islamophobic by our government who get their talking points from the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates. The various agencies in the US Government including the US Mint, Health and Human Services, the Small Business Administration and countless others have built arsenals that could easily match many small nation armies. Is this what we want our government to be? We are told that the government always needs more money, more flexibility to regulate our lives and all must be kept secret from “We the people” for terrorist reasons.
We have a government that is spying on virtually everyone in the country. They listen to everything we say, keep records of everything we write, watching everything in your everyday life. There is reduced trust of the citizens,. Again,, this goes back to the premise that the elites know better than we do. You will eventually be told what to think, what you can say, (already happening), and even what you are allowed to think.

And it isn’t just one party. Both parties have done their best to ensure there is nothing to upset their “rice Bowl , the crony capitalism that seeks to enrich themselves no matter the outcome for the common man working to better his life. From Obama and his bringing both Syrian refugees and illegal immigrants, both who refuse to assimilate to Paul Ryan, an establishment Republican who seems to go along with everything Obama wants are to blame for the destruction being done to this country. Both are subservient to the global elitists who look for cheap labor at the expense of the American people.
Can the Trump movement, and his possible ascendancy to the Presidency accomplish the political and societal changes required to get this country on the right path? If it brings a re-emphasis on compassion for our fellow man, a new awakening of American interests and the interests of the people. At the same time there must be a diminishing of Federal pre-eminence on daily lives. Power must be decentralized, and more decisions made on the state level.
Political correctness is anathema to the majority of American people. The only reason it has progressed so far may be because the American people have been bludgeoned into acceptance. Our universities and media has made most Americans feel that they out of touch unless they go along with the moral and cultural degradation that they see all around them. It will take a change of direction for the less vocal among us, to proclaim that the nihilism that pervades the culture will not be allowed, that those faithful to the greatness of this country will continue to remain forceful and faithful to the beliefs that they hold so dear.
It is instructive that the GOPe insists on fighting Trump. To the GOPe, it is more important to maintain the party than to really make a difference. Mitch McConnel, the Republican Senate Majority Leader, has been called the best DEMOCRAT speaker ever by Ted Cruz, and seconded by Chuck Shumer. The GOPe do the Democrats a favor when they claim they want to make the Senate work so they feel they must back the Democrat agenda. Do we really want another party that is persistent on selling the American people down the river.
If Hillary wins, she will push hard enough with her globalist friends that the powder keg that is the common working man will finally explode. If Trump win, the revolution will occur because the globalists and those that are financed to do their bidding will fight to continue the change that is destroying the country. Shumer bragged that the only bills that were passed by Republican leadership in the Senate were achieved on Democrat terms. The Republican establishment has surrendered to a Democratic agenda including the Big Government stance espoused by the progressives. The fact that millenniums and younger voters will pay the price both in money and principles appears to be of now concern.
The bullying of the elites must be put to a stop. Hillary will only push further and faster assuming that the American people are children who need to be told what to do. Where the money they would be able to put in the pockets of the globalists and elites is a priority that means more than the welfare of the American people. The privileged are more important that national sovereignty or patriotism. Both are considered and have been verbalized as outdated notions by the common man who is of no importance.
A Trump win would bring a revolution, perhaps violent. The globalists, combined with the Democrat vision of the destruction of this country. Combined with Soros and other anti American elitists including some in our academia, media and politics will fight to keep the privileges that they feel they are owed.
No matter who wins, there will be a revolution. It has fallen to the point that a revolution may be what it takes if we are to survive. Those of the progressive, globalist nature do not feel that the American people will ever respond. Fifty years of progressive/socialist/globalist indoctrination in every facet of our lies have been slowly developing a tinderbox where safe spaces and feelings are more important than the rugged individualism that this country was built upon.

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