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It started as a dream, but is now a reality.  The Action Radio Citizen Legislature is now in operation, and going national.  Told you I would.  The best way to describe the next evolution of radio, is from the first paragraph of About Us, from my website.

“Action Radio is the synergy of radio broadcast technology, the internet, the radio audience, articles, podcasts, news videos, books, social media, special show guests, journalists, Facebook live broadcasts, state and federal legislators, the governors, and even the President, in an entirely new way to make our laws, all of which is coordinated through my “Action Radio” hour, 8-9 a.m. Central Time, on 1330 AM WEBY. Any citizen, that’s you, can write the bills, online on this site, and on the air with me, and with everyone’s help the bills are finalized for submission to the various legislatures. Then we will lobby our bills with as large an audience as we can build.  If you want to take part in a historic new adventure in our Constitutional Republic, and actually write the laws you consent to live under, then you need to join us at the Action Radio Citizen Legislature.”

The Action Radio Facebook page:

Here is the website:    Here is how it works.

1.  Click on “Legislation” on the Main Menu Bar beside the red “Home” symbol.
2.  “Propose a New Law.”  This is where anyone can submit a bill idea.
3.  “Citizen Bill Ideas.”  This is where all those ideas go to be voted on, commented on, and put into bill form.
4.  “All Proposed Laws.”  This is where the best of Citizen Bill Ideas go to be further commented on, voted on, and finalized for submission.
5.  “National, State, Local.”  This is where bills go when we are submitting them to the appropriate legislature.  Once bills are accepted, a government tracking link will be added so we can follow our bills through the normal legislative process.

Here is the founding principle of Action Radio:

“We the People, Give Our Consent to be Governed, Through Writing the Laws by Which We are Governed.”  Greg Penglis.

Now you know how it works, you can now participate.  Due to huge delays beyond my control the website isn’t finished.  But the legislative section is working fine.  More work is to be done there as well.  I have already submitted 12 bills to my Congressman, Representative Matt Gaetz of the First Congressional District of Florida.  You have probably seen Congressman Gaetz all over Fox News working to get the House Intelligence Committee Memo released to the public.  Rep. Gaetz comments on Washington doings on my show Tuesday mornings at 7:35 Central time.  He is the first member of Congress to accept and consider bills from our Action Radio Citizen Legislature.

Here are the bills I have submitted to US Rep. Matt Gaetz:

I have the only radio show in the country actively writing legislation for submission to Congress, the State Legislatures, and City and County governments.  At least I think so.  There are some 50 bills on the site already, taken together they represent an unprecedented level of freedom and liberty that the lobbyists, donors, advocacy groups, corporations, and the legislators themselves, have not even begin to contemplate.  But we citizen legislators, unencumbered by anything except the limits of our imaginations, are free to propose anything we can conceive.

Everyone has a good idea.  Everyone is a genius at something.  Now you have the opportunity to act on your ideas and genius.  This is all done publicly out in the open.  We are not forcing anything on government.  All we do is write bills and present them to the appropriate legislators for consideration, same as any other piece of legislation.  The difference is that average people are writing these bills, people, just like you.  This may be the single most empowering revolution in the relationship of the citizen to the government since our founding.  And it is already succeeding, it works, and now it is time to share it with the nation.

Below is just one of the bills on the Action Radio Citizen Legislature site.  This is one that needs your immediate attention and presentation to your member of Congress.  It solves DACA, it is more powerful than E-Verify, it costs virtually nothing, it will save $billions of dollars and open up millions of jobs, it does require public cooperation however, and if it works, rather than have to capture and deport all of our illegal aliens, it will make it impossible to live here as an illegal alien, and they will have no choice but to leave.  That is the idea.

I am extremely interested in your comments for how to improve this bill, and all the bills on our site.  If you copy and submit this, or any of the bills to your member of Congress or State Legislator, please let me know.  If you want to call my show the number is 850 623-1330.

The online link to the show is:

WEBY AM 1330 LIVE Talk Radio Stream

My goal, with your help, is to be able to broadcast from the White House for one week, to take your bill ideas from around the country, and then present them to the President and Congress.  President Trump promised to return the power to the people.  I am providing the means for that to happen.

Below is just one of our bills, taken directly from my website.  Will you please help me?

Home » Proposed Laws » The Citizenship I.D. Declaration Act.
February 1, 2018 Greg Penglis 0 Proposed Laws,

The national security, national economy, voter integrity, and citizen safety, are all dependent on making it impossible for illegal aliens to live here.  To accomplish this objective, all of those events listed below in this Act, will require proof of American citizenship, proof of registered alien status, or proof of temporary current visa status, in order to participate.  The goal is massive illegal alien self deportation, due to life in America as an illegal alien being impossible, because illegal aliens will be unable to participate in the events below in the List of Activities.  If it is impossible to stay, because you can’t do anything here if you are an illegal alien, your only choice is to leave. No rounding up, no massive law enforcement expense, and no daily life disruptions for those who can participate.

Individuals are already required to present government photo I.D. for a huge range of activities, all of which are verified by government, law enforcement, and lawfully by private individuals in business, when you present your I.D. for something you want or have to do.  All that is required for compliance with this Act, is for individuals to present the same basic government I.D., usually the drivers license, that people present every day for many of these same events, and other events, already. The citizenry won’t be impacted at all. The people aren’t changing anything in their normal course of affairs.

What will change are the I.D.’s themselves. Both the State Drivers License with photo, and the State Identification Card with photo, will have on them, in large, bold, red type, the block letter printed declaration: “U.S. Citizen,” or “Registered Alien.”   The only other declaration on a driver license or state I.D., would be the classification of an extended work visa, such as an H1, with an expiration date, where the declaration on the driver’s license or state I.D. would be for example: “H1 Visa. Expires…” and the expiration date would be on the I.D..   This would greatly facilitate all interactions with law enforcement, because when they ask for license or I.D., they automatically know the status of the person without even having to ask. Since citizenship is not a private or protected status, and since everyone has to declare their citizenship at the border both leaving and returning to the United States, to have it declared on a government photo I.D. does not violate any law or any part of individual rights in the Constitution.  If it did, there could be no U.S. Passport.  It can also be presumed that anyone living in the United States, without a drivers license or state I.D. card, except for tourists, visitors and other legal classifications, is in the country illegally.

The enforcement of this law will be such that for the activities listed below, all the business person offering the good or service has to do is confirm that the identity is correct, and status of the customer is U.S. Citizen, Registered Alien, or Visa type within the Expiration Date, in order to offer the good or service.  All the government agent has to do is verify the identity and that the person is declared a citizen, registered alien, or visa holder.  Failure to ask, or confirm, by any person or persons, public or private, for any Activity listed below, that the I.D. is of the person holding it, current and not expired, and that it clearly declares citizenship, registered alien status, or current visa status, such person or persons shall be subject to severe fines and imprisonment, the exact terms of which to be determined by Congress.

State government photo I.D. cards shall be as modern, tamper proof, and clearly visible in declaring the status of the individual.  Within six months of passage of this Act, all states shall issue, as much as possible given current technology, tamper proof drivers licenses and state I.D. cards, where the declaration of citizenship, registered alien, or temporary visa status, is clearly printed in easy to read, bold, red, block letters and numbers.  States may require new I.D.’s at regular renewals, or come up with a faster system of renewal, so long as any system does not delay renewal beyond the current expiration date of any I.D..  Failure of any state to be in full compliance with this act shall result in the immediate denial of ALL highway funds and transportation funds and grants, with the option on federal law enforcement funds and grants, until such time as the state is in full compliance.  Precedent for this was the federal withholding of highway funds to ensure compliance by the states of raising the drinking age to 21 from 18, even though this is not within the delegated powers of Congress by the Constitution.  Since this Act is essentially a border protection act, and the Federal Government has the Constitutional jurisdiction of the border, requiring state compliance is purely within federal jurisdiction.  States may seek to use other forms of I.D. that accomplish the same declaration, and may seek funding from Congress and help with implementation from the Federal Government.  As long as the aim is accomplished that through declarative I.D.’s it is impossible for illegal aliens to live in the United States of America.

Proof of citizenship or registered alien status, demonstrated by passport, birth certificate, naturalization certificate, or green card, with government photo I.D. confirmation for the birth certificate, shall be required to secure any state drivers license or state I.D. card.  No other form of I.D. is valid for establishing citizenship or legal immigrant status.  The visa declaration shall require the presentation of the visa and a government issued photo I.D. from the country of citizenship, usually a passport.  States failing to follow these procedures shall be subject to the same withholding of all highway and transportation funds and grants.  States changing the declarations to false terms such as “undocumented immigrant,” or any other term other than those specifically listed in this Act, shall result in the same withholding of funds to states as mentioned throughout this Act.  Illegal aliens caught presenting a false, fake, or someone else’s I.D. shall subject them and their immediate family to permanent deportation.  Chain migration for consistency ensures chain deportation.

The Citizenship I.D. Declaration Act List of Activities.

In order to participate in any way in the events listed below, or as required by any of the events listed below, everyone shall present their drivers license or state I.D. card with photograph, with proper declarations per this Act of citizenship, registered alien, or current visa status, for any of the following:

To vote in any form, and to register to vote.
To register a car with the DMV.
To rent a car.
To open and maintain a bank account.
To get and keep a credit card.
To get a commercial or private bank loan or mortgage.
To open or maintain an investment account.
To enroll a child or adult in any elementary school, high school, college, graduate program, vocational school, or any academic or trade school.
To own or rent property.
During all routine traffic stops by law enforcement.
During any law enforcement proceeding.
To serve in the military.
To work in any capacity for any government or private sector job.
To get a business license to open a business.
To be certified to operate a truck, bus, boat, or airplane.
To purchase a firearm, but such check shall not register the firearm or owner.
To receive a tax refund.
To start a new phone contract.
To send money in any form, e.g. wire transfers, outside the country.
To receive money in any form, from any foreign country.
To receive any form of public assistance, including but not limited to: food stamps, section 8 housing, welfare, WIC, any cash awards, government job training, or any other grant or subsidy.
To receive any public health assistance such as Obamacare.
To receive any publicly funded health care except emergency care.
To purchase health and car insurance.
To serve on a jury.
To receive Social Security, Medicare, or any other service, entitlement, or retirement plan.


Greg Penglis is the morning host at 1330 AM WEBY, 6-9 Central time. He is turning “talk radio” into “action radio,” by creating a “citizen legislature” out of the radio/internet audience. He also authored “The Complete Guide to Flight Instruction,” a blunt critique of our flight training system, and how best to get through it.

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