Actually, 2 on Trump’s SCOTUS Short List Probably Aren’t Conservative

Last week, Donald Trump issued his short list of potential SCOTUS picks, claiming they were conservatives who would follow conservative hero Antonin Scalia, who died in February.  Trump said he worked with The Federalist Society, a conservative legal organization, and The Heritage Foundation to compile his list. About half are state court judges, who are usually elected so more likely to be conservative, unlike appointed federal judges. Only one is from a big east or west coast city, also an indication they may lean to the right. Three are women. They are all white.

Trump’s list has received extensive praise from conservatives. Fox News, for example claimed “That Trump also hit a home run with his list indicates that he is listening to the best and brightest conservative advisers on this issue.” The Heritage Foundation issued a list of eight judges in March it recommended for the Supreme Court and five appear on Trump’s list: Pryor, Sykes, Colloton, Gruender and Willett.

However, a closer look reveals some troublesome aspects, and at least two on the list, Allison Eid and David Straus, appear to be centrists rather than conservatives.

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