Age-Old Wisdom: “Know Your Enemy”

Do you get the impression that too many Americans underestimate the level that those on the liberal side of the culture war will stoop to?

     Because there are corrupt forces in our country trying to undermine our system of morality (and perhaps even undermine our economic and political systems), there is a culture war taking place.  A very real concern for us is that too many people underestimate the extent of the problem. Too many people seem to think that all those on the other (liberal) side of the culture war are “regular Joes” who merely have different beliefs.  Would that were the case.  Unfortunately many of the influential people undermining this country are—no exaggeration—the dregs of humanity, as we’ll illustrate.  They are not even close to being “regular Joes.”  In order to deal most effectively with this reality, and with this culture war, we may want to heed some age-old words of wisdom: “Know your enemy.”  So, what do we know about these forces?

      One of the strongest and most corrupt of these forces is Hollywood.  It’s no big secret, as people have been writing about it for decades, that there are a lot of sleazy lowlifes in Hollywood.  Some examples: actors and actresses who degradingly prostitute themselves in order to land roles in movies and TV shows, agents and producers and directors who sexually exploit these desperate actors and actresses (incidentally, it’s no coincidence that much of this country’s porno industry is located close by Hollywood—some of those actors and actresses who fail to land roles in regular movies and TV shows wind up doing pornographic films).  We also know there are many homo/bisexual actors and actresses, and that illegal drug use is rampant in Hollywood.  Moreover, there are solid reports that the sexual abuse of child actors is and has been a real problem.  See, for example, a Fox News story found here  (There appears to be an ongoing, massive cover-up of this scandal.  One has to wonder if the judicial system in the Hollywood area has been totally corrupted by wealthy and influential degenerates who may have bought some politicians and judges.)

      Because money is power, and Hollywood has a lot of money, its reach, its influence is vast.  Politicians like Obama make many treks to Hollywood to sell themselves to these corrupt power brokers in order to get significant campaign donations.  So, we have sleazy, sexually exploitative, illegal-drug-using people (and some of them may be gutter-dwelling pedophiles) buying up politicians (who in turn appoint judges).  Is it any wonder we have a culture war going on?  Is it any wonder that Hollywood is promoting the acceptance of out-of-wedlock sex and promiscuous sex?  (After all, if Hollywood can manipulate people into thinking “sleeping around” is fine, it will be easier for all the exploitative Hollywood bigwigs to “bed” or sexually use desperate actors and actresses.)  Is it any wonder Hollywood is promoting the acceptance of homo/bisexual deviancy?  (Thinking people have known for centuries that homosexual activity is immoral and a bad legal precedent.)  Is it any wonder traditional-value conservatives are often caricatured by Hollywood in their movies and TV shows?  (And is it any wonder that many public schools and universities are being used to corrupt the morals of your children?) 

      There have been numerous testimonials that Hollywood discriminates against politically conservative actors and actresses.    (If you want a job in Hollywood don’t be too vocal about your conservative values.)  Also, the major media in this country, liberal newspapers and magazines and TV stations and various other news outlets, routinely discriminate against decent, moral people.  For example, let’s take the homosexual “marriage” issue.  Some of my friends and I are censored by local media, by Chicago newspapers and suburban newspapers.  We write letters to the editor on issues like homosexual “marriage” that are censored by these local media (I guess we are too persuasive), but the local media publish numerous pro-homosexual letters and editorials that don’t make a whole lot of sense.  (And colleges routinely invite and pay liberal and pro-homosexual speakers to come to their campuses but discriminate against conservative and pro-traditional-marriage speakers.  And so the discrimination goes.)

      Yes, the problem is bigger than Hollywood.  Many corporations are run by morally challenged people who play the “politically correct” game, who, for example, shamelessly pander to homosexuals.  A book could be written about all the corrupt forces undermining this country.  In the interest of brevity, however, we’ll just conclude with some words of caution: 

      Know your enemy.  It would be a big mistake to underestimate them.  Know what we are truly up against.  If we are to win this culture war, we need to get this message across to many other Americans, especially the so-called “low information voters.”  They need to recognize that the major media are dominated by sleazy liberal bigots who discriminate against decent, moral people and cannot be trusted.  They need to learn about all the subtle psychological manipulations directed at them by the corrupt media, learn about their censorship, learn about all the lies and half-truths disseminated by those media (and by liberal politicians and even some politicians who deceptively self-identify as conservative or Republican or pro-family, etc.).

      All the damage done to this country can eventually be undone.  History teaches us that.  For example, many years ago the primitive Greeks and Romans valued homosexual relations.  Eventually the people wised up and basically drove homosexuality underground for centuries.  Right now our country is regressing sexually.  We’re going backward to more primitive, darker days.  But history shows it’s only a matter of time before we right the ship and reject all this irrational, pro-homosexual nonsense.  And sooner or later people will reject the exploitative, loveless “hookup” culture currently “trendy” on college campuses.  And they’ll eventually reject a liberal “value” system which has brought about the destruction of the black family and is rapidly bringing about the destruction of the white family, the Hispanic family, etc.  Truth is powerful and it’s on our side.  We just have to patiently keep fighting the good fight and help truth prevail. 

      Know the enemy.  Know the depths of depravity some of them will stoop to, how they will even try to smear decent, moral people.  As a saying goes: “Forewarned is forearmed.”  And forearmed is prepared.  


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