Agenda 21 is Real, Far Creepier than Area 51, and is Coming Soon to a Suburb Near You

You’ve heard of Area 51: the super secret government site around which all manner of far-fetched conspiracy theories have swirled for decades. You may not have heard of Agenda 21, which would be unfortunate because Agenda 21 involves something like an actual conspiracy, though one out in the open and far creepier than Area 51.

Ground zero for Agenda 21 at the moment is that home to all things moonbat: Seattle, Washington. The city has been engaging in secret talks to eliminate single-family zoning, which will move families out of houses and into dense housing units instead. This comes a year after micro-housing began replacing regular housing in Seattle with tiny apartments averaging only 145 square feet, known as aPodments, sometimes with shared kitchens.

This transition is part of Agenda 21. It all started 23 years ago with a  non-binding resolution for an “Agenda for the 21st Century” at a U.N. Earth Summit, which President Bush signed, along with 172 other countries. Agenda 21 emerged out of an imaginary concern that the earth would run out of resources, includes a fear of overpopulation and crowding out other species, and has grown to encompass such vague environmental causes as “climate change” and redistributing resources in the name of social justice. Ultimately, its goal is a radical transformation of society. The movement uses feel-good words like “livable communities” and “smart growth” to suck people in to thinking it’s positive and harmless.

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