Agenda 21 (Part One)

Most of this Agenda 21 has nothing to do with global anything. It has to do with folks making billions of dollars at the expense of the American people and their jobs.

Most of you are familiar with this term thanks to the Beck book but this is a serious problem. And it is here and now and not in the distant future.  I wanted to read the Beck book but instead I retrieved a book about the actual plot entitled Agenda 21.


This book was written in 1992 shortly after the Rio meeting. The gist of the agenda is that if the UN could solve the environmental problems and the poverty problems of the world then it would make the world a better place. Let me state that a bit differently. If we can solve poverty we can solve the environmental problems of the world. Of course that sounds utterly ridiculous, but that was the basis of cap and trade that Pelosi and the liberals passed in 2009. But the Senate would not go along with it. But California passed it last year. But it was the same premise. If we steal the money from the United States and other industrialized nations and give it to developing countries, it would solve global warming.  This book Agenda 21 weighs in at over 300 pages and it is basically a cook book as  how to implement Agenda 21 policies. How much it will cost the industrialized nations to implement And all the nations at the Rio meeting signed on for the agenda. Most being from developing countries. It is great to be able to vote for a FREE handout.


So we must be foolish enough to accept two premises. One is that the climate has a problem and if we fix poverty then all the problems go away. I don’t think many of us are dumb enough to believe this. But there are many brainwashed individuals that actually believe this. It is discussed in all the students’ textbooks and it is assumed that this is true. Just ask Algore. The training begins in the first grade.


So basically if you read between the lines, all the poverty and pollution has been caused by the white males. But it was in the name of independence that most of these developing nations were left to fend for themselves, when they really lacked the means to be self-sufficient.


And as we read through the “solutions,” it appears that all these developing nations that have poverty have 2 problems. They lack capitalism and they have too many children. So tell me again how you are going to solve these 2 problems while punishing the white men in industrialized nations?


Keep in mind that many of these people living in so called poverty live in India and China. Let that sink in a little bit. Many women in India do not have access to disposable feminine products. And we are worried about pollution in the United States!


Obama can’t find enough money in the United States to take care of all its inhabitants so where does an industrialized nation find enough money to pay for all the poverty in the rest of the world? And if you read the book, there is not enough money in the world to take care of all the poverty in the world. They must learn to fish and solve their own problems!


The problem is birth control. More children are being born in poverty then any time in history. And let’s face it, if you don’t have a job why not have a bunch of children. It works in the United States. If you don’t have good healthcare why not have a bunch of kids and hope some make it through.


The UN and others get mad when leaders like Sadam commit genocide. But isn’t that the best way to handle poverty. Was Sadam at Rio? Why not just put birth control in the water supply. Why not send all the Planned Parenthood abortion clinics to these developing areas. How simple it would be if people could not have children unless they could afford them. Do you think leaflets dropped on these folks will convince them to stop having kids for the sake of the environment!


Folks like Obama think they can supply great healthcare to everyone without capitalism. Without capitalism there is no way that you can afford to supply healthcare to the rest of the world. So the solution for the developing countries is to partner up with companies that can bring capitalism to their countries. They build factories and the people can work their way out of poverty.


So why do liberals want to pass goofy legislation that supports Agenda 21? Guys like Obama can’t control immigration, how does he think he can control global poverty and alleged environmental pollution?  China now has the worse pollution on the planet! And they are proud of it!


First off there is no proof that climate change has anything to do with Carbon.  So why regulate something we can’t prove.  How do you measure success!


But what is the bottom line to these shenanigans. Since Clinton passed NAFTA, the standard of living in the United States has been reduced. So I think we can conclude that as long as we have people being supported solely by the government these folks will always vote for the group that will expand the government spending. But keep in mind that this is at the expense of capitalism revenue. But a country can’t possibly prosper with out capitalism unless they invade, plunder and enslave other countries.


Let’s think of the big picture. If we send 20% of our economy to another country, and assuming that there is no corruption, and the receiving country now competes against the donor country, then what does the donor country do to replace that revenue?


Bottom line is probably nothing. Look at Obama he has no clue how to fix the economy. Community organizers are good for blaming but not for fixing!  But he seems to be adequately skilled to ruin the economy. Clinton sent jobs out of the country. Obama continues to do that. And has done several things to ruin the economy. If Obama is looking in a mirror, then he knows who to blame! The problem with Obama is that there is no reflective glass in his mirror!


One thing to think about is how stupid these liberals are. In the 1990’s the economy was pretty good. And the first thing a liberal (Carter, LBJ, Clinton) dreams about is what to do with the prosperity created by capitalism. But the liberals are so dumb, that in 2013 they still don’t realize that there is no prosperity to support these global fantasies. But they are so stupid, they don’t seem to want to back off. Raising taxes is not the answer to prosperity. Obama states that you can’t cut spending to prosperity, we all know that we can’t tax our way to prosperity and that is what Obama is doing. And he is still dumb enough to look for prosperity after his failed policies are in place.  But is Agenda 21 really about prosperity for the inhabitants! It is about prosperity for a select few. Once they have your guns they will have everything!


Just today Great Britain lost their credit rating. But liberals like Obama don’t care. As long as Obama keeps making millions along with his friends, it doesn’t matter to Obama if you and your family can’t keep your jobs. It would be better if we send your job to other countries. Does that make any sense? Will that really help the environment… Ask the Chinese?


So we must conclude that most of this Agenda 21 has nothing to do with global anything. It has to do with folks making billions of dollars at the expense of the American people and their jobs. I don’t know about you, but it sounds like treason. And any folks involved in this charade should be charged accordingly.  Obama wants to raise taxes again to cover sequestration! Now that is going to help the economy? The question is: Whose economy? 

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