Agenda 21 The Book Written by Glenn Beck

This is an enlightening book. Basically the world is reduced to a bunch of slaves controlled by a community organizer society. And if you don’t follow the rules and if you don’t pull your weight in creating energy, they recycle you for energy and food. That seems to make sense.


Now most people especially liberals will think this is a fairy tale. But Agenda 21 is for real. And if they take the rich to the tipping point… In other words take away the assets from folks like Clooney and Buffett, and take the guns away, there is really nothing you could do to stop this progression. After all it is good for the environment and the people in poverty around the world. And before you know it, it is too late to go back. We will all be living in poverty!


Here are several concepts that caught my eye. There are unintended consequences. There are always consequences to every action equal and opposite. If you keep over-spending and are incapable of increasing the revenue created from capitalism, you will lose. Ask the folks in Detroit? And at the end of the day if you have no money, no jobs and no guns how will you defend your family and your home from greedy folks like Obama and Pelosi?


Children forget: The agenda is obvious. Most children don’t learn history anymore in our public schools. They learn about socialism, recycling and how all the problems have been caused by white males. It is not that children forget, they are taught not to remember. So maybe you should sit down with your family and teach them about the old ways that actually did work. It brought prosperity to many and they were able to live the American Dream. The basis of the dream is the American Jobs. Those were the same jobs that Slick Willie said we couldn’t have. We had to send them to other countries. Now you know why. It was because of Agenda 21.  Don’t let the children forget. Clinton said it would be  better if the poor countries made our products and that we should limit our productivity to the service industries! Good Luck with that one!


If you control energy and food you control everything. Agenda 21 and global warming are only about controlling energy. It has been known for ages that prosperity is proportional to the ability to utilize energy. So why would Clinton and Obama want to take away our energy? If you can get the job done by going 100 mph why would you settle to do it at 50 mph? Green energy is a folly and should be used by the developing countries to … Fail!


People had to work too hard… They had too much responsibility. Let the Central Authority do the thinking for you. This is quite funny. Obama takes responsibility for nothing… Including the Office of the President. But he blames everyone else for his failures! If we can’t find a President with a backbone… Tell me again why you would put your life in the hands of the Central Authority and ObamaCare?


We believe that all citizens are equal and equally share the rewards. In other words Agenda 21 has only one purpose.  The purpose is to take the prosperity of Americans and “Equally” share it with developing countries like India and China to name a few! Does that sound fair. It sounds like communism to me… How does it sound to you?   This while people like Clinton and Obama become very wealthy. Tell me again how Hugo became a billionaire in a communist country?


You save what you think you are going to lose. That is true to a point. But there will be a point where you will not be able to save anything that the Central Authority orders you not to have. Think about dictator Bloomberg. No large sodas. No smoking. No guns. No autos where cars used to roam and most importantly… No Styrofoam!


Thanks to the dreadful decisions of Obama and the liberals we are seeing high gasoline prices. For decades the liberals could have developed natural gas automobiles. They could have developed nuclear energy. So you can begin to see the fences and authority of Agenda 21 beginning to close the loop. Why would the liberals want to take away your energy sources and your guns? Why would the liberals want to tax you until it hurts!


Bottom line is that equality has to do with rights. When we cross the line where equality only relates to sharing equally the rewards no matter what personal energy is expended we are doomed.


So read Agenda 21 and enjoy. But remember if we keep giving up control  of our food, energy, independence and guns to the Central Authority, some  day you will wake up to a different world. If you thought slavery was bad, then you ain’t seen nothing yet. I wonder who will hold the reins of the central authority. I will bet it will have nothing to do with voting and free will. It will be the gal with the biggest guns and the power of money!


Maybe Americans should wake up. Lead the low information voters to a new awakening. Beware of strangers offering gifts for nothing! If you want independence you must be in control not folks like Obama and Clinton.


The clock is ticking. The more you give up the more they want. Stop voting for anyone who wants to care for others rather than the Americans in the United States of America!


Obama said it is not his fault! Where can we find a leader who will take responsibility for his failures! Talk is cheap… Results count.

No Results… No Obama legacy. 

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