Agitating for More Gun Controls – And the Broader Agenda to Fundamentally Transform America


The top 5 countries for mass shootings per capita all have “restrictive” gun policies.

Another horrendous massacre has occurred at one of our schools, in one of our quiet, upstanding neighborhoods; this time Roseburg, Oregon. We are shaken, and our shared center of gravity is suddenly thrown into imbalance. We each feel the deep loss, even when the victims and families involved are not personally known to us. It happened within our American neighborhood and we feel the pain as close neighbors do.

Yet while we grieve for those senselessly killed, and their families, we know that these types of vile events occur and recur. Evil, whether in its pure form or as it manifests itself through a violence-prone mental disorder, does not mysteriously cease to exist after any high-profile incident.

Nor could we rid ourselves of such evil events through stricter gun controls. As though on cue, immediately after the Oregon shooting, President Obama, followed quickly by the progressives, statists, and mainstream media sycophants, clamored for further clamp-downs on guns, as if such actions could have prevented the Oregon murders, or any of the other similar slaughters at the hands of crazed evil.

Obama, in his speech about the Oregon massacre, agitated petulantly for “common-sense” gun laws. And what exactly would you consider those to be, Mr. President? You offered nothing in the way of specifics. Instead, you politicized, vented misleading information, and demeaned the American people for nonconforming to extremely restrictive gun controls in other countries.

It is not fanatical to realize that the progressives and statists, Obama being a leading activist of each group, ultimately want all guns removed from the hands, homes and vehicles of every citizen. No such affirmation to that end is trumpeted, however, because that would appear too excessive, too rapidly. But to that intent they diligently connive, never failing to exploit any and every gun incident that furthers that end.

Pressing forward with the no-gun objective, the statists must ignore the rampant gun murders occurring daily in places like Chicago, Detroit, LA, and New York. The numbers and types of gun related murders in those cities, as well as others like them, fail to promote the anti-gun talking points because those cities, while already having some of the most stringent gun laws in the nation, contrarily have some of the highest numbers of gun-related murders. Furthermore, if statists were to allow the situations of those cities to be brought into the anti-gun foray, it would compel to the forefront valid non-gun-rooted causes like gang violence, family disintegration and moral decay. No, the propaganda attack must be kept to guns alone, and must disregard the real social or mental causes of the murders, lest the propaganda crumbles under objective scrutiny.

So what would the president consider to be “common-sense” gun laws? Would they be the registration of every gun in the country as the United Nations is pushing? Would they be the reporting by doctors to the government of every patient that has a gun in their home as has been suggested? Would they be the confiscation by the government brown-shirts of every gun owned by anyone who has ever used an antidepressant prescription or over-the-counter medication?

In a piece by AWR Hawkins at Breitbart, about Obama’s speech immediately following the Oregon shooting, it was noted that the two countries Obama mentioned when lecturing about common-sense gun laws, Great Britain and Australia, are countries in which guns were virtually banned and confiscated in mass by the government. That connection Obama seemed to make between those two countries and what he termed “common-sense” gun laws impresses an affirmation that the total elimination of all guns is, in fact, the ultimate plan.

That plan (as covert as it can be kept) is a real danger to individual liberty and beyond. Its endgame is the monopoly of gun possession by government, of which our forefathers were keenly and rightfully fearful. If we review countries that progressed statism and tyranny, or succumbed to totalitarianism, we find the early imposition of strong gun controls, followed by more severe controls, followed by outright gun bans. Many of these imposed restrictions were legislated and judicially upheld under the pretext of keeping people safe. As the heads of these regimes realize, tyrannical oppression is curtailed and ultimately doomed in a country where the masses of its citizens are powerfully armed.

As I wrote in my book, Sustaining Liberty, regarding gun control, and linking that subject to the establishment of a new and free America through armed victory over tyrannical oppression by Great Britain, I noted, “Without the widespread ownership of guns there would have been no winning independence, and no establishing a new country with a bold premise of individual sovereignty. The American people would have remained a subjugated people.” And today, in order to preserve that individual sovereignty and to maintain our footing against the risk of falling back into subjugation, we must stand proudly and firmly for our right to protect ourselves through the ownership of arms, from whatever current or future threat we may face to our lives, property and liberty.

Maintaining the sovereignty of the individual against the control by the state is the superior, broader struggle here. The fundamental transformation from an America rooted in the principle of individual liberty to one in which the state is all powerful is the agenda. Severely restricting gun ownership (and ammunition) and the future outright gun confiscation are boxes to be checked off by the statists in advancing that agenda.

Immediately following Obama’s speech about the Oregon shooting, Bret Baier of Fox News commented that Obama appeared “frustrated” (apparently about politicians’ failure to have already passed “common-sense” gun controls ostensibly to keep people safe). However, based on Obama’s past peevish displays, his ‘frustrated’ feelings appeared more like aggravation and impatience that, in all likelihood, had little to do with keeping people safe, and more to do with the resistance (even what little there has been) and delays he and his statist comrades have experienced in fundamentally transforming this country – the agenda to which gun control is merely a part.

Let it be known, Mr. President, that it is we the people – millions of law abiding American citizens – who are frustrated and fed-up with you and all the progressives and statists infesting government. We are the ones standing in defiance of your actions to fundamentally transform OUR country, and we are incensed at the relentless assault on our values, heritage, and way of life, and on your total disrespect of the Constitution and principles of individual rights on which this country was founded.

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