Alex Kincaid: Idaho’s Second Amendment Guru

Alex holds a Bushmaster AR-15 with Magpul furniture and EOTech red dot sight. (AMANDA ALLARD)

Alexandria Kincaid is a former elected District Attorney and now an attorney in private practice with a Second Amendment practice in Idaho and Oregon. As a DA, she visited  homicide scenes to lead the major crimes team in making a determination of whether a shooting involved the lawful use of deadly force. Kincaid is Chief Counsel and Public Relations Director for the Idaho Firearms and Accessories Manufacturers Association. She drafts and supports pro-gun legislation, which has been backed by the NRA. She is referred to as Idaho’s Second Amendment attorney & legislative advocate. She hosts the “Gun Law Podcast.” Her “10 Things Every Gun Owner Must Know About Deadly Force” is a must read for any gun owner.

This custom FN FS2000 has white cerakoting, an Aimpoint red dot sight, and a GemTech IGT5 suppressor. (OLEG VOLK)

Greg Pruett, Founder of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, has said about her, “Alexandria Kincaid is Idaho’s most respected 2nd Amendment lawyer. She is top notch when it comes to defending Idahoan’s gun rights!” I was fortunate to interview this busy, ambitious gun gal who dwarfs me when it comes to women, firearms and the law.

Click here to read my interview with her

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