America Has Spoken

The tumult of the past election is neither representative of the majority of Americans nor is it about to become a major factor in the political landscape of our country. There is a vast majority of this country, on both sides of the aisle that condemn the riots and damage being done in mostly “blue” areas of this country.
The American people have decided that changes needed to be made. That the elitist politicians and “one World Order” billionaires can no longer proclaim their thoughts on what the American people can say or do or even think.
Of course, these progressive socialists accuse those who voted for this massive change to be racists, homophobes, privileged, uneducated and fascists. Trump, a businessman who is a bit ragged around the edges when it come to making his opinions known has been called Hitler, a well worn Democrat talking point for any Republican. Being called a racist by these same progressive socialists has become so commonplace that it has lost any meaning. Those who have voted for Trump are called irrelevant and illegitimate by the press and those that are pushing the current activism (read riots) within this country. In the minds of these progressives along with the globalists there is no right for these people who want their country back to be given the ability to govern in this country.
Paul Krugman, a liberal sycophant of the first order has claimed that Trump voters do not care about the rule of law, an interesting comment from this administration that has politicized the DOJ, the EPA, the IRS, and other agencies. The same administration that tried to get a felon elected to President. The only reason Hillary Clinton is not in jail was because of this administration and those that follow the socialist tendencies of those in power. They have no room for tolerance or dissent and like Van Jones of CNN claim that this was a “whitelash” against a black President. ,a black President that was elected twice by the same people now being called racists.
But what are the major reasons that many working class, Hispanic and Black voters came to vote for Trump? Could it be that racism had nothing to do with the outcome? It could be that the voters saw the liberal/socialist tendencies of this administration and of the Democrat party as going too far. The Supreme court was a large part of the outcome, as was immigration and the wall that Donald Trump will build. Also major points that swung the election to Trump was the debacle of Obamacare, the lackluster response to terrorism by this administration, and the overbearing regulations that are strangling small businesses. They are tired of this administration and the Democrats pushing amnesty, gun control, and same sex bathrooms. They were tired of the national debt exploding, the special privileges given to the elites, such as California exempting those in the state legislature from gun control laws. They are tired of the alphabet agencies legislating without congressional approval. These are some of the reasons that Americans have decided to change the direction of our country. It is about the politicians being held to the rule of law like everyday Americans. The Clinton campaign and its disdain for religious liberty was an extension of what the liberal media and Obama has been plotting for years.

The day after the election, there were students across the country protesting the outcome. Being described by the media as protests there was violence in many cities, including vandalism of local businesses Molotov cocktails thrown at police, the cutting of electrical power, cars burned. In many cities such as Austin,TX , Portland OR, and Chicago have even bussed in protesters, a portion of this organized revolution not being covered by the mainstream media.
They needed their safe spaces, held cry-ins, had to have puppies brought in to help them cope with the fact that they lost. What does this say about the education these little “snowflakes” have been getting over the years. They were given the days off from class to give them time to grieve, given play-doh to help them cope.
There are many reasons for the situation we find ourselves in that has caused these high school and 20-somethings to turn into the wimps that they are. Even in the time I spent in the service of my country in the military, these of “children” were not understood. We fought, and made our country safe. But the reasons also belong to those who raised them into a liberal trap. We left our kids in day care instead of being able to allow a parent to stay home and show them what a family unit was supposed to be. Why is it considered backwards to talk at family meals, to pray before the meal? The parents a of today are more interested in the newest phone, or their latest television show. Why do we tech our children that abstinence is so old fashioned, so we give them condoms and sex education in the first grade and abortion without notifying the parents who could care less. We treat sexual orientation as something that is fungible, leaving it to the government to decide for the parents. It is no longer the parents privilege to tell their children “NO” but must conform to the proclamations made by those in power.
We have an educational system that doesn’t teach about the experience and opportunity that our country has given to its citizens. When we teach that if you are a failure or too lazy to do for yourself it is up to those of us who have worked hard for what we have owe you. It is not the government’s job to assure that these “snowflakes” have a good life. If you want the government to assure that everyone is equal, go to Venezuela.
It is for reasons such as these and many more that the shift throughout the country has taken place. The warfare on the American people through “political correctness’ and “multiculturalism” has been seen as a lie. The transformational change that Obama preached to get elected has been shown to be nothing more than attempting to lead society into a hopelessness forcing them to accept the globalists elites agenda. All the corruption is meant to be seen in order to discourage those who continue to believe in the American dream, to have them forced to agree that America is responsible for the ills of the world, that our system is flawed, and needs change.
This election was the expression of the American citizenry that there was a need for change, but not the one the globalists wanted. The constant drumbeat of racism, which is still ongoing has been pounded on the American people to the point where it takes violence and groups like the George Soros funded Black Lives Matter to continue to push the lie forward.

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