America Together Again

I just have a few thoughts on 9/11/2001. It is time to let them out, and to understand what our world has come to. I am not some high paid writer for some top notch site. Just a retired veteran, who saw my time come and go. I am not a verbose man, but someone whose heart was given to this country long before.
I am heartbroken about what our country has become. I remember the feeling of 9/11 and how we were a country untied, a country that would do anything to help one another. We were a country that realized how vulnerable we were, and strangers would hug one another in tears at the loss of life, and a loss of innocence.
I have always through our country right or wrong, even before I joined the military. I still do. Have we made mistakes? Any organization of this size will flounder into mistakes made because of passion, or mis information, or a deep seated understanding of what we believe. Others may not believe as we do. And that is alright, because we are the most understanding, most compassionate country this world will ever know. We are a country of neighbor helping neighbor, of coming to the aid of those who are distressed. There is no other country in this world that has done more to alleviate the suffering and pain of others. Our history may be lied about by those both in the country and out, but we know better.
In my time, I have buried many military friends and colleagues in the cold earth and felt a certain remorse of those who have fought for our country. I have seen, and have actually been one who was spit on and castigated because I have fought for my country in Vietnam. And it is the same today. There are those who hate this country but having been around the world numerous times I can assure you there is nothing better, The men who have fought and bled for this country have done so out of a sense of duty, but there is something more. There are men of this country that have died over battlefields all over the world. They have done so because they know that the safety of this country is paramount to even their own lives. Mothers have wept, wives have crumbled upon hearing of the death of the heroes who have fallen in the defense of this country. And those of us who have returned will never forget and never let others forget that it is those treasured few who have made our country what it is today.
Contrary to what you may hear, we are a free people. Opportunity is there for all. If you decide to adhere to a gangsta lifestyle that is on you, not me. If you want to spend a lifetime addicted to the drug culture. That isn’t my fault. I am not your keeper and your failures are not my fault. I came from a dysfunctional family and managed to make something of my life. I don’t care about your color, you status, or your class. It is there for you, but it takes a strong man or woman ti fight through the obstacles that are put in your way. And all of us have obstacles.
I don’t write to upset people, I write to explain what I feel is right The innocents whose lost their live on 9/11/2001 were a testament to what this country could be, and what the citizens of this great country could achieve. I still believe in the American people, in the American way of life, and no amount of pandering to those who feel we are lost will be enough. I will still stand firm, I will stand hard, and fight for what I for what I believe in, as will most of the patriots in this country. Those of you who are against us must understand one thing. We will never abide by the most exceptional country in the world being taken down, and if it takes an civil conflict. So be it.
Our country is worth fighting for, so if you want to bring it on, we are waiting.

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