American Survival at Stake

It has come to the point where the survival of our nation will depend on those who are willing to force a realistic view on the nation. The patriot citizens of this country will no longer cower in fear of being called racist, or homophobes or Islamophobic. If we are to survive we must stand up and demand that our voice be heard. The media won’t do it, the political charlatans that are in place have no reason to stand up, and those who want to be given everything the little snowflakes desire whine wringing their hands and holding protests over microaggressions are just another way to get handouts from the productive citizens of this country. The political class more than welcomes that portion of the citizenry because it means guaranteed votes.
We can no longer allow the control of our lives by academia, entertainment, or media clothed in progressive socialist clothing. No longer can we allow those in charge to lead us to a new world order of federal malfeasance, not if we are to survive as a people, a culture, or the beacon of freedom we have always been to the world. We can no longer allow those of movements such as the Black Lives Matter movement to cause violence ad denigrate our way of life through perceived slight and demanding privileges that none of them have worked for. We can’t allow a tax cheat such as Rev. Al Sharpton to control the conversation. We must say no more to people such as Farrakhan giving speeches that call for the destruction of the white culture. Not everything is the white mans fault. Get your own house in order and let’s have a meaningful discussion of how things can move forward for the betterment of all. No longer should the BLM movement and others not have to explain the gang culture, and the feeling of privilege that they feel that can push on the white culture without explaining things like the fathers that are missing in the households, or the monstrous numbers of abortions, the gangster culture or the culture that allows them to opt out of the responsibilities that every American should uphold.
The thugs that are the elites of academia are appalling. Progressive Marxism is being forced on our children, an orthodoxy that is anathema to our freedoms and way of life. Our students, through the teaching that the receive in the colleges and high schools today has led to a culture of protests, of being hurt by the most inane actions of others, always the whites as the aggressor, and always based on “white privilege”. Many fine individuals have lost jobs, and have been turned into pariahs because of the supposedly incorrect responses to questions that have no meaning. All other cultures, through the forced implementation of multiculturalism have tried to denigrate the white culture. Enough. No More. It is time to stand up and declare that as a white man I have nothing to apologize for. I have worked for everything I have and I expect others to do the same.
Some are looking for a civil war, looking to take out all those that disagree with the way of life that is permeating our media and academia. What we are fighting is 50 years of progressive indoctrination in areas that have been left open from those who want to earn a living and provide for their families.
No longer will be the puppets of the political class. No longer will we take at face value what we are told to believe. We will stand up, we will be LOUD AND PROUD IN OUR BELIEFS.
We will no longer allow this administration, or any administration in the future to run roughshod over our right. Many talk about their eight and protest that we are not paying attention to the right they feel they have. They want entitlements they have not worked for and do not deserve. It is time to make one thing clear. Welfare, food stamps, affirmative action, illegal immigration are NOT rights. Rights and entitlements must be worked for and not given away. No longer can the working class continue to coddle those who feel they are owed a lifestyle paid for by other.
Feminism has become a protected class that can only be described as pandering. We have a presidential candidate that declares a war on women by the Republicans but refuses to discuss her husbands’ infidelities. We have feminists who wring their hands and spend an inordinate amount of time blaming men for their shortcomings. They take to the airwaves to demand that the “micro-aggressions” against them be stopped, that the “rape culture” be investigated and the men involved be sent to jail whether guilty of not. If that is the case my question is this. Where are these same voices against groups like Boko Haram, or ISIS, where women are treated as property. These groups stone women for adultery, lash them for being out without a male relative. And the LBGT community, where are your voices condemning the gays being thrown off rooftops? These people for the most part support bringing the refuges that are doing this in the Middle East here. Let’s make it clear, those women who are straight will be sex slaves, and those that are gay will die. How can you support this?
The inside the beltway types who continue to give our money away should know that the productive in this country are angry. They are turning away from both parties because of a deep resentment of being played for fools. The people of this country will no longer fall for the cynical ploys of the so called “ruling class” and have finally realized that all the words coming out of Washington is to line their pockets. It is a time for confrontation. We must confront them on such aspects of the federal government as funding of almost half a trillion dollars for Planned Parenthood, the influx of low cost immigrants taking the jobs that American need at the behest of the Chamber of Commerce, the recent administration backed influx of refugees flooding our country with unvetted people. Are they Islamic terrorists, or actual refugees. No one knows, not even those tasked with doing the vetting. Obama will continue to bring them in, just another part of his wish to turn the country into one of chaos.
It is Obamas plan to turn America into another Cologne, Dusseldorf, or other European cities where rapes are now rampant and hidden by the media. Sweden is not the rape capital of the world, and the rapes and victimization of the peoples in Europe are being hushed up in the media here. Obama and the media have agreed to a suicidal pact to not allow the citizens of this country to know just what is happening. Obamas anti-colonialism learned from such people as avowed Communist Frank Marshall Davis, Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, and even his own father have lead to this point. It is Obamas intention to destroy this country, our culture, and the progress that this country has made in race relations. There will be an explosion coming soon, and if the citizens of this country do not work together to keep our great nation we will lose it.

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