America’s Anti-Israel President

mhmdatJulie Hirschfeld Davis in a recent New York Times article reviewed Obama’s speech to a synagogue congregation, Adas Yisrael, about three miles from the White House. She writes, “Calling himself an ‘honorary member of the tribe,’ Mr. Obama, wearing a yarmulke [skullcap] and standing at the bimah [platform] where rabbis chant from the Torah, told about 1,000 people in the packed sanctuary… that the United States had an ‘enduring friendship with the people of Israel’ and ‘unbreakable bonds with the state of Israel’ that could never be weakened.” During the course of his remarks, he also stated, “Our commitment to Israel’s security, and my commitment to Israel’s security is, and always will be, unshakable.1

Instead of describing these remarks as so much pap, the Times article goes on to dissect and reflect upon the reasons for his claimed “friendship” with Israel and with Jews. The article goes into his history of connections with Jewish leaders in Chicago, and the reasons for the credibility of his remarks as well as reasons for concerns many Jews feel about his policies. Pres. Obama denies any portrayal of himself as anti-semitic or anti-Israel. Why is it that when the Times is artfully providing “balanced reporting,” the so-called balanced story(ies) always end up making the left appear more credible?

Following this speech, a somewhat more pro-Israel article appeared by Jonathan Tobin in Commentary Magazine where he summarizes Obama’s remarks, but concludes that Obama “…tiptoes perilously close to open hostility.” Tobin is, as often the case, thoroughly reasonable, but comes “perilously close” to misunderstanding Obama’s presentation.2 To better understand what Pres. Obama was doing in the speech, we need only look at the serpent talking to Eve in the legendary Garden of Eden. Eve tells the serpent that God has forbidden them from eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. But the serpent deceptively says to Eve, “Did he really say that?” By implication, she had heard incorrectly. Or she had drawn the wrong inferences. Or she is governed by self-limiting fears.

Mohammed Atta one of the 9/11 hijackers told the passengers to be quiet, to keep still, and everything would be alright, and they would be returning to the airport. Obama’s latest synagogue remarks are parallel in intent. He has nothing but bad intentions towards Israel, and is setting up her enemies to be in a better strategic position to attack her.

At one point in his speech, Obama said, “it is precisely because I care so deeply about the state of Israel that I feel a responsibility to speak out honestly about what I think would lead to long-term security and to the preservation of a true democracy in the Jewish homeland.” He added, “I believe that’s two states for two peoples, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security.” Again, this is a blatant lie. Israel has been attacked five times in major wars since the original two state solution proposed by the UN in 1948 was rejected by the Arab world. Three other two state solutions have been rejected since 1948. In addition to the five all-out war attacks, thousands of rockets have been launched against Israel by Hezbollah and Hamas. Israel has been beset by suicide bombers, kidnappings, murders, intifadas, and vitriol unparalleled in the history of the world.

If there is any question of who is rejecting the “two state solution,” this writer can tell the reader that I heard Dennis Ross, Pres. Clinton’s chief negotiator towards a two-state solution, report that an incredibly detailed agreement had been reached, and the day before it was to be signed, he received a call from Arafat’s team that they only had a few last minute changes to make. Mr. Ross then asked him how many changes there were. He answered, “Forty-nine.” Dennis Ross knew at that point the negotiations were over. Thus, the President’s “candid remarks” are blatantly on their face a lie since it is not the Israeli “right wing” that is questioning the two state solution, but the Arab world, Fatah, and Hamas have been dead set against such a solution for 67 years! His legitimate conclusion should be that the Arab world is dead set against the existence of Israel.

This administration and its speeches on every subject are lying to the public consistently over time. No truth comes out of its mouth. As Tonto would say to the Lone Ranger years ago, “He speaks with forked tongue.” The Obama Administration was the first administration since 1948 to release the actual location of Israel’s nuclear program – one of the deepest betrayals imaginable! The history of lies and deceit by the Obama regime is unparalleled in the history of the American presidency.

Here is a partial list of false statements on a variety of issues that have been declared to the public: Lois Lerner and the Washington DC office of the IRS had nothing to do with the “rogue agents” in Cincinnati that used IRS investigative powers to harass and burden conservative not-for-profit organizations. The assault on our embassy in Libya and death of four Americans including our Ambassador, Chris Stevens, was the result of a spontaneous uprising of the population that viewed a 15 minute youtube video that put down the person and teachings of Mohammed. Under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) a person can keep his or her doctor and the same coverage. With regard to Obamacare, another M.I.T. professor, Jonathan Gruber, admitted that the administration exploited Americans’ “lack of economic understanding” to hide the fact that ACA was a direct tax on the customer. Despite the legal requirement that Congress be given 30 days’ notice before releasing prisoners from Guantanamo, five Taliban generals held in captivity because of terrorist activities (resulting in the deaths of thousands of Muslims among others), were released for one American deserter. The Administration prevaricated again saying that they did not know at the time of his release that he had done anything other than serve his faithfully.

Additionally, the Administration said that it was drawing a “red line” against the use of chemical weapons by Syria. However, the red line was never enforced. Also, ISIS was declared to be a “JV team,” but they have proven to be effective against the “varsity.” Then, as violence began erupting in state after state in the Middle East, we were told that this was a manifestation of an “Arab Spring.” Democracy was about to bloom. It was only a matter of time. Something positive was going to come in the form of a greater acceptance of democracy by the Arab world. Years have passed. Do we see a manifestation of democracy or a descent into even greater anarchy and civil strife than we witnessed in the ten years before the breakout of the “Spring”? Further, official government documents and FBI training manuals have been purged of references to “Islamic terrorism.”

Many in the congregation were impressed by Pres. Obama’s remarks at the synagogue. Sadly, the only fitting response would have been to rudely boo a sitting President.

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