An Election Influenced by Truth

Inconvenient truths are not invalidated by the source – The MSM clearly learned nothing from this election – Still going to great lengths to delegitimize Trump’s Victory with textbook, typical deflection.

So many of the national news stories strike me as I hear/read about them and I’ve consistently resisted the urge to join in the seemingly endlessly aggressive debates being had across the nation on every issue. It’s frustrating and often seems totally futile to put forth the energy to participate in political/cultural discourse in a nation in the midst of unprecedented divisiveness and disdain for opinions unaligned with one’s own (opinions which, for a great many are fully arrived at by the word of those who cannot be trusted). 

The narrative going about the “Russians influencing our election” is one of those stories… There’s just so much to say in response to such absurdity. It’s beyond frustrating to see such a gross lack of common sense and reason had by so many of the “influencers” of this nation. 

This nation is in desperate need of new “influencers” (more Milo Yiannopoulos’ of the world would be a beautiful thing), because the ones we have do a poor job and great disservice at informing the ‘plebes’ with logic and/or truth. Clinton and her campaign were already running with this ridiculously obvious deflection in the last weeks of her campaign. I couldn’t have a conversation with a liberal/Hillary supporter without “the Russians did it!” having been mentioned at least one time… like good little soldiers.   

Let’s assume Russia was behind the hacks turned over to and published by WikiLeaks. Isn’t it rather hypocritical, in the most comically obvious way, for democrats to suddenly condemn the same Wikileaks they championed for exposing some of the corruption and less-than-comfortable facts with regards to the Iraq campaign? Isn’t “Chelsea Manning”, in fact, to this day considered a martyr among the left for breaking his oath, betraying his country, and stealing classified documents that caused a great deal of harm to our national defense from which took years to fully recover?

First, I don’t really care where the information came from. In my opinion, the Podesta and Clinton leaks were nothing more than information our own media should have been questioning and reporting on for years. It was information that SHOULD have been  available to the public had Clinton not taken it upon herself to delete 30,000 “personal, non-work related emails” about yoga routines and marriage planning. Emails that should have been available had she and her staff abided by federal mandate for all government employees to conduct all business on .gov or .mil dedicated email servers – mandated for several reasons of which even those at the lowest levels of government are aware: 1.) Encryption and security no private email server can come close to replicating; and, 2.) equally importantly, particularly for those in leadership positions, for compliance with the FOIA requests of which every leader in government is innately aware and conscious.  

According to many in MSM, political leadership, and the unqualified “influencers” of the nation – The unfortunate truth exposed by WikiLeaks somehow invalidates that which the American people should have already had access. The election was influenced by the truth, not how it was arrived at. The leaks were but a fraction of what was potentially “acid washed” at great expense to Secretary Clinton and her campaign – Hillary Clinton, her campaign, and the MSM should feel lucky the great majority of her emails which were unlawfully denied publicly available will never be seen.

That’s precisely what Clinton was avoiding by using a private server. Of course, that’s simply my logical guess, but it seems very obvious avoiding FOIA requests would be a pretty significant motivation behind the lengths gone to by Clinton to have a substantial private server installed in her home literally in the weeks leading up to her inevitable appointment to Secretary of State.

Wikileaks simply revealed a small piece of what we, the public, were entitled to see in the first place; just a fraction of the information forever lost when Clinton paid a huge sum to have her server “acid washed” to ensure the FBI, the DOJ, the Inspector General, nor we the people would never read those deleted emails. We were relegated to simply take her at her word when told all work-related emails were turned over – and we all know that to be counterfactual. 

I’m just wondering how democrats today can seriously paint this narrative and voice this outrage against Wikileaks with a straight face considering how they celebrated them when the leaks only hurt our wartime mission where young American lives were paying the price. It’s astonishing that the outrage for exposing the truth comes solely when that truth is one that hurts democratic candidates. 

The fact is, regardless of our opinions on the legitimacy of the influence resulting from “leaks” (from any source), leaks do not in some twisted way justify the actions of those they expose. The dirty lies and deceit of the American public carry no less weight in my view regardless of where or how the truth was exposed. If that’s the best the Democratic Party, liberal media, and Hillary Clinton have got in response to the Greatest American Rejection in recent history, it really just speaks volumes as to how little they respect our collective intellect and how pathetic they truly are.








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Hans Comprix is a marine veteran of the Global War on Terror & conservative writer. He’s a contributor for Intellectual Conservative, having previously contributed to ‘American Thinker’ and ‘Now its Dark’ magazine. Email hans.comprix@com for comments, questions, or hate mail. 


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