An Insider’s Look Behind the Mainstream Media’s Crumbling Facade of Power

nwyrktmsbldngFor years — until the advent of talk radio, Fox News and social media — the left-leaning mainstream media held a stranglehold over the coverage of news and politics. The New York Times was nicknamed “The Gray Lady,” reflecting its dominance as the most powerful news source in the world. Located in fancy downtown high-rises, with flashy slogans and logos, these media conglomerates presented an illusion of immense power and influence.

The reality was never that good. Like the entertainment industry, much of the media industry functions on slim margins and bare bones operations. Behind the glamorous facade of the left-leaning newspapers and magazines has always been overworked employees, low wages and cutthroat competition — and it’s just getting worse. A study this year found that out of 200 common jobs, newspaper reporter finished dead last as the worst job possible.

I worked in the magazine publishing industry for a couple of years recently, and heard stories from co-workers who had fled newspapers so heavily leveraged they were barely in existence. One reporter was pushed out with a miserly severance package.

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